The Morning Report 10/17/19

Good morning kids. In the lead this Thursday is the breaking if not thoroughly unsurprising news that Schiff-for-Brains attempted to suborn perjury from US special representative to Ukraine Kurt Volker in a secret meeting on October 3rd. Actually if you read what the bug-eyed thug said to him, it’s more like Mafia-style intimidation. This kind of garbage is seen in banana republic thug-ocracies, but this is where the Democrat-Left-Media Complex is taking us in its madness at being denied absolute power. I don’t know if there is enough in a legal sense to actually charge Schiff-for-brains with attempted suborning of perjury or witness tampering; those of you who are in the legal profession may weigh in, please. But this cannot go unpunished. House GOP leaders are already preparing to censure him for spouting that fictionalized transcript between Trump and Zelensky, that was supposed to be the key to Trump’s demise but instead completely blew up in Dems’ collective face when the President checkmated them by releasing the actual transcript of the call. Volker, who by all accounts is not exactly a Trump booster, nevertheless has given testimony that essentially destroys the entire narrative that the Dems attempted to create. Yesterday both Palsi and Schiff announced that any further proceedings have been halted, not just because of this but because they are wetting their diapers in fear of what Barr and the IG are going to release with their reports, or potentially hand down indictments in advance of the release. We’ll see how that plays out, but in any case, the Dems are in a complete lose-lose situation, regardless of what Barr and IG do. This is their equivalent of Stalingrad and they’re buring themselves and their party in the rubble. At least through 2020.

Meanwhile, in the real world, a state department official who was around during the time when Joe Bidet was VP of the US, as well as finance minister of the Duchy of Bidenistan, voiced concerns about corruption linked to Burisma in 2016 and despite the best efforts of Amy Robach, that fluff interview with Hunter Bidet was not helpful.

She’ll go on every major network to lie about Benghazi but suddenly, Susan Rice clams up about all those last minute unmaskings as the clock wound down on Obama.

Steny Hoyer tells Rancida Taliban to ixnay on the ersecutionspay of Trump officials.

To the border we go where Trump vetoes the GOPe’s backstabbing attempt to end the border emergency and concomitant funding to seal it. Are they really going to now join with the Democrat minority and override the veto, based on the main issue that got the man elected in the first place? That would not be stupid; it would be revelatory as to the nature of the GOP, as if we were not aware already. Also, Ken Cuccinelli says “14th Amendment bastardization? Never heard of it.” The administration is reinstating aid to Central American nations for signing on to asylum deals. Carrots and sticks or business as usual? Discuss. Finally, the story of Brit miscreants playing stupid games at the Canadian border an getting indignant that we enforce our laws.

Remember that DNA test that showed that proved the Sham Shoshone was a sham? She’s hoping you don’t.

Topping the links here is Nancy Palsi storming out of a meeting about the Syria situation and then having the gall to call President Trump “unhinged.” President Trump even tweeted photos of Palsi’s eyeballs popping out of her skull and one of her neckbolts nearly nailed Kevin McCarthy in the yarbles. It’s incredible that this slag has put this President and the nation through hell for the past 3 years and now has the unmitigated temerity to claim Trump is “unhinged?” You, know, all things considered, the President would be completely justified in grabbing her by the facelift and tossing her out the window. Even with everything she is trying to do to him, he still has the class and decency to include her in a meeting that concerns critical foreign policy and she behaves as if she’s the spoiled lowlife spawn of a mobbed-up mayor. Oh, wait a second… Elsewhere, the knives are seemingly out for the paste-eating, hair-sniffing career goniff, note to Dems that Elizabeth Fugazi is not the savior you think she is, Coulter wants more public Dem debates and I agree; they make the best kind of emetic and inducement for normal people to get out and vote Trump, meme turned on its ear as Dems are the party of the rich and the GOP (the Trump supporting element anyway) is the party of the working guy, Joey Bidet gives Dems another reason to dump him, impeachment madness boosts Matt Bevin in Syria, I mean Kentucky, and Cocaine Mitch’s opponent gets lucre from Steve Kerr and other Mao kow-towers, man, this John James in Michigan is a class act, Styrene Steyer burns money, Hillary is out of her mind (Run! Shamble! Shart! Repeat!), Mark Sanford sees his shadow… and that’s it, real Hindu Indian running for Senate in Tennessee pisses off all the right people, and as criminal racialist BLM sez they’re out to get black youth to the polls, Larry Elder tells of the rise of young black conservatives. Make it so.

We start off with three stories on the Chi-Com peril including a warning from Ajit Pai, Microsoft aiding and abetting mass repression and Daniel Greenfield on “woke” corporate stooges. Meanwhile Tulsi goes on TuCa’s show and rips the Slimes and CNN for sliming veterans, journalists as hoaxsters, Trump lets Jonathan Karl have it at the news conference with the Italian PM for ABC’s Syria footage fakery, part two of Project Veritas’ CNN sting, damning those who smeared William Barr’s great speech on religious freedom, and Blotto can’t hide his hatred of religion.

Remember Obama’s hack-in-black William Orrick? He’s back and this time he’s shielding Planned Parenthood’s baby-slaughtering, PP goes nuts when a Jesuit school removes them from student resources. Remember: you will be made to approve. San Francisco bans travel to pro-life states, and Tulsi Coffeecake tries to be reasonable. Whether or not she’s faking her sincerity is debatable. But still.

Turkish Syria invasion still in the lead where Trump is dead right about the Kurds as is Rand Paul, a look at that incredible letter Trump sent to Turdogan, whatever faults NATO had, it was Obama who utterly destroyed the organization, Seb Gorka with a truth bomb, I like Rudy but some of his associations and dealings are somewhat concerning as outlined in this offering, dear Lord Tim Kaine is just an insufferable lout, kiddie porn roundup nabs hundreds around the world, diehard Labour Party member exits in letter that scorches Jeremy Corbyn, and the Shit Midas Finger of Fate touches Justin Trudeau.

Robert Spencer lets Forbes have it and let Irving, TX be a model for the rest of the nation… Before creeping Islam makes it an example, IYKWIMAITYD.

Heather Mac Donald examines tech CEOs trying to help the homeless situation while ripping into the capitalism that made them what they are and gave them the means to do it.

Peter Navarro corners unhinged Palsi to pass USMCA, Federal debt bomb still tick-tocking away, and Trump is the true champion of blue collar America.

Maybe Trump and the GOP should repeal that criminal justice reform bill.

Chicago kids get a reprieve from the brainwashing, at least those that even attend school, they really are indoctrination mills and for all its faults and enemies, standardized testing still is the best way to rate student performance.

Sure, okay.

Sandra Fluke hardest hit. Yeah, I know. “Phrasing.”

You can lead a horse’s ass to water. Start drinking LeBron. NBC show gets yanked for low ratings and of course the cast claims racism, and a look back at the 50th anniversary of the 1969 Miracle Mets.
Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed. NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.


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