The Morning Report 11/1/19

Good morning kids. The weekend is here, it’s the start of November and we’re almost a year from Election Day 2020. What timing, since the lead story far and away was yesterday’s pathetic, disgusting and tragic vote by the House to officially (I guess) start the impeachment process, the past several years notwithstanding. On a tactical level, the votes passed strictly along party lines, but two Democrats actually crossed over to vote with the entire GOP in lockstep against. So not only did they not get the all-important veneer of legitimacy by claiming “bipartisanship,” but the defections, in a not insignificant way, help bolster the appearance of partisan witch hunt. 

So much for all the claims from the Dem leadership that they didn’t think they had the votes to pass. That was a ruse. But I still firmly believe that the vote was forced on them by both Trump releasing the transcript of the phone call with Zelensky and more crucially, AG Barr’s and John Durham’s promised indictments for the real treason committed by Clinton, Obama, Biden and all the Deep State corruptocrats who attempted to sabotage and then overthrow Trump pre- and post-2016. Rush Limbaugh called it a week or so ago when he said we’re in a race between us looking to bring the criminals to justice and the criminals and their co-conspirators in the Democrat-Media Complex to cover it up via a high-tech lynching of the President via impeachment and removal from office. Or, failing that, the smearing via lies and false accusations to the extent that it fatally wounds his chances for re-election. 

There are those who even now still look at things through the prism of conventional wisdom and past experience with these things. But they still do not understand that with Trump, they are dealing with someone who is just not willing to play their game by curling up into a fetal position and beg forgiveness. He fights back, twice as hard and twice as determined. The other thing lost on these people is that this is a different era. We survived an eight-year beat-down at the hands of Valerie Jarrett and Bill Ayers that was supposed to usher in the era of American decline and dissolution and the ascendancy of globalist misery or Islamic domination (and that situation is still in doubt). That was enough of a wake up call to a majority of Americans who knew that this is not the way things are supposed to be. And that is where the real hatred and enmity lies. It’s with all of us who defied their plans to enslave us (for our own good, of course) by voting for the Orange Man with the weird hair, Queens accent and love for all things truly American, decent and good. They do not understand, nor will they ever understand that they cannot defeat that, at least not this time around, whatever outrage they plan to perpetrate under the fig leaf of governmental or legal processes.

In any case, impeachment is clearly unpopular and is growing more unpopular as each new poll indicates, no matter which pollster takes and/or manipulates the data. All Palsi Pelosi wanted to do was have the appearance of impeachment via endless committees and headlines from the agitprop media for the next 12 months since they have absolutely nothing of any substance at all with which he can be charged that would warrant his removal from office. Funny how the timing of yesterday’s vote coincides with the exposure of Vindman as fraud with connections to the Ukrainian government and by extension the Bidens, the other douchebag before Vindman whose name escapes me and most crucially the testimony of Tim Morrison who completely contradicted the others, who actually heard firsthand the call and had no concerns whatsoever. Whoopsie. Add to it the revelation that this Obama-era holdover Ciaramella is most likely the so-called “whistleblower” and was for all intents and purposes a spy for John Brennan who was there to sabotage, lie and leak to a willing media. 

Here’s the thing. None of this is going to matter to the Dem-Media Complex nor its base. This is why it’s crucial for those indictments of McCabe, Comey, Clapper or whoever be handed down before this impeachment crap really gets rolling. That said, the Left will not accept them as legitimate and even now Schiff-for-Brains and others are preemptively smearing Barr, Durham, Trump and any potential indictments and/or findings as such. If/when they happens, they have painted themselves into a corner, and have ramped up the agitprop to such a level that the only rhetoric possible is for them to call for violent opposition. Only last week, this Admiral William Mc-Craven all but called for the US military to march on the White House, arrest the President and seize control of the government. 

This is the Democrats’ last throw of the dice, and it smacks of desperation, mostly because they are reacting to Trump and no longer control the action or perhaps the narrative. No way Trump lets them run the table now. Just as he totally kneecapped them by releasing the transcript of the call with Zelensky, I would wager he is going to respond to this gambit just as effectively. Of course, the other X factor in all of this is the GOP-e, specifically the Senate. Forget about what they will or will not do if ever the House does ultimately vote to impeach – which I think is still a non-starter despite yesterday’s blunder. The position from everyone has got to be the denouncing of all of this as illegitimate, and not bullshit arguments about process, which have just the opposite effect. It was somewhat reassuring that the entire House contingent voted “no.” It would be better if everyone unconditionally and unilaterally got behind Trump. Yeah, a lot to ask considering Pee-Air Defecto, the Alaskan Snow Blower and the Maine Merkin. 

Again, as I have said before, I think we are a nation divided and the odds of any kind of future reconciliation are very much against. The Democrat-Left created that situation since they now openly espouse a hatred for this country, people and culture and are engaged on every front in and out of government to take it down. From my perspective, I not only don’t see Trump losing in 2020 but the question is by how great a margin will be the victory? The concern is 2025 and beyond. Take a look at any of the other links and the people and issues involved and then tell me how we are supposed to find commonality, reconciliation and national revival in the face of that.

Interesting times, indeed.



As stated above, the race is on. 


To the border we go and is this tool Jim Risch from Idaho serious? Has he not seen the medieval nightmare a few hundred miles to the east in Minnesota? This turd needs to be flushed. Elsewhere, Trump may tap Chad Wolf as Acting DHS Secretary. Stephen Miller approves and that’s a good sign. On the down side, the Koch-Whores are still pimping open borders, an NC sheriff exposes jurisdiction to illegal alien sex offender, NY Slimes pimps reverse ethnic cleansing and Bill DeBolshevik and the madness of freebies for aliens.


Daniel Greenfield shows if you’re a Member-of-Tribe and vote Democrat, you’re a self-gassing Jew.


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Looks like Hillary really is all set to shamble, stumble and collapse into the Democrat field, CBS reporter ripping her might be an indication that she is not wanted at all by the powers that be, Bidet flagging in polls, the Sham Shoshone gets blasted for her various obfuscations and dissembling, and austere ethnographer and founder of racialist group begs austere spawn of racialist agitator to stay in the race.


Either Catherine Herridge is closet leftist or CBS is maybe attempting legitimacy. Or they just want to hire an ace reporter to keep her from reporting real news. Also, Kentucky Supreme Court upholds freedom of speech.


Blotto gets slapped around for his gun-grabbing tendencies in of all places Newtown, CT.


This Wendy Ullman bint has a real way with words. Makes for a great campaign ad going into 2020. Repulsive and evil is no way to go through life, vinegar-tits.


Evidently the rescinding of that extradition order is not enough for the Hong Kongers, much to the disappointment of Le Bron James, Lebanese have had enough of Iranian and Hezbollahn oppression (but they still hate Jews), Chi-Coms have more friends than critics at UN much to the joy of Le Bron James, what is the administration thinking with this Iran move, the Dems were in favor of aid to Ukraine before being against it, Katie Hopkins on the last chance for Brexit, and Chile just can’t seem to shake the Marxism.


Robert Spencer on New Hampshire knuckling under, Bro-Fo’s anit-Americanism and a look at the callousness of Obama in the wake of Fort Hood, among other things.


California is literally a hot mess of failure, a plan for Trump to deal with homelessness and Victor Davis Hanson bemoans California’s high-speed fail.


What’s the Fed up to these days, big win for Trump and the economy with Universal Postal Reform and weaning off of China dope.


Jack Dunphy on the war of words and facts between Trump and Chicago top cop, idiotic low bail leads to serial rapist raping again (who knew?), and Michelle Malkin with a warning about this Chesa Boudin fiend. Guarantee he will be running for governor or president within 10 years. Gevalt.


Michigan settles that Bias Response Team suit and yet a thug targets TPUSA table, Chicago teachers union vs. charter schools, Commie Core lobotomized millions of kids, more failure in California on the heads of kids now, honors classes are deemed racist and oppressive (this is another way the Left brings everyone down to the same level of proletarian sheeple), and Austin schools go all in on perversion.


Medicare-for-All is Obamacare on steroids and Susan Collins is a total fraud.


A bit of comic relief to lift your spirits.


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Sanity from one Georgia lawmaker, the disconnect between women’s lib and MeToo, showing your bits to the kiddies? Nothing to see here, or is that everything to see here?


Awarding the lying liars for lying, Christian Toto with a “meh” on the next Terminator installment, I love President Trump and kind of a Pollyanna-ish essay. But the author’s heart’s in the right place, I suppose.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed. 

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.