The Morning Report 11/14/19

Good morning kids. Thursday and the first open hearings of the sham-peachment top the news. Despite the media hype that the opening day’s star witnesses, Ukraine ambassador Bill Taylor and State Dept. bureaucrat George Kent, were going to nail Trump to the wall with explosive revelations, the entire thing was a big fat dud. If anything, their testimonies did quite the opposite of what was intended thanks in large part to the stellar performances by Jim Jordan and John Ratcliffe in particular. I mean dead silence and crickets when Mark Ratcliffe point blank asked “where is the impeachable offense.” And when it came to trying to blame Trump for extortion, or quid pro quo, or bribery or whatever new term the Dems create, star witness Kent, who I understand is some sort of expert on corruption, flat out stated that US loans to Ukraine have always had strings attached. Woops.

Even from the moment the proceedings started, sweat-soaked Adam Schiff-for-Brains was peevish, petulant and appeared to be completely in over his head. Plus, his idiotic and transparent lie about not having any idea about the identity of whistleblower Eric Ciaramella while threatening anyone who mentions his name was risible, if not disgusting. At one point, when one of the GOP committee members’ questioning was getting too hot, he interrupted like the whiney little titty-baby he is. As for Eric Ciaramella’s absence, it is his alleged story that is at the center of this latest idiocy in the first place, so for him not to be there, as well as a strict proscription on even mentioning his name, let alone his relationship with Schiff-for-Brains himself just makes a mockery of truth and anything remotely resembling due process. Yet, here we are. Things got so bad that people in the gallery were leaving. Think about that. Something as historically significant as an impeachment hearing and people were heading for the exits like it was only the third inning of a late September game where a last place home team was losing 15-2. And it started to rain.

After all the sturm, drang and propaganda, the box score from yesterday shows not only was nothing new or even remotely damaging to the president revealed, but just the opposite. Jordan, Ratcliffe, Nunes and team, with their rhetorical skills effectively dismantled the so-called star witnesses’ testimonies. The only thing to remember here is that aside from the hearsay secondhand, thirdhand or however-many-hands-removed nature of the testimonies, the President committed no crimes in his dealings with Ukraine. The only “crime” he committed was both winning an election he wasn’t supposed to and implementing policies that these pseudo-intellectual arrogant pinheads disagree with. Period. It goes beyond mere disagreement, by the way. The Deep State truly believes that it and it alone runs this country, no matter who is temporarily elected to hold office. Regardless of whether a Democrat or Republican administration is elected (Reagan perhaps being the exception), they either embraced the fundamental transformation of America fully or went along with it as the inevitable trajectory of history. That is until Trump.

More crucially, yesterday’s pantsing of Team Schiff-for-Brains made people even more curious about the very thing he and the Dems were there to try and cover up by casting blame on Trump. That is, what the hell was Joe Bribem and his son doing in Ukraine with Burisma, and how is that all connected to Obama, Clinton and the national security leadership they controlled vis a vis the original attempt to take out Trump in 2016 and after?

While those broader questions were forbidden to be asked yesterday, they very well may be revealed soon with the imminent, or so we are told, release of the IG report and the Durham investigations promised indictments. In the meantime, if those two fools were the star witnesses, the only place this goes from here, at least as far as the Democrat-Left-Media Complex is concerned, is south. That puts Nancy Palsi in exactly the position she did not want to be in. Two choices, and both of them are losers: 

1 – Put an end to this disaster now and stanch the bleeding, perhaps by calling for some sort of phony vote to censure the President “in the interests of national unity” or some other horseshit excuse, hope to get bipartisan support and then move on to the elections or some other angle of attack.

2 – Hit the accelerator and attempt to jump the Grand Canyon with the entire Democrat Party and media riding shotgun.

My gut tells me she goes for door number 2. The only question is the GOP, since no matter what happens, there will be a vote in the House to impeach. It will doubtless go along party lines as before but the Senate is murky. Pun intended. No way they get 20 votes to remove from office but even if one asshole – hello Pee-Air Defecto – votes with them, they get the veneer of “bipartisanship.” Feh. But meh, since I don’t think that cuts much ice anymore with most people.

Let’s see how day 2 of this spectacle shakes out.



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Down at the border, the FBI is in Mexico investigating the cartel massacre of that Mormon family. How that helps, I have no idea. Chad Wolf confirmed by Senate for DHS top slot, administration with more good moves on work permits and is America for Americans or not? The situation is still in doubt.


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Taiwanese prexy calls for the world to defend Hong Kong; Lebron to call her an ignorant slut in 5,4,3,2… Also, terrorist idiots hit their own building but of course the evil Jooz get blamed, Trump calls out Turkish fake newsie, Daniel Pipes dissects Turk Turdogan, even Macron has had it with NATO, and suggestions for that dis-organization.


Dems sure to complain about Chip Roy wasting taxpayer money, Washington state now officially shitcans affirmative action and Gavin is gruesome in every way, shape and form.


Market reacts to sham-peachment with another record high, trade talks reportedly stall on Chi-Coms reneging on farm purchases and even Jerome Powell sounds the alarm on budget unsustainability. Cut spending. Eliminate bureaucracies and welfare. QED. Fauxca-hanta-virus’ head just exploded.


Deadly “knockout” game taking Twin Cities by storm, and Nazi collaborator George Soros promises a Chesa Boudin in every DA’s office.


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More on vaping hazards and Elizabeth Wan-pum all in on national health.


Teresa Tomlinson wants us to build a White Sea Canal to the 8th Century. And like it.


Reconnoitering potential Mars landing sites for the Space-X ship.


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Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed. 

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