The Morning Report 12/12/19

Good morning kids. Thursday and we continue with the IG Horowitz report and the Sham-peachment Follies. The shockwaves of the former are still being felt so let’s take it from the top. Yesterday, Michael Horowitz was questioned by the GOP-led Senate Judiciary Committee and as we all know, the media focused on their fossilized co-conspirator Dem Senators to continually harp on Horowitz’s carefully worded, yet no less outrageous statement that he found no evidence of political bias by any of the FBI officials central to his investigation. Forget the fact that no one asked him if the same kind of hypothetical that those two leftist tits Berke and Goldman bandied about on Nadler’s panel; to wit, did you inquire if anyone was politically motivated and do you really think that if you asked that you’d get an honest response? Aside from that, the basis of the FISA warrants, the Hillary Clinton bought-and-paid-for and fictitious Steele dossier was known to be fictitious and yet was used as the pretext to obtain and then renew those warrants. Everyone involved knew it as no doubt Horowitz himself must have been. But of course, once the media had the soundbite it wanted, they were off to races and conveniently cut away from the hearings the moment Lindsey Graham began his opening statement, which cut to the actual meat of the report, CNN and the other agitprop media arms of the Democrats cut away.

In any case, Graham, as well as Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley grilled Horowitz about the meat of his report, which despite his best efforts to try and shield the FBI, was forced to admit that at best, they were grossly incompetent, reckless and that his findings did in fact show flagrant criminality. Most egregious was the altering of documents showing Carter Page was an intelligence asset to show he was not, and thereby green-light the obtaining of FISA warrants to spy on him. Hawley, Graham and Cruz were dead right in their individual assessments:

Hawley: The FBI “effectively meddled” in the 2016 election. 

Cruz: …A stunning indictment of the FBI and the Department of Justice, of a pattern of abuse of power…”

Graham: The FBI “engaged in a massive criminal conspiracy.”

17 separate acts and instances of gross incompetence by individuals that are supposed to be the elite of the elite of nation’s top cops that somehow miraculously all benefitted the Clinton campaign and hurt Trump’s. No mention of the “insurance policy” mash notes between Strzok and Page. A glossing over of the origins and veracity of the Steele dossier and how it was used to abuse our legal system to spy on innocent parties. Yet Horowitz could find no evidence of political bias?

Yes, the Democrat-Media Complex has its soundbite and doubtless will be harping on it endlessly. But the proof will still be in the pudding when AG Barr and John Durham hand down indictments. Considering their almost instantaneous dual rebukes of Horowitz’s “no evidence of bias” opener, I fully expect people to face the music. The question is, who? If there is a G-d in Heaven, it should be Comey, Clapper and Brennan, along with McCabe, the Ohrs, Bill Priestap, Sally Yates, Andrew Weissmann and probably a few dozen more that we don’t know the names of. Yet. And then, of course, there’s Obama and Clinton. I wish.

Whatever happens, Christopher Wray should be immediately removed as head of the FBI.

… Wray’s indifference toward Horowitz’s report is hardly an aberration. There are plenty of other reasons to question whether Wray is the right man to lead the FBI.

Let’s review the FBI’s abysmal record under Wray.

Under Wray, the FBI fought congressional oversight into what is now confirmed FBI misconduct.

Under Wray, the FBI’s program of oversight of its informants almost totally disintegrated. Over $40 million a year goes to these informants who have a lot of influence over how America’s most powerful cops get used. That’s the very same program that allowed the Christopher Steele/Russian collusion hoax to gain traction. According to the latest inspector general report, Steele flunked the source validation process but the FBI continued to vouch for his credibility to the court – even misrepresenting Steele’s value in the infamous FIFA case. The FBI is less equipped to screen and stop a repetition of a future Steele-like failure now than it was in 2016 when it happened the first time.

Under Wray, the FBI abused the National Security Agency’s database of bulk data collected without regard to constitutional privacy concerns. The government is allowed to maintain this database because it promises not to use it on Americans without a court’s permission. Under Wray, the FBI couldn’t even explain why thousands of the queries were initiated.

The abuse was so widespread and systematic that the court issued a stinging opinion here. Wray fought the release of the opinion for a year, delaying public accountability. To date, there’s no report of Wray punishing any FBI personnel for any of this misconduct…

Actually, the past three years is just the nail in the coffin. My preference is to abolish the agency entirely, but the first rule of bureaucracies is to expand their power, not diminish it. And bureaucracy is the Deep State. Stay tuned.



The breaking item, if it means anything to the Left and odds are it doesn’t, is that the CBO has released a new legal memo indicating that Trump’s delay in sending aid to Ukraine was routine and totally within his purview. Also, just why were the transcipts of IC IG Michael Atkinson classified by Schiff-for-Brains? If you guess because it implicates him as a Ukrainian stooge and liar, you’re right. Get this, Nancy Ponzi is now stating we’ve always been impeaching Turmp. Breitbart reporting that there are reports of wide-scale defections with the impeachment vote. Meh, could be a head-fake, as Sheila Jackass-Lee and Toothy McBigTits are poo-pooing censure, but whether it goes down in flames in the House or if they do in fact vote to impeach, it is electoral doom for the Dems come 2020 as a new Monmouth poll indicates. Yes, if the GOP is smart or if no one on the Judiciary Committee is also on the take from the Ukies, they will drag out a trial all year, this Daniel Goldman stooge claimed the Steele dossier was true, Karen Bass states the obvious although she is banking on her co-conspirators keeping the majority. In any case, there is such a thing as “double jeopardy” but no doubt they will just manufacture new crimes to smear Trump with. 


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