The Morning Report 10/23/19

Good morning kids. Midweek and the theme for today, to paraphrase the Brothers Gibb, is “it’s only words, and words are all they have, to take your life away.” For the Bee Gees, it was a plaintive refrain of powerlessness. For the Left, it’s just the opposite; it’s both their ultimate weapon as well as a shield. That said, the seemingly invincible power that comes from wielding it has one fatal chink in the armor (SWIDT?): It derives its power from those willing to knuckle under and crawl to those who claim to be the arbiters of what can and cannot be said and to whom. 

Case in point: Yesterday, the President tweeted out that what was being done to him – and never forget by extension the American people – amounts to a “lynching.” Any sane, logical, reasonable understanding of the events that have unfolded for the past three years and continue to unfold would confirm his statement as a metaphor not only not hyperbolic, but frighteningly close to accurate. Especially given what happened to Steve Scalise and what ex-Admiral Mc-Craven penned in the Slimes the other day, but I digress.

The reaction was nothing if not predictable. The Left went into paroxysms of outrage and anger, claiming everything from proof positive that Trump is a white supremacist to further evidence that he must be removed from office, for using the word alone, the mountains of phony evidence not even necessary at this point. Funny, that is pathetic, considering the official media talking point that virtually every Democrat spouted back in 1998 when Bill Clinton was justifiably impeached for lying and suborning perjury was to describe what the Republicans did to him as a “lynching.” And that includes the 48-year bedsore on the American body politic Joe Bidet. He blasted President Trump for using the word to describe the criminal attempt to remove him from office (in the words of the real schmuck controlling his Twitter account), “…our country has a dark, shameful history with lynching…” 

It sure does, brainiac. It was a preferred technique of the Democrats and racists, BIRM, of the KKK, the armed militant wing of the Democrat Party (that is, its very own organized official death squad) to terrorize blacks as well as white Republicans in order to subvert and sabotage reconstruction and integration. As an aside, I don’t see any of the other Presidential candidates who excoriated the girl-groping hair-sniffer for boasting of being friends with vicious Democrat segregationists early in his career calling him out for his gall and hypocrisy here (will Tulsi Gabbard, please pick up the white courtesy hood and robes). 

Be that as it may, the only way this has any significant effect is if President Trump backtracks and apologizes. If history is any indicator, the odds are he won’t, and if he’s smart he’ll double down on it because it will create the opening for him to tar and feather his attackers for their horrendous history as I had just mentioned. He’s done this rather effectively vis a vis the hellhole that is Baltimore and its direct relation to the career of the late Elijah Cummings. 

Unfortunately, and most angering, is the GOP’s almost complete lack of any sort of spine in dealing with something so petty, irrelevant and hypocritical as this. Once again, the Left tees up a giant watermelon-sized slow hanging curve right over the plate and the Republicans whiff. Worse, by idiotically trying to equivocate, as both of our Congressional leaders Kevin “Charlie” McCarthy and Mitch McYertle have done, it lends legitimacy to a thoroughly illegitimate argument, and also adds fuel to the fire to those who want to see Trump lynched, metaphorically and literally. Nice going, chumps. I give the Democrats this much; they sure as hell are unified, even for a little while, when an opportunity to bash Republicans and conservatives comes along.

Amazingly, the most vocal defender of the President has been Lindsay Graham. I don’t know, I can’t figure this guy out. On the one hand, he has a long history of being a swamp creature and open borders supporter. Then, he breathes fire at the attempted Brett Kavanaugh lynching, but disappoints on his Syria pullout opposition. But, here he is again, and not mincing (no pun) any words. G-d bless him for that. 

It reminds me that yesterday, I had two long essays from writers who I really like; Mark Hemingway and Victor Davis Hanson, who while defending the President still manage to either fall into the rhetorical trap of describing him as “crude” or “vulgar” (they use none-too-clever rhetorical tricks by writing “while some may call him crude and vulgar”), or worse that they actually believe he’s crude and vulgar. Dear Lord, the man has delivered and fought for, virtually singlehandedly, the actual policy positions that so-called conservatives have made money off of us by only writing about, or selling cruise tickets. The country is a red nether hair’s breadth of being overthrown by Maoists and even those we see as allies are dicking around with semantics for G-d knows what reason. 

It comes down to this: Donald Trump needs to be defended to the fucking hilt. Period. Full stop. You are either with us and him or you are with the terrorists.



We now resume our regularly scheduled madness with the impeachment kabuki/bukkake theatrics. First up The charge d’affaires to Ukraine, Bill Taylor testified before the Schiff-for-Brains kangaroo kourt that supposedly aid for Ukraine was “dependent” on that country cooperating in the investigation into Joe Bidet’s/Hunter Bidets Bursima no-show job as well as 2016 election corruption. The notion of quid pro quo is still debatable even with this, and I confess not being clear on just what this testimony means, although the Left sees it of course as a smoking gun. Elsewhere, the Dems are reportedly so bereft of anything that this whole thing is now being pushed back to Christmas. I smell another midnight Obamacare vote coming. Also, Palsi Pelosi’s disinformatsiya, even the Slimes editors agree with Trump in that indeed there is a Deep State, the good Roger Simon disgusted by DC anonymous whistleblowers, underscoring my rant against the GOP, the Daily Caller asked all GOP senators about impeachment and only seven ruled it out out of hand. Only seven. That said, the always erudite Conrad Black assures us that impeachment ain’t gonna happen. I hope he’s right.


As if we didn’t know, Judicial Watch states the Benghazi e-mails confirm a Hillary cover up. Now we know why they wanted to stay in Syria and what that terror attack was all about. Obama and Clinton – with the aid and support of the now dead an moldering John McCain – were secretly running guns out of Libya to terrorists in Syria allegedly fight ISIS. That is, ISIS that was created as a result of Obama bugging out of Iraq. I guess that also explains Graham’s reticence to investigate in the Senate since it would implicate McPlaneCrash. Am I wearing a tinfoil hat? Discuss. Lastly, legal eagle Hans von Spakovsky does the walls-closing-in thing on the corrupt FBI and CIA.


To the border we go with a question on libertarians an open borders and Trump wants whoever is the next DHS chief to keep up the mile a day rate for the border wall.


Elizabeth Whitewash embracing the anti-Israel party line con gusto which as the second link states goes hand in hand with Trump hatred. Wait, I thought he was an anti-Semite? Gevalt.


A three-fer for the throuple Katie “Cheap Thrill” Hill. Yes, of course it’s all a GOP smear. Wait, is she holding Klobuchar’s afro pick in that photo…


Trump slaps around Hillary with all the Russian agent garbage, Dem leaders allegedly panic-stricken that their entire field has all the appeal of a vat of braised pus, two on Mayor Buttplug; black men evidently don’t like his kind and his complete lack of real appeal, Toothy McBigTits targeting another Palsi ally, Henry Cuellar, Chinese GOP candidate directly over the target, Jeffrey Lord tears Mittelschmerz Pee-Air Detesto a new one, and a look at the youth vote and the alta-cocker tyrant they adore.


Oh-so-brave anonymous jagoff in the White House set to pen a tell-all that will stand with Hillary’s in the Costco remaindered bin, Steven Crowder claims YouTube shenanigans against Tulsi, Roger Kimball slays the media, Hawley and two Dems introduce bill to protect social media privacy (very leery of this considering the co-sponsors), Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, Bitch – let no one say I’m niggardly in my use of that word, UConn students encounter the enemies of the first amendment good and hard (not that I approve of their antics at all), and the Miami Herald reverses course and no longer honestly reporting about Trayvon Martin. That’s retarded, sir.


When even the ACLU says this is gun grabbing…


One revolting, one uplifting.


Bo-Jo’s Brexit gets the brakes, Justin Lawn Jockey gets reelected but he loses parliamentary majority, several good pieces on the Turkey-Syria situation and Hunky PM Orban fires back at Turk Turdogan’s threat to unleash migrants on Europe, Democrat Mark Warner agrees with PDT on China, yes we must decouple from the Chi-Coms, Iran gets sternly-worded letter for terror finance violations, that missile attack on one of their tankers is a hoax, Caroline Glick on the lynching of Netanyahu and two essays on the failed state of Mexico and what it bodes for us.


Betsy McCaughey on the long history of insubordination at Foggy Bottom and Sandersnista and Toothy McBigTits housing schemes will pulverize what’s left of the rubble of our cities.


Elizabeth Wounded Knee-Jerk bitching about banks again, the ban on vaping as a crony capitialist dodge, another languate-related link where freedom and security are not one and the same despite what the socialists claim, and another essay on kicking our China habit for good.


Jussie Galore can’t avoid getting sued.


Seattle slew reality. 


Even CNN unwilling to shill for Elizabeth Warpaint’s Medicare for All fraud, and it is a complete fraud as even she has no idea what it’s going to be and the mental illness pandemic sweeping the cities.


Normal people have had enough.


This transgender psychosis is starting to annoy me as well as disgust me, and Dennis Prager on the Air Canada pronoun trouble. Just shut up and aviate!


Shia LeBeouf reconsidered? Anyway, he’s got a new film out that is a hit in the heartland, Christian Toto on Terrence Williams and the incomparable David Horowitz of Front Page Mag and Discover the Networks takes an in-depth look at a real lynching in light of the bullshit being flung by the descendants of the actual lynch mobs.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed. 

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.

And for Massachusetts State Rep Daniel J. Hunt, this long distance def dedication is just for you!