The Morning Report 12/4/19

Good morning kids. Midweek and there’s lots to unpack so here we go. First up, yesterday’s release of the House Intel Committee’s report was not exactly surprising in its conclusions, which were pre-determined a little over three years ago. What did come as a shock was the revelation in the report that Schiff-for-Brains was spying on Devin Nunes, Rudy Giuliani and others by obtaining their phone records. How he was able to get them is a mystery, at least insofar as who obliged him, not that he was able to obtain them which appears to be what is known in the trade as a federal crime. There’s also the news that Schiff-for-Brains hired a former colleague of alleged whistleblower Eric Ciaramella on July 26th, the day after President Trump spoke to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. What a co-inky-dink. But wait! There’s more! The other little tidbit of an oopsie, which in the real world should be ringing major alarm bells about the incident itself, let alone what it indicates as to who the real criminals and colluders are is that The husband of Democrat Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, who sits on the House Judiciary Committee, reportedly took $700,000 from firms connected to a Ukrainian oligarch who has allegedly been “accused of ordering contract killings.” From what we can glean, the money was not a bribe in the Hunter Biden sense (it was a salary earned, I guess, over a period of 10 years), but the individuals involved, and the fact the latest trumped up charges of supposed bribery and blackmail involving Trump and Ukraine, collectively is sending my BP into the stratosphere.

In any case, the minority report issued by the committee’s GOP members absolutely shreds the Democrats case, and Stephanie Grisham’s assessment that the report is nothing more than “the ramblings of a basement” blogger is much closer to literal truth than mere metaphor, especially considering some of the brain-dead bacteria that infect our little slice of the interwebz. Be that as it may, the fun starts all over again today in Jerry Nadler’s House Judiciary Committee. But with the Ukraine angle dead, along with the concomitant alleged bribery and quid pro quo, the Dems are now going to spread the investigation far and wide to find anything they can use to justify all of these up to and including revisiting the original exploded Russia collusion myth. 

As disgusting a spectacle as this all is to have to endure, remember that the more the public sees of this, the more they are turned off. This isn’t the only or perhaps main inducement. Let’s not forget the post-natal baby-killing, open borders and free healthcare for non-citizens, confiscatory taxation, confiscatory disarmament, job-killing green new deals, transsexual perverts in women’s bathrooms and a whole litany of nightmares that are not only cementing the base, but attracting significant percentages of formerly guaranteed Democrat voters. Specifically American Blacks, American Latinos and other “grievance” blocs who are gradually awakening to the fact they are wanted only for their vote every two years. 

The politics of all of this is a disaster for the Dems no matter how you slice it. Funny how they thought that dragging this out all the way to next November was going to be a surefire way to oust Trump at the voting booth. Now it looks as if they are desperate to rush this thing through and get it over with. Conventional wisdom is that all they want to do is forever brand Trump with the dreaded scarlet letter “I.” But considering all the revelations about this and the original coup (which the agitprop media have to date more or less successfully embargoed the facts from reaching most Americans) and more importantly, Trump delivering with the greatest economic boom period in decades, a reinvigorated and rational foreign policy and military stance, and general cheerleading America and Americanism that we and millions of other around the world have been warmed by (see Hong Kong for example), I think even that will be a pyrrhic victory for the Left, and with censure, if they choose to go that route, doing nothing more than completely enraging their base.

As for Horowitz, Barr and Durham, we covered that territory yesterday but still, it is worth considering a couple of things. First, while the major players and plotters in the greatest political crime bar none in American history may very well never see the inside of a court room, let alone a prison cell, their crimes will be revealed no matter how the Democrat-Media Complex attempts to spin them. And believe me, Trump is not going to let them establish the narrative. 

Second, none of the things we have long suspected about our government and how it operates behind our backs (and sometimes in our face) and against the founding principles, laws and customs they all swear to uphold would ever have come to light had Trump not been elected. I would say that that seminal moment in our history came about as a result of and ultimate reaction to what we have endured since at least the time of George H.W. Bush, certainly since Obama, for sure. I think that that in and of itself is a blessing. As a former Ted Cruz guy, when I cast my vote for Trump my only goal was to prevent Hillary Clinton from becoming president. Everything after that was going to be gravy, no matter what I imagined the Donald Trump I had known up until that time would do. Look at what he has done, or more accurately what we have given him the opportunity to do. And that is what this impeachment is really all about. For daring to be deprogrammed from the illusion and bullshit the Globalists have foisted on us since the end of World War 2, they want revenge. Trump is merely the figurehead; we are the ones they want to impeach.

So be it. War.



Watch this space…


Consider the elements of the first link: convicted pedophile, Mueller investigation, millions in illegal campaign funds, Hillary Clinton. Speaking of Hillary and pedophilia, we have some new revelations about her, her husband-in-name-only and Jeffrey Epstein who did not kill himself. Lastly, something comparatively tame; Toothy McBigTits told a lie.


Texas duo sentenced for mass illegal alien smuggling, and Mayor Buttplug jumps on the healthcare bought and paid for by taxpayers given to illegal aliens bandwagon. 


Now that Kamala-Toe’s run has crashed and burned, let the repercussions commence. Elsewhere, despite impeachment and agitprop hurled at us, here are some great things thanks to PDT, Ben Sasse and Ol’ Yeller Levin rip into bite-sized billionaire Big Gulp, Jeffrey Lord rips Georgia Governor Kemp for picking a RINO stooge to replace RINO stooge Johnny Isakson, who blathered something about “bipartisanship” as his parting shot. May he achieve Thad Cochran status, inshalla. Also, Robert Stacy McCain defends key Trump aide and ally Stephen Miller and finally one perspective on the future vis a vis demographics. Build that dang fence and deport with extreme prejudice. 


Devin Nunes slams CNN with a huge defamation suit, Google’s co-founders are ankling the company, the Daily Yeast trims Gumsy Page’s hedge, Gibson’s Bakery rips into Cleveland media for allegedly collaborating with disgraced Oberlin College to dox employee’s Facebook files, not very surprising stats from the unelected bureaucrats who lord over us, can we please abolish NPR?, and finally, along with bureaucrats, “journalists” hate free speech.


NYC lawyer with an oopsie at SCOTUS, Doomberg double-talk on his own law, and Democrat desires for a disarmed society go way, way back.


Baby-killers openly tell the Slimes what it’s all about and here’s a list of 368 people who should be considered for 90th trimester Governor Coonman My-Pillow “comforting.”


Trump supports the Iranian protestors but not backing with bucks just yet (how would he do that anyway?), Iran’s answer to Lt. Col. Vindman spouts out a thigh-slapper, Qatar is an enemy, PDT ribs Macron, Jeremy Corbyn is bloody awful – literally, House overwhelmingly sanctions Chi-Coms over Muslim concentration camps, Mugabe is gone but the graft lingers on, first in a four part series exposing the utter anti-American corruption of our State Department, and Robert Spencer is not letting the attempt on his life in Iceland be swept under the rug.


All things considered, I am not so sanguine about this.


He should have been sent to GITMO and then hanged, and CAIR should have been designated a terrorist organization during the Holy Land trial years ago.


He thought his job was to increase homelessness, and he succeeded.v


Another call to wean ourselves from cheap Chi-Com chazarei.
Are Cheap Imports Making Cheap Americans?


DoJ looking to execute four child murderers, Bloomberg wants to decriminalize criminals and someone should send this to Petula Clark. Could be a comeback smash. “Don’t Schtup in the Subway, darlin’ “…


Better suggestion for Secretary DeVos: Federal student aid should be abolished. Plus, Common Core is a complete failure, Detroit valedictorian can’t put two and two together, no wonder boys are turning illiterate considering the dreck they are forced to read, why is it that whenever the Dems have a plan the GOP is supposed to have one that is 1/1024th less of a boondoggle?, and finally a bit of good news in that educators are reportedly rejecting that “1619 Project.”


Joey Leg-Hairs angry at Mayor Buttplug, what could possibly go wrong?, and how to cut the cost of healthcare. Good ideas but the big one is increase competition and get the government out of it completely.


The Pain goes to Spain mainly via government-chartered plane… while her own district is drowning in human feces.


Isn’t that headline really the story of Bernie Sanders’ underwear? 


Thinking about a sign akin to “you must be this high to ride” for gynecologists to put outside their offices.


Dennis Prager nails it again. 

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