The Morning Report 10/21/19

Good morning kids. Start of a new week and lots of ground to cover so off we go. The big non-story that has the Democrat-Left-Media Complex shrieking is White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney’s “gaffe” where he supposedly admitted that Trump engaged in a quid pro quo with Ukraine, when in fact no such thing ever took place. To paraphrase a disgraceful ex-president, it depends on what the definition of quid pro quo is. In the classic sense, it does connote something either illegal or minimally shady. But more loosely, yes it does mean, as Mulvaney tried to explain to the gaggle of rabid harpies peppering him with questions, a totally above board exchange of services that each party would find mutually beneficial. In this case, the desire for both Trump and Zelensky to get to the bottom of the corruption that found its way into the 2016 election. And no, it was not because Trump threatened to withhold aid; he didn’t because the aid was flowing at the time of the conversation. I think it’s safe to say that Mulvaney was in over his head with a group of people whose purpose was to get him in a “gotcha” moment. Even one of Obama’s twin Valley Girl stooges, Jen Psaki, after ripping Mulvaney admitted that, yeah, this happens all the time. Pfft. Let it be a lesson to Mulvaney and anyone else in the administration to be very wary of tangling with these people. Trump does it well, and consistently well. Mulvaney evidently not so much. Not that the media is ever going to relent, but still, why give yourself agita?

In any case, the week ended with the news cycle going in a completely different direction, as we shall get to in a moment. Rounding out the topic, Mike Pompeo ripped into Schiff-for-Brains over this kangaroo court madness, Mollie Hemingway catches the bug-eyed bastard flipping and flopping all over the place after being caught colluding with the whistleblower, top GOPers are screaming for all the secret documents the Dems are hiding, conservative women’s group rallies outside the Capitol to stop the impeachment madness, when Anderson Vanderbilt makes Kamala-Toe stammer and stutter just by asking her to say exactly what crimes Giuliani committed, 23 House Republicans have yet to sign on to the censure of Schiff-for-Brains (gee, I wonder why [sarc]), and per the last essay, all of this is meant to distract and drive Trump’s approval numbers down before 2020.



Joe Bidet’s corruption vis a vis the Burisma scandal is only the tip of the iceberg to a sordid history of consorting with America’s enemies and rivals that goes back decades and participants in a multimillion dollar scam/fraud scheme were crowing about their political connections via Hunter Bidet. I’m shocked.


British Intel were leery of Christopher Steele even as Comey’s FBI pimped his fictional “dossier” to get FISA warrants and nearly 600 security violations were found by investigators in Hillary’s e-mails. And yet, she still shambles and sharts freely.


To the border we go where slowly but surely that damned wall is being built, yes abolish diversity visa garbage, Gavin Gruesome pardons illegal alien felons to shield them from deportation (let’s see which one is first to kill or rape a citizen), and a public defender is trying to prevent an illegal alien animal who murdered four people from getting the needle by claiming “low IQ.”


Things seem to be heating up here on several levels, the most horrendous being the insane op-ed by Admiral William McRaven that ran in the NY Times last week where he essentially called for a military coup to remove President Trump from office. Yup. No elections, not even a sham impeachment process. A military coup. Both Angelo Codevilla and Adam Selene delve into this madness, (including Mad Dog Mattis’ attempt at humor, which was no less poisonous in its intent than Mc-Craven), based of course on the President’s decision to remove 50 (fifty!) US soldiers out of harms way from a godforsaken patch of sand that has zero strategic or national security significance whatsoever. Of course, that flies in the face of the military industrial complex wing of the Deep State that engineers wars that can never be won for fun and profit, but mostly profit. Like all the other fraud, hypocrisy and crime that has eaten away at the vitals of the republic for decades, Trump committed the unforgivable sin of exposing these career stooges in Sergeant Pepper costumes. G-d forbid one of them currently at the JCS or Pentagon issues a Jack D. Ripper order to mobilize troops on the White House, I hope the troops have the good sense to frag the bastard good and hard.

Meanwhile, some bloated dame verbally accosted Rand Paul at a L.A. restaurant and considering all he’s been through, I’m kind of shocked that his security detail (assuming he had/has one) didn’t immediately slam the miscreant into a wall while Barbara Streisand tweets a cartoon of Trump impaled on a spike, or something. Ho hum.


What? You think the Hamas Louse plays for free? Also, Elizabeth Fugazi Hekawi Warren goes all in on Israel- and Joo-Hate. Why not? That is the official Democrat Party line.


The big story alluded to earlier, which broke just in time to suck the life out of the Mulvaney non-gaffe gaffe, is the open warfare between Tulsi Coffe Cake and the woman (on paper) who will never be president of the United States. A friend of mine is convinced that Hillary somehow engineered this whole thing with Gabbard to goad her into officially jumping into the race. I don’t see it. I think for sure Gabbard, in an effort to separate herself from the pack of Maosists in the Dem field, has positioned herself as a “moderate” in the hopes of being seen that way by Democrat voters. That said, I can’t believe she doesn’t realize that the base of that party is now as insane as the pack she is trying to distance herself from.

In any case, seemingly from out of left field (no pun) Hillary starts attacking her, perhaps fearing that Tulsi will somehow rise in the polls, which I don’t really see happening. Colossal mistake on Clinton’s part. After calling her a Russian agent that’s somehow in cahoots with Putin and Trump, Gabbard is firing back by drawing attention to Clinton’s disastrous trail of graft, corruption and damage to American security. It’s potentially an own-goal of colossal proportions since the media is not going to ignore this, because Trump isn’t going to ignore this. The other thing that could get lost in the sauce is my admonition not to be fooled by Gabbard. Yeah, she sounds “moderate” in comparison to all the others but she’d vote for any and all of their policy positions in a heartbeat if given the opportunity. That said, despite the news that she is refusing to appear at an event that Gabbard is scheduled to be, I think the odds are that Clinton is indeed going to jump in. Stay tuned!

Elsewhere, impeachment kabuki/bukkake theater will force some key contenders off the campaign trail just as the election season heats up, a reminder as if you needed one of just how execrable a human being Joe Bidet is, a look at Elizabeth Hekawi’s character, or lack thereof, from a fellow Oklahoman, Daniel Greenfield rips into the resuscitated campaign of Bernie Sanders now that Toothy McBigTits de-fibbed him, Blotto Beto is an imbecile, Mittelschmerz Romney goes infantile, Andrew Stiles rips Kasich, Kamala-Toe dying in Iowa, and two essays on where Trump stands now and why he is the only man who could’ve dealt with all this.


Tibetan activists join Hong Kong protesters at Brooklyn Nets game to slam China, gaming platform muzzles students for attempting same, Roger Simon rips Chris Wallace a new one for his bullshit impeachment propaganda, Pew pushes in stools, AP shields the Bidet’s with stealth editing of Trump Jr. criticism, Twitter muzzles gay man for speaking truth on tranny madness, Toothy McBigTits is a big, fat fraud, and atheists demand we pray at their temple.


Make this New Mexico sheriff the chairman of the Joint Chiefs and see what Mc-Craven thinks about that.


Massive anti-government protests in Lebanon; let’s ask Mittelschmerz Romney if we should send troops there. Also, the 50 grunts leaving Syria are headed to Iraq, Trump caves on hosting the G-7 Summit at his resort. Meh, they’re going to rip him anyway so why relent and feed their narrative? Also, Bo-Jo defiant over Brexit delay, a look at what this means vis a vis France going forward, Canucks coddle Antifarians, Bill Gertz’s new book on Chi-Com militarism just in time as the Reds now are looking to lease an island in the Solomons. Great, we have to fight Guadalcanal again, except with nukes.


Kiwis cave to the I keeeel you’s.


New law in Baltimore county mimics a housing rule pimped by Obama and Castro that would destroy property values (h/t Village Idiot’s Apprentice), SCOTUS hears case that could, please G-d, abolish the Elizabeth Cheekbones’ CFPB politburo, doubts about SCOTUS repealing Roe given their poor record on other decisions, and de-perking SCOTUS judges.


A look at the insane debate over drilling.


Pro-criminal lefties cite bogus stats to make case, Justice Dems endorse psycho who wants to disarm cops (and not just CBD’s case for the para-militarization of po-po’s), and De Bolshevik shuttering Rikers is going to be a nightmare.


Pro-tranny schools’ predictably insane responses to normal parents and Notre Dame – now Noted Shame – censors AG Barr’s rousing defense of religious liberty.


Mayor Buttplug suddenly a fiscal conservative (not really), and e-cigs bad but hookah pipes are totes kosher.


Several good and encouraging links on normal folks fighting back against the latter day Luddites, actual scientist professor canned for telling truth about polar bears and Cuomo’s New York gas pains.


Of periods and colons, fat black dame blames Trump for Oprah-sizing black dames, UK’s first Chick-fil-a forced to close thanks to homo mafia, and a look at human vs. civil rights vis a vis a big SCOTUS case.


Prager U video highlights the truth that dare not be mentioned, Christian Toto looks at Jewell and ponders where our next Eastwood will come from (as if Hollywood will ever allow one), Coppola defends Scorsese in Marvel feud, feminazism killed men’s mags and Michael Ledeen remembers the deportation of Rome’s Jews, and dismantles the myth of Italian resistance to Nazi anti-Semitism. Italians were at least better in some ways, but still far from the Danes.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.