The Morning Report 12/10/19

Good morning kids. Tuesday and up front we have the conclusion of the hearings phase of sham-peachment and the long-awaited dropping of the IG report to unpack, so here we go. First up, the breaking news is after all the blathering about bribery and Nancy Palsi throwing the Ukraine angle under the bus and returning to the completely dead and rotting Mueller deception, those two have been removed from the articles that the President is to be charged with. Aside from the fact that they are consulting focus groups and Ouija boards to determine their moves, all of this indicates that the Palsi, Schiff-for-Brains and Nadless the Human Pastrami have lost complete control of this entire thing. In any case, yesterday’s jam session was no different than any of the previous hearings from either committee. The day started off with the Democrats and their confederates spouting distortions and out and out lies about the President and his actions. The most egregious was this Barry Berke insect doing a Trayvon 911 edited tape hit job by first using a snippet of Trump invoking his Article II authority to fire people as his declaring himself emperor and then playing the soundbite from his campaign where he jokingly asked the Russians to find Hillary’s missing e-mails as proof of collusion. The fact that this was not immediately challenged and worse, went completely unchallenged by anyone on the GOP was a major blunder. Opportunity to debunk a major media myth wasted.

You also had the exchange between Berke and dual purpose lawyer and witness Dan Goldman just spit-balling hypotheticals and coming to the conclusion that although Trump might not have acted on his supposed impulses to do something illegal, his impulses alone – because they just know he was thinking them – were enough to hang, draw and quarter him. Louie “Go-Go” Gohmert went nuts when suddenly Berke got up from the witness chair, walked over and took a seat on the panel. G-d bless Gohmert for quipping “How much money do you have to give to get to do that?” which visibly infuriated the amorphous cloud of lipids holding the gavel. He also took a shot at ex-preezy Kenya-Kona Blend which doubtless made him gag on a spliff in the downstairs toilet in Kalorama.

But, then when the Republicans finally got their turn in the afternoon, they quite effectively dismantled with extreme prejudice the Democrats’ “witnesses.” Again, Matt Gaetz used the thoroughly discredited “pee tape” to flame Dan Goldman, exposing him as a partisan hack after he insisted he wasn’t and then Nadless for his utterly unethical use of Barry Berke as both a counsel and witness. Later, Doug Collins went after Goldman for refusing to reveal how Schiff-for-Brains got the call logs for Devin Nunes, Rudy Giuliani and others and who was responsible for leaking them. Collins clammed up. Look, we goof on the bug-eyed schmuck from Santa Monica, but make no mistake; Schiff-for-Brains is a dangerous, power-mad thug. 

…Certainly, Schiff has not been shy about gathering evidence. So how is it fair that he would obstruct his minority counterpart?

Now that the world knows that Schiff has no problem spying on his ranking member, potential witnesses have reason to fear Schiff will dox them for talking to Nunes. This, of course, was exactly the point of revealing the information. It’s a gross infringement upon the rights of the minority to gather relevant information.

By publishing Nunes’ phone records, Schiff has now made it less likely that sources will cooperate with Nunes to turn over information relevant to legislative purposes. Nunes used his position to uncover invaluable information about public corruption. Journalist Lee Smith recently penned an entire book cataloging how Nunes led the team that exposed Clinton’s funding of the dossier used to frame Trump (just one example of the many revelations uncovered thanks to Nunes).

This is a big deal. By closing off fact-gathering, Schiff is attempting to blind the minority and force it to accept the distorted facts Schiff presents. Bad facts make bad laws and lead to bad legislative acts-like this flimsy impeachment...

I have no illusions about whether or not Schiff-for-Brains or any of his Democrat co-conspirators and henchman will ever face any serious legal repercussions or justified retribution for what they are doing to this president and what shred of law and order and justice may yet exist. Odds are they won’t. But their actions are not playing well in Peoria, especially considering the nature of Trump and more crucially, his incredible record of success when compared and contrasted to past presidents, Democrat and RINO. The Democrat-Media Complex brought this upon itself, but then again perhaps it was inevitable. The eight years of Obama, plus much of the previous 20 of the Bushes and Clinton brought the nation to a crossroads politically, culturally and economically. Trump and most Americans wanted a way back. And the powers that be would not allow that to happen. Winston Churchill spoke of the end, the beginning of the end and the end of the beginning, in referring to what would prove to be the midpoint of World War Two (El Alamein). Perhaps we may be at or even approaching that “end of the beginning” phase. But despite the urge for eeyore-ism, remember that none of what has been exposed – none of it – would have ever been revealed and confirmed to both us, and now many more Americans than ever had it not been for Donald J. Trump. So, at least there’s that. And I think it’s going to prove to be a much bigger thing in the long run than even we can see from this vantage point in time.



And that segues nicely into yesterday’s release of the IG Horowitz report which as we all had suspected but was to be charitable, a big let down. That said it should be noted that Horowitz’s investigation was always going to be limited in scope. Also, Horowitz is a part of the DoJ itself and unlike Barr (I hope), his motivations is to preserve, protect and defend the illusion that all is well in Hoover-ville, and so naturally he found not a smidgen of partisan political motivation in the obtaining of FISA warrants based on the Steele Dossier. 

Of course, that got the Irish up of both AG William Barr and his lead investigator John Durham, and they immediately released statements that essentially rebuked Horowitz’s non-findings. That said, the report is a bit of a mixed bag as there are a number of findings that don’t do much to help improve the completely sullied reputation of the FBI, especially the confirmation that the Bureau doctored evidence in order to frame Carter Page, as well as debunking the latest round of smears aimed at Devin Nunes. Naturally the Democrat-Media Complex is going to shout “no partisanship!” and “investigation justified!” until the 12th of Never. The other glaring and infuriating revelation was that Peter Strzok’s infamous “insurance policy” tweet was not even included in the report. 

So, okay, Horowitz was an expected let down, but the real action is with Barr and Durham. And along with this serious rebuke of Horowitz, they did publicly state a few weeks back that indictments will be coming down. We shall see if this happens and who gets to be frog-marched. Will it be Comey, Clapper or Brennan or a low-level flunky who gets a wrist slap followed by a book deal and a gig on CNN? The world wonders…


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