The Morning Report 10/2/19

Good morning kids. Midweek and the intertwined Impeachment kabu-kakke theater, Joe and Hunter Bidet Ukraine/China corruption and Deep State Coup against Trump tops the news, and no doubt will do so for weeks to come. The debunking of the fraud and/or SMOD notwithstanding. So here we go. First up despite Joe Bidet swearing up and down on a stack of Bibles the he and his son did not know, nor ever met any of the players in Ukraine, sure enough a photo has emerged of the two of them golfing with an executive of Burisma, the Ukraine gas company that hired the idjit spawn of the idjit teeny-bopper groper and occasional vice president for $50,000 a month. Rudy Giuliani gets to the nub of the matter by teasing us with smoking gun evidence that proves Obama ordered Hillary to head to the land of the midnight pierogi and dig up some dirt on PDT and finally, over in China one wonders what they got in return for giving him and his partner in crime, the stepson of John Kerry high-paying (to say the least) gigs as investment advisers or some such. Considering that neither has the financial savvy to come out ahead if asked for two $10’s for a $5, perhaps it has something to do with access to our high tech as well as State Department approval for the deal? And the Chi-Coms just tested a nuclear missile the other day. Loral, schmoral. Nothing to see here.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed. 

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