The Morning Report 9/30/19

Good morning kids. L’shana tovah to our Jewish friends on this first day of Rosh Hashanah. The persecution of this President and the attempt to drive him from office, which is nothing more than the attempt to persecute and subjugate the will of the American people continues. As time goes on, real investigators and journalists are getting to the truth about the nexus between this Ukraine smear and the original Russian Collusion smear. To wit, the Bidet family’s documented and admitted-to corruption and abuse of power involves many of the same players who helped propagate the Steele Dossier and disseminate it as truth in 2016 and 2017. 

On a higher level, as Michael Cochin elucidates in American Greatness beyond the Democrats’ shameless abandonment of American political tradition in not gracefully ceding power, this is all about Trump’s impeding of the globalist enterprise to destroy American sovereignty. Yes, the half-human-half-gin-blossom Bill Weld has some very interesting connections indeed. Ultimately, I think all of this is going to collapse in on the Democrat-Left-Media Complex and Trump will prevail in 2020. The great Victor Davis Hanson does the prognosticating and as usual, his analysis and insights are sound IMHO. 

That said, the only X-factor is the GOP-e. Even if the sham of impeachment passes the House (which I doubt because this is all political theater and not very well managed either by Palsi Pelosi), with evil confederates like Romney, Lee, Murkowski, Collins Perdue et al, you have to wonder if they would actually vote along with the Democrats to convict and oust Trump. 

In any case, whatever happens over the next 13 months, the Democrats, Deep-Staters and propagandists will have destroyed whatever vestige of comity there is not just for future elections but in the life of the nation going forward. America is split, and I think irreparably. A lot of that stems from our school systems and universities, and I see no signs of the cancer being ejected from it. But that is another story altogether. If we do not turn into a giant version of Yugoslavia circa 1992, every time a Republican or Conservative wins an election, the machine will go to work to delegitimize, overturn or overthrow it. And the delegitimization is not just aimed at political parties or candidates, it is aimed at the people who vote for them. 

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed. 

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