The Morning Report 10/18/19

Good morning kids. The weekend is here and there’s a lot of stuff happening all at once so let’s dive in and start with the wretched flea circus that is this impeachment illusion/delusion. I feel kind of foolish for not having immediately smelled a rat when Nancy Palsi caused a scene and stormed out of the White House meeting about the Turkey-Syria situation. She pulled that not-so-cunning stunt at least once before with the infrastructure discussion. In any case, with the allegations about extorting Ukraine to dig up dirt on Joey Bidet now completely exploded, and Schiff-for-Brains exposed as more than likely behind the creation of that smear, along with revelations about real graft and corruption out the wazoo emanating from there and China involving Bidet and other Dems and RINOs, what else is left for her to do? Ol’ Yeller Mark Levin makes an excellent observation. If Trump really was the unhinged raving loon at that meeting, why were Palsi and Cuck the only Democrats in the room to leave and, as luck would have it, exit with a gaggle of reporters conveniently awaiting them right outside the door? QED.

And now the Democrat-Media Complex is shrieking about, and twisting the words of, White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney about supposedly withholding funds from Ukraine pending its investigations of interference in our 2016 election. Cue the Ben Roethlisberger cap-lock: It’s funny because the Democrat-controlled House passed a bill suspending any transactions with Russia pending its cooperation in election interference. That is to say a Quid Pro Quo bill. Laughable were it not so embarrassing and damaging to the nation. But will to power’s gonna will, right?

Circling back to the real criminals, that $50,000 monthly “salary” that Hunter Bidet is reported to have received from Ukie gas company Burisma is a bit murkier and shadier than just fee implies, and involves a lot more money. The meth-head-poon-hound VP’s failure of a son is involved in some sort of investment firm with direct ties to the Chi-Coms that is laundering all kinds of do-re-mi his way, arguably as a (heh) quid pro quo influence peddling payment for Papa.

Finally, we look at the source from whence all of this sewage sprang, and that was the original attempt by Clinton, Obama and the Deep State to take out Trump pre- and post-November 2016. Margot Cleveland and Roger Simon delve into the ramifications of getting at the information stored on Joseph Mifsud’s cell phones. For those without a libretto handy, Joseph Mifsud, playing the part of Yum-Yum, was not a “Russian agent” but, per Ms. Cleveland:

…Mifsud was the man whose tip to young Trump volunteer advisor George Papadopoulos, that the Russians had dirt on Hillary Clinton, supposedly formed the basis for the FBI to launch Crossfire Hurricane’s targeting of the Trump campaign in late July 2016. Yet no one bothered to interview Mifsud until six months later, when he traveled to D.C. to speak at a conference sponsored by the State Department. And then the FBI let him go, later blaming Papadopoulos for their inability to properly question the purported Russian agent. Mueller seemed equally uninterested in Mifsud – a strange position to take toward a putative enemy agent…

This plus the concoction of the Steele Dossier and Comey’s and Clapper’s revealing it to the President that allowed them to leak it to the media got this whole thing going. Speaking of corrupted intelligence and law enforcement, Christopher Wray is turning out to be a seat-warmer for James Comey, and a lead-lined curtain encasing the FBI. Total Deep State stooge, IMHO.


To the border we go where we have a good essay and a “duh-hey!” headline, trying to read the tea leaves with Brett Kavanaugh on a crucial case, ICE identifies immigration fraudsters (now go get them and trebuchet them back to Patagonia, FFS), and Mike Lee being romanced by Tim Cook to sell American tech workers down the river. Mike Lee is now bucking for Paul Ryan status.

Christian Toto with yet another example of Leftist tolerance, inclusivity and understanding. My ass.

Valerie Plame’s friends include Morris Dees, John Goodman (huh?!) and Pete McCloskey. Yup, that Pete McCloskey, the Holocaust-denier who sees Joos in his soup. Not to be outdone (as if), a look at Rancida Taliban’s gaggle of clit-clippers, airline hijackers and other assorted mostly peaceful terrorists.

Turns out Mark Kelly’s hinky finances include significant stakes in a Chi-Com organ (media, not harvested) and with all the new revelations dug up about Matt “Plow ‘er” Lauer, Andy Lack remains untouched. Yeah, “phrasing.”

Trump raised the roof at a rally in Dallas last night. He ripped into the Left over their plan to utterly control the courts, mocked California for “free” healthcare and education, pwn3d Hillary about her missing e-mails and lauded his cease fire deal with the Turks and the removal of American troops from the area. While the crowd went wild, just outside, the cops arrested an armed man wearing body armor. No details as of this posting but perhaps he’s a fan of Durbin-affiliated James Hodgkinson. Elsewhere, New York Congresscrook Carolyn Maloney has been tapped to temporarily replace the late Elijah Cummings for the top slot on Oversight, Palsi Pelosi’s Freudian slip on impeachment and the will of the people, swing voters are totally on board with PDT’s Middle East policy, Elizabeth Hekawi’s dodgy math on Medicare For All helps rivals boost campaign coffers, Brokeback Booker blasted by Jersey GOPer for ignoring Garden State, potential danger for long-in-the-tooth GOP senators, Louisiana prospects for GOP looking good, but a report on a scandal involving the Republican Texas house speaker could be dangerous.

This Jeff Zucker; bowling pin with a smirk? Also, Daniel Greenfield warns about Sham Shoshone’s plan to break up Facebook is dangerous in its implications for censoring non-Leftist voices, Zuckerberg does a reverse Robert Moses, Cathy McMorris Rogers is a fraud and not to be trusted at all, Dennis Prager tries to reason with Sergey Brin, a look at how the Chi-Coms were able to mount an almost instantaneous massive attack on Daryl Morey, Doc Rivers comes to Morey’s defense, more on the Leftist media lying about Mulvaney and quid pro quo, and mommas don’t let your babies grow up to be propagandists.

It wouldn’t just be Waco. It would be millions of simultaneous Wacos; but with a very different outcome.

A criticism of pro-life leadership.

The big story is Trump’s successful brokerage of a ceasefire between Turkey and the Kurds in Syria. Big foreign policy win, IMHO. We got our massive force of 50 soldiers out of harm’s way in a part of the Middle East that has no bearing on our own national security interests and perhaps prevented a wider conflict between Turkey and Syria that might have drawn in the Russians. Horrible as Turkey is, they are still a NATO ally. Much as I hate that useless organization, getting Turkey out of it is harder than Brexit, believe it or not. And contrary to some very stupid articles I’ve seen, Russia has been involved with Syria since the days of Brezhnev and Assad the elder. Plus, not only are the Kurds not a sovereign nation, but they are at best for us erstwhile mercenaries and, less known, also of the Islamist bent vis a vis sharia and all that goes with it. Also, how stupid does the House look after that idiotic vote to condemn the withdrawal of a couple platoons of men? Perhaps not as stupid and two-faced as Mittelschmerz Romney who as he was blasting President Trump for abandoning our Kurdish allies forgot that in 2007 claimed Kurdish nationalism is destabilizing to the Middle East. What a fraud. Elsewhere, the Hong Kong assembly devolves into chaos and the Democracy leader there says it does not bode well, Trump administration cracks down on Chi-Com diplos as Chi-Coms put Uighurs into concentration camps, presumably to make Lebron branded sneakers for Nike. Can’t make an omelette without breaking some egg fu youngs. UK and EU announce a Brexit deal, Venezuela wins a seat on the UN Human Rights Council; we should pull the hell out of Turtle Bay. Lastly, Victor Davis Hanson on the Yellow/Red Peril and Richard Fernandez on the overturning of the tables of the money changers, metaphorically speaking.

Now that’s a good question, and yeah, about those freedom-loving Kurdish allies we’re “abandoning”…

Rick Perry will ankle as Energy Secretary, a look at an appeals court nominee under attack from Right and Left, Gruesome Newsom’s gas pains and build a man a fire and he’ll be warm for a night, but set him on fire and he’ll be warm for life.

New revelations about police shooting in Fort Worth, grim milestones in Chicago and closing the prisons is about as sane an idea as you’d expect.

At least they can shoot themselves without having to listen to all that propaganda first…

Aktion T-4 linked HERE for your convenience.

Building a mass grave to the 14th Century.

Dems playing politics (what else) with funding for next lunar mission.

Gays keep fucking that Chick-Fil-A chicken and the madness has got to be stopped.

The continuing saga of the death of Britain, Disney pimps homo propaganda in Star Wars kids cartoon, this Jojo Rabbit film is all we need in this day and age, metal bands with good advice, and Larry Elder rips NBA players for fostering bastardy.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.

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