The Morning Report 12/3/19

Good morning kids. Tuesday and the sham-peachment chronicles get bumped from the lead as our top story is the impending release of DoJ IG Michael Horowitz’s report on FISA abuse. In this case, it’s the reaction from AG William Barr who reportedly does not concur with Horowitz’s findings that the FBI did have enough evidence/information to open up the counterintelligence investigation into the Trump 2016 campaign. This, of course is a complete crock since the players involved, specifically Alexander Downer, Joseph Mifsud and Stephan Halper colluded (heh) to entrap low-level Trump staffer George Papadopoulos with the bait of dirt/e-mails on Hillary Clinton, thereby setting in motion the whole “Russian collusion” narrative. 

Well, considering Horowitz’s Deep State pedigree we all kind of expected this to be another Comey whitewash. Plus, with Lisa Page now popping up and flapping her gargantuan gums about her innocence, and popping off at Trump for being mean to her about her tacky sexcapades with junior g-man Strzok, it’s evident she knows she’s in the clear. We also have the execrable bastard Andrew Weissmann, famous for railroading innocent people into multi-decade prison sentences, and the equally slimy Glenn Simpson, whose company Fusion-GPS specializes in manufacturing lies out of whole cloth for the purposes of smearing Leftists’ political enemies, suddenly appearing on TV to claim the mantle of champions of justice, in an effort to minimize any damage the investigation might engender, or use as a whitewash to yet again attack Trump.

But, the investigations by Barr and US Attorney John Durham are still ongoing and I don’t think either of them is going to sweep this under the rug. Do not let Barr’s sort of disarming demeanor fool you; he strikes me as someone with character and a real sense of justice who is determined to get to the bottom of this and see some sort of justice done as well as attempt to clear the sullied name of the law enforcement institutions that he perhaps has or at least had pride in serving in, if that’s even possible. Over the past few weeks he has given speeches and made statements that at least give some hope that there is at least one decent person in that nest of lawless tyrants. Now, will we see the likes of Comey, Brennan and Clapper, let alone Clinton and Obama, get perp-walked? I still have serious doubts about that. There is zero doubt in my mind that the latter two were the masterminds of this whole thing. At the very least, they knew about the plot and approved it. The actions of other regime capos like Samantha Power and Susan Rice in the final days of the bunker with all the unmaskings and the finagling of last second CYA e-mails are no less of a tell. All that said, people must be held accountable, and not just some second or third string bureaucrat. If an Obama or a Clinton, or at the very least Comey, Brennan or Clapper were to be indicted, what would that do to our already fractious political environment, which is ironic considering it is them and their political allies that have debased it to this low point in the first place? Perhaps our legal system is as far gone as the nation itself at this point and is beyond resuscitation. In any case, the Democrat-Media Complex will, and in fact is already spinning that these investigations are nothing more than an attempt to distract from Trump’s alleged crimes and are abuses of power and persecution of his political enemies. Madness.

The bottom line for me is people have got to swing for this. Plus, the unaccountable and permanent bureaucracies that allowed this and all other depredations and abuses upon we the people have got to be neutralized if not completely dismantled. If not, make no mistake; the next time they gain power it will be us on the wrong end of the rope, figuratively and literally.



With the next phase of this set to begin tomorrow, Ukraine prexy Zelensky once again unequivocally states that there was no quid pro quo, Trump rips the kangaroo court nature of the proceedings as does former Rep Bob Barr, Scott DesJarlais with a nail-on-the-head observation of the Dems’ witnesses, Democrat Jeff VanDrew is not on board with any of this, which is not good news for Palsi’s prospects with this in the House, and even if the Dems pull back and call for censure, that still taints an innocent President Trump with guilt for crimes he did not commit, and that is as unacceptable as impeachment. 

The Dems know that this whole thing is cratering and the more they go on, the more of a wipeout they face in 2020. I hope the GOP does not give them that out (I know the House won’t). They’ve sown the wind, let them reap the whirlwind.


Fauxcahontas is yet again confirmed as a liar, Balsey-Ford’s latest claims shredded by Hemingway and Severino, and Sandersnista and Sham Shoshone have no problems meeting with Islamic terrorist front group.


Here’s something to make Toothy McBigTits really cry, November refugee admissions set a record low for November, Kris Kobach on Dems admitting what open borders is really all about, and ICE blasts New York for releasing violent illegal alien criminal.


Angelo Codevilla ponders the landscape of a post-Trump era America.


Sarsour the Hamas Louse stumps for Sandersnista and spews a torrent of hateful bilge.


Brian Kemp goes with an alleged pro-abortion RINO to take Johnny Isakson’s senate seat and spars with pro-Trump allies, John James might actually have a shot in Michigan, Joe Bribem’s “No Malarkey” stupidity about as exciting to the youth as you’d expect, recall petition launched by legal immigrant against Gavin Gruesome, Mikvah Waters draws ire of “progressive” Dems, Larry Elder weighs in on the Trump questiong Waters’ IQ nothingburger, Steve Bullock ankles the Dem 2020 Klown Kar, Elizabeth Fugazi promises to unilaterally abolish the Electoral College, Michelle for President is a non-starter, Brokeback Booker broke again, Jimmy Carter back into the hospital hopefully under the knife with a nice Jewish doctor, Thom Tillis’ challenger backs out of the race, Judith Miller with a look at Trump’s campaign, and two essays on who and what the Dems really are.


Google and YouTube go on a tear to censor Trump adverts, Christian Toto talks with the founder of a new social media platform CloutHub, hockey stick hockey puck Michael Mann’s defamation case against¬†National Review¬†now moving ahead, and Richard Fernandez on the press’ quixotic attempt to recapture its power.


Bit of a mixed bag, first in reading the tea leaves about that New York gun case at SCOTUS, with Blotto Beto behind us there’s nary a peep about gun control on the Democrat campaign trail, and with Virginia captured, look for confiscation in the commonwealth… and a whole lot of canoe accidents.


Mayor Buttplug fills South Carolina airwaves with apostasy, and as the Empire State kills babies by the bushel now, America as whole has seen a huge drop in abortions over the past decade.


Things still hot in Hong Kong, so China reacts by suspending US military visits to the city, forget what you see and hear in the media; China internally is in discord, and bite-sized billionaire bug-wit totally clueless about China. Elsewhere, Iran admits to massacring citizens, Michael Ledeen looks at the latest round of upheaval and suddenly Samantha Power is not amused by the mullahs, which is weird since she helped load the pallets of cash, Trump admin releases military aid to Lebanon (why?), Joo-hater Corbyn blames Trump, Bo-Jo and the west for Islamic terrorism, Angela Merkel’s bizarre take on free speech explained, shocking decision from the International Criminal Court not to prosecute Israel, and Trump has it 100% right about NATO. Funny how the Left points at European socialism as a success story, not realizing that the US paying for their entire defense budget fuels their socialist excesses. No more, please G-d.


Comparing Great Britain circa 1902 to the US circa 2019, and what changes need to be made to prevent our sharing their fate.


France once again forced to face its historical Joo-hatred in light of a recent horrific murder committed by a religion-of-peacenik.


Evanston, Illinois loses its freaking mind, a shining example of federal waste and in praise of Josh Hawley going after St. Louis slumlords.


Trump wields the tariff weapon on the cheese-eating surrender-monkeys.


Lori Lightfoot won’t let Eddie Johnson retire before firing him first over his being passed out in a drunken stupor, and who sent the Toxic Pee-Gram?


Mother of preemie reflects, and the battle against HIV.


In praise of President Trump telling the enviro-nazis “LOLGF.”


Slimes’ “1619 Project” gets shredded by group of real historians.

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