The Morning Report 11/4/19

Good morning kids. Start of a new week and with it the concomitant flood of links from over the weekend so let’s get to it. The top story is off course is the fallout from last week’s House vote that officially (I think) started the ball rolling with an alleged actual impeachment process. Or was it investigation? Meh. No matter what the hell is going on, forget the idiotic Fox News poll. Were it actually reflective of the mood of the American people, you would not have fools like James Clyburn equivocating about the fact that the vote lacked any kind of bipartisanship, or even the reliably Leftist rag The Atlantic for once being honest about how no one is talking about it on the campaign trail. All this is is the latest – and certainly not the last – attempt by the Democrat-Media Complex to taint the President so as to fatally damage him in the eyes of the voters 12 months from now. It’s also a desperate attempt to paint the real investigation into the real crimes of the Obama/Clinton-led attempted and ongoing coup against this President and we the people (the people and the document that that is the preamble to) as illegitimate and politically motivated retribution. Heh. Tick tock, but more on that in a bit.

The big question mark is the GOP-e, since that is also the audience to whom this is being targeted. The solidarity in the House was crucial in getting the minds right of the questionable few in the Senate should an actual impeachment ever occur and move to a trial phase. And considering his horrid poll numbers in one of his several home states, I should think that as much as he’s itching to stab Trump in the face, Pee-Air Defecto is probably not going to do it or support it. At least if he were smart he wouldn’t. And as he goes, so goes the Alaskan Snow-Queen, the Maine Merkin and all the other deadbeats putatively on our side of the aisle in the upper chamber.

In any case, as this rogue Colonel Vindman is exposed for his shady ties to Ukraine (more than merely his place of birth), and as the identity of this whistleblower has all but been confirmed as a Deep State spy and flunky for coup plotter John Brennan, this latest surefire plan in the Acme Overthrow Presidents Kit is fizzling out and blowing up in the Dems’ collective face. I had no idea but Vindman also has a twin brother who is also a lieutenant colonel who worked in the White House and he is supposedly going to be called to testify. This is devolving into Frasier or the Jeremy Irons film Dead Ringers. Also, the attorney for the yet-to-be-officially-identified Eric Ciaramella is now saying his client will agree to answer questions from the GOP members on the House committee, but only in with written responses. Yeah, no. 

As I said, collapsing like a wet blini, but at least the base is appeased. No matter that what the Democrat-Let has done is to completely shred whatever last vestige of comity and the rule of law that might have existed. Meh, considering what is being taught in the schools for at least the past 40 years, it’s kind of a miracle we’ve held it together as a society this long. Add to that the fact that we have one political party that is a de facto internal enemy of the people, a propagandistic media in league with them, a federal bureaucracy and judiciary acting as its rubber stamp, and a seemingly compromised flag officer corps whose top echelons now openly espouse removing a president they disapprove of by force of arms, and we have ourselves a situation. In spite of all that has happened and for sure all that is to come, I think Trump will win in 2020. But, we as a nation and society are in uncharted waters. Things cannot go on as before. Interesting times, for sure.



When a grand jury investigation is concluded, especially one that finds no reason to proceed with an indictment, the records are supposed to be sealed to protect the identities of innocent parties. Not here of course. The Democrat-Left wants to persecute and hound them to death. Bastards. Also, Victor Davis Hanson on what I had mentioned at the end of my above editorial. See also a related link at the end of the above section.


An example of death by a thousand little coups. President’s move to prevent green card applicants from being a drain on our economy gets blocked by some stooge in Oregon, Border Patrol with record apprehensions of family units, Robert Spence on that other aspect of human smuggling, the smearing and derailing of Ken Cuccinelli and what the hell is wrong with North Carloina? I’d guess, blue state locusts that invaded from up north.


A look at how we got to the boiling point.


Is the timing of this piece by Ronan Farrow an attempt to abort a Hillary campaign? So-called “Justice Democrats” are anything but grassroots (see a related link about one of their own in NY who is a sick racialist), Joe Bidet is a liar (sorry for the redundancy), and a look at Philly corruption with music legend and Islamic convert Kenny Gamble and his association with Calypso Louie at the heart of it.


Nancy Palsi freaking out over the openly insane Marxist policy positions of her rivals, Bro-Fo Omar loves Jews… the self-gassing Marxist variety that is. Also two related essays on the dangers of this crazy coot if he ever gets the levers of power, and that can be said of any Democrat. So, with all this talk of the Sham Shoshone being the probable contender we get a new Harvard Harris poll that shows it’s between Joey Bidet and Hillary. Meanwhile, Tulsi Coffeecake on the rise, Tank Abrams raising money to fight voter suppression or something, Julian Castro circling the drain, Latinos reject this “Latinx” bullshit, Joe Bidet’s Catholic problems, his warning to blacks rings hollow considering how well they are doing in the Trump economy, Nazi collaborator Soros looking to rig DA races in Virginia, an autopsy of Blotto Beto and the “back to school” election. Triple-Throuple Lindy, anyone?


NY Slimes protects Elizabeth Fugazi on her pregnancy lie, Jack Dorsey and Twitter’s muzzling of conservative voices, Bill Maher includes Dennis Prager? The horror! Reddit censorship of pro-Trump group highlighting anti-cop violence, CNN is a bedsore on the body politic, and the National Laughingstock had a pretty horrible week, didn’t they? Not that it matters to them at all.


Some hope in Virginia?


Brexit going tits up if Bo-Jo and Farage won’t get together, unrest in the Levant screws up the Farsis’ plans, more kudos for PDT’s foreign policy, rocket attacks on Israel and what they mean beyond trying to kill Jews, EU officials pissed at eastern European members for not wanting to commit national suicide, Jew hate at soccer games, and alarm bells about Russians meddling in Venezuela.


Judith Miller says Baghdadi’s gone but the Caliphate lingers on and quick, somebody tell Kaepernick about this! Pfft.


The California fires top this section with Trump ripping Gavin Gruesome and how environmentalism and bureaucracy fuels the fires. Also, Mike Lee warns on ABA liberalism vis a vis judicial nominees and Richard Fernandez on California and other signs of societal devolution/dissolution.


Sham Shoshone wants to supersize the IRS. Oh joy. Also, Trump economy going great guns is more bad news for Democrat chances but SCOTUS lays an egg with allowing cities to sue banks


Madness above and below ground in NYC and a look at female perpetrated crime and abuse. Content warning on that link for those with weak constitutions.


Medicare for All is such an abject disaster, even SNL rips it. More on that show later…


He who controls the language, etc. Or is that Xe, or Xer, or Xim, or Xilch…


He’s lovin’ it! And so now he’s out. McDonald’s CEO forced to ankle over prohibited relationship with employee and a related piece on the Katie Throuple affair as barometer to a sick society. Also, Christian Toto thinks that SNL piece on Fauxcahontas was just propaganda, another look at the relevance of The Joker, so much for that myth about peaceful native Americans, a look at this movie Dark Fate in context to Hollywood today, and a review of the first biopic of Harriet Tubman.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed. 

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.