The Morning Report 10/16/19

Good morning kids. Midweek, and we take a break from starting with the current lead items of the latest non-scandal-as-casus-belli to overthrow President Trump to go to last night’s Democrat presidential “debate.” It wasn’t so much a debate as an attempt by the Democrat-Media Complex to stage a pseudo-event where they attempt to stage-manage a win and sound bites for its preferred choice. 

Be that as it may, which in and of itself is a disgusting enough commentary on “journalism” in a supposedly free society, on a granular level, with Joe Bidet struggling under the weight of the scandal that was supposed to take out Trump and not him and his son, erupting ocular hematomas, his gaffe-a-minute antics fueled by stupidity, advanced decrepitude, and a media machine that heretofore covered for them, and now 15 other power-mad egomaniacs who have their own delusions of grandeur, his fortunes are on the wane (man is that a long sentence or what?!). Right now, the fraud formerly known as Fauxca-Has-Been, Elizabeth “Hekawi” Warren is said to be the leader.

Breitbart did their usual bang-up live-blogging and the tale of the tape is there for all those keen on self-abuse. Despite the prognostications about the shrill, shrieking, shrewish sham Shoshone, as leader she got beat on by the rivals mostly on dissembling and obfuscating on how average Americans are going to get it in the neck with Medicare For All. Also, Blotto O’Rourke is doubling down on disarming America and actually issued a not so veiled threat against Americans who refuse to comply, while Kamala-Toe Harris went after pharmaceutical executives by promising to have them all imprisoned.

For me, this is essentially meaningless in terms of how or if any of this is really going to determine who will win the prize and face off against President Trump in just under 13 months. I think that barring anything unforeseen in that time period, there is no one they can field that can beat him, and the only question is the margin of victory he will enjoy (despite trunks filled with dead babies, Democrat ballots and dead babies voting Democrat). One reason is that the things that were never discussed last night: the economy and the border/immigration crisis. Also not mentioned was the Hong Kong situation, which does have free speech and other cultural/political ramifications. What can the Democrats say about either of those vis a vis an attack on Trump that would not come across on the TV screen as complete and utter bilge? And you can bet your sweet ass that those two issues are going to be hammered home and yuuuugely by HombreNaranjaMalo from now through 2020.

The other sobering observation I had is that no one on that stage had anything at all that was in the least bit positive or uplifting about America and Americans. How can they? They’ve built their entire careers, as have all of their predecessors for the past half century or more, running down the country, culture and its heritage, sowing division in order to seize absolute power. And that leads right into my final observation. Whether it’s open borders, command and control economic madness, racialism, censorship, abortion, the war on religious liberty, you name it – every crackpot, lunatic idea and assault on the republic as founded that came out of the collective maw of that 12-headed beast last night is now the baseline platform and policy goals of the Democrat Party going forward. Yes, it always has been but now it’s out in the open. They will race pell-mell for it openly and brazenly, as opposed to secretly and incrementally. Assuming Trump wins in 2020 (please G-d), what happens when he leaves? He has singlehandedly been the first president to ratchet back at least one notch, as Margaret Thatcher once described IIRC, the step by step march to globalist/socialist totalitarian tyranny. The Left will not abide by that. The big question is will the Trump era be a one-off pause or will it be a harbinger of a movement? 

The world wonders…



Surprising no one, Amy Robach did her job by slobbering all over the not quite weepy Hunter Bidet. Aside from sweeping under the rug his graft from the Chi-Coms, the salient question is if working for Burisma and the Chi-Coms was totally legit, why did you resign from the board? Also, if you thought it might look dodgy now that you’ve been called out on it, why didn’t you realize it back then? Meh. Meth and being a son-of-a-Biden is a helluva drug, yo.

Whatever happened to impeach Trump or the world will end? Also, Rudy tells the kangaroo kommittee LOLGF, a look back at alleged “whistleblowers” of the past and Ol’ Yeller drops more tonnage on this banana republic garbage.


This is why we got Trump and the GOP disgusts me.


Calling out a bald-faced Joo-hater is now racist, or something.


Relax kids, she’s a Joo-hater AND a crook wrapped up in one!


Aside from that flea circus in Ohio, well-known prognosticator picks Trump in ’20, Bernie sez go long on printing presses and gulags, 3 out of 4 floozy Maoists choose Bernie, a Venezuelan government official invites the farshimmelt fuhrer-in-waiting to come live the dream for himself, Ronan Farrow rips Hillary, Lizzy the liar, Andrew Cuomo says trigger-minus-tr-plus-n (sheesh), aww Blotto sez he will retire to a life of baking turd hors d’oeuvres, and yes I can imagine there’s no Leftists… life could be a dream, sweetheart.


Blotto leads the war on G-d, Da Nang Dick dicks around with phony bill to protect the inciters of violence against non-existent threats against them, and David Harsanyi napalms multi-millionaire imbecile.


At last some sanity from the courts.


The Trukish situation continues with VP Pence headed to Ankara to try and talk turkey with Turdogan as new sanctions bite, an essay praising Trump’s strategy and yes, the Kurds ain’t all that hot when you look at their history. Also, Ho slams Mo and gets heave ho, the Chi-Coms have their filthy tentacles in deep over here, NorKs covering up pig ebola; man, they better pray their tree bark stays safe, Ecuador reaches deal to end strife over skyrocketing fuel prices and another look at the inner and outer workings of Brexit.


When in heaven’s name are we going to stop this insanity? Spoiler alert: probably never.