The Morning Report 9/26/19

Good morning kids. Thursday and the closely linked Joe Bidet Ukraine scandal and the Democrat impeachment follies top the news, so here we go. Now, let me see if I have this right; with the Russian collusion lie and smear now completely debunked and virtually forgotten, the only thing remaining is the insane Democrat base, driven well past the insanity level after being promised since January 20th, 2017 by their political leaders and the propagandists in the media that Trump would be driven or removed from office as a result of the aforementioned lie and smear. But still, he persisted, as does the un-sated bloodlust, literal and figurative, of the Democrat-Left-Media Complex for Trump and all of us in what’s left of normal America.

What to do? Right! Concoct another smear consisting of unnamed sources, this time proving that Trump colluded with and/or strong-armed the Ukraine in order to politically persecute former cree-pee-vee-pee Joe Bidet. Never mind the fact that the Ukraine is a mortal enemy of Russia, you know the country with which Trump is beholden to and/or a puppet of for helping him steal the 2016 election, or that the alleged “whistleblower” is known to be a Trump-hater who wasn’t even within earshot of the supposedly damning phone conversation between Trump and Ukie prexy Zelensky, or that the released transcript of that call shows that it was completely above board and that Trump wanted Zelensky to help the DoJ investigate alleged 2016 election fraud (stay tuned for that) or that Democrat Senators Menendez, Leahy and Durbin are known to have abused their power to pressure the Ukraine into digging up dirt on Trump. This time for sure! to paraphrase a certain moose from Frostbite Falls, MN, they’ve got Trump… 
Exactly where he wants them.

That’s because the real revelations about the Ukraine show that macho Joe Bidet openly and freely boasted in front of cameras and microphones that he threatened to withhold $1 billion in foreign aid in his official capacity as Vice President of the United States if a Ukrainian court did not drop corruption charges against his complete failure of a coke-addict son Hunter. It is also known that the aforementioned member in good standing of the Lucky Sperm Club was given a $50,000 a month “job” on the board of a Ukrainian energy company that was headed by the former Minister of Natural Resources. This despite the fact that the only expertise Bidet the Lesser has in energy is how to snort it off of a hooker’s ass without losing a granule. By the way, the Ukrainian “government” of that former minister was that of Viktor Yanukovich, the head of a pro-Putin puppet regime that was ultimately forced out of office. And this doesn’t even touch upon a similar “job” with the Chi-Coms done as a quid pro quo with our greatest geopolitical rival, if not outright enemy. With a nod to George Gershwin, nice work if you can get it, won’t you show me how? Indeed.

And this brings us back to President Trump, the Democrats and impeachment. Nancy “Palsi” Pelosi has been desperate to stop it because she knows that it is political kryptonite to her and her party. Poll after poll has shown voters are turned off by it and with the economy going like gangbusters and the complete failure of the Russian collusion hoax it only underscores the President’s justified claims that he’s being persecuted. Unfortunately, that doesn’t sit well with the Maoists in the Toothy McBigTits brigade who are looking to run her and her ilk out of town and take over the operation. Well, what’s the crooked daughter of a Baltimore mob boss to do? Well, she makes a big splash out of announcing an impeachment “investigation” to bamboozle her base into thinking that this means actual impeachment when all it means is more phony hearings that will drag on to the election. The gambit is it satisfies the base while tainting Trump. Even if he isn’t actually impeached, it seemingly will damage him enough and clear the way for the Democrat nominee to win 2020 walking away.

But that raises the question of who is going to be the Democrat nominee? Up until now, despite the eye-bleeding, paste-eating, hoof-in-mouth gaffe-a-minute, it was Joe Bidet. But the release of the full transcript of the call shows beyond any doubt that it and Trump’s conversation were completely above board, no matter how the media will try to George Zimmermann-ize it. It also reveals the outrageous corruption of Joe Bidet, and this President will use Ukraine as the hammer with which to beat him and the Democrats to rhetorical death. By the way, whether or not this is some sort of multi-dimensional chess on Palsi’s part to use impeachment to get Bidet out of the way is neither here nor there. Whoever wins the nomination, putatively now Elizabeth the Chief of the HOA scolding busybody tribe, is going to get curb-stomped in 2020 by Le Grande OrangeManBad.

But wait! There’s more! “Crowd Strike.” Remember them? You can bet your sweet ass the Democrats do. After Hillary Clinton’s e-mail server(s) was/were hacked – you know the ones with the 33,000 e-mails that were all about yoga and Chelsea Chubbels nuptials – did Debbie Wasserman-Test allow(!) the FBI to examine them? No, she sent them to Crowd Strike which gave them a thorough examination and declared everything kosher, nothing to see here, move along. By the way, it’s too bad Paul Manafort didn’t save himself 30 years in the hole by telling the FBI to get fucked and that he was given the all clear by Crowd Strike. But I digress.

As we all know, the verdict was that the “missing” e-mails are no doubt 33,000 smoking guns of influence peddling and other high crimes and misdemeanors that would send the Clintons, Obamas and a large swathe of the DC Deep State away for life, unless John Roberts declares it a tax. And of course, President Trump joking openly to the press that maybe the Russians could help find Hillary’s missing e-mails was an act of treason the Democrats used that got the past almost four-year-long debasement of our political and legal system rolling. The circle is complete. All that’s left are the jerks.

UPDATE: I got my timing wrong on when the Yanukovich government was in and then out of power. Corrected, and apologies for the error.

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