The Morning Report 1/6/20

Good morning kids. Start of a new week and the fallout over the liquidation of Iran’s state-sponsored terrorism mastermind Soleimani continues. First up, the Iranians have officially announced that for their part, the Obama-brokered nuclear deal is dead. Not that that deal was ever worth the pixels and ink that went into them since the Iranians have violated every codicil that allegedly was supposed to keep them in check and the previous administration intentionally drafted the thing so as to grease the skids for them to nuke up as quickly as possible. So no real surprise there. Along with the President’s promise that a list of 52 strategic targets are in the crosshairs if Iran retaliates, he also slapped the Farsis as well as took a shot at Nancy Palsi, pissed off that she was not told in advance of the Soleimani strike so she could warn him, with the following message, sent via Twitter:

These Media Posts will serve as notification to the United States Congress that should Iran strike any U.S. person or target, the United States will quickly & fully strike back, & perhaps in a disproportionate manner. Such legal notice is not required, but is given nevertheless!

The Iraqi puppet regime is demanding that US and foreign troops leave the country, and in typical Trump fashion, he responded that they first have to repay us for the massive military base we built there. Heh. Meanwhile, the Farsis have posted an $80 million dollar bounty on the President’s head, which, though risible, I think does constitute something bordering on an act of war? International legal eagles may weigh in for the sake of the discussion, but this is kind of getting into the weeds. This President’s actions and strategy in dealing with Iran are pitch perfect. I would be disingenuous if I told you that I have not been itching to see Iran turned into a glass parking lot. But this combination of highly selective, and targeted strikes coupled with the toughest sanctions regime yet is surely going to have an effect within Iran and abroad. There is mass unrest within Iran, as well as the nations it has under its greasy thumb, namely Iraq, Lebanon and parts of Syria, and the mullahs and their proxies have killed hundreds and perhaps thousands of protesters. Additionally, the Iranian economy is in tatters and getting pulverized daily with a combination of the Trump sanctions as well as the oil market falling out from under them, and really the rest of the OPEC world… also thanks to Trump and his domestic energy policy.

If and when the regime finally does collapse, which given the situation as it stands today could very well happen some time this year, it would underscore how utterly wrong the worldview and concomitant policy conventional wisdom of the self-proclaimed elitist pinheaded, pencil-necked (heh) globalists have been since their rise at the end of the Second World War. And most especially the eight-year Obama reign of error, which made a horrible situation and diplomatic bungle exponentially worse and dangerous. Secretary of State Pompeo’s assessment of having to clean up that mess is spot on, but Iran has been a cancer on America and the world for 40 years. Every President since then bears responsibility to one degree or another, especially Jimmy Carter whose abandoning of the Shah and initial protection of Ayatollah Khomeini by allowing him to return to Iran from exile in France, thereby igniting the revolution, was an incredibly catastrophic blunder. But of course, he was following the advice of his SoS Cyrus Vance and NSA Zbigniew Brzezinski. Or, in other words, TOP. MEN.

Of course, along with the President Trump’s showing them up by going from victory to victory in domestic, economic and energy policy, this too will drive the Deep Staters and Foggy Bottom-feeders mad with rage. 

More on the long range prognostications and ramifications both at the tail end of this section as well as in Foreign Policy.



Of course, over here, you can gauge how correct the President’s action was by the vitriol and filth emanating from the cake-holes in DC, Hollywood and the Acela Corridor. First up, Joey Bribem, who for his entire over-40-year career in national politics has been dead wrong about every foreign policy issue, had in his tenure as VP both aided Soleimani and advised against killing Bin Laden. But flashback to 1996 where he did call an Iranian bombing “an act of war” that demanded a tough response. Also, Obama’s own DHS chief Jeh Johnson throws cold water over Palsi Pelosi and the Congressional Dems as does Great One Mark Levin. I mean, when the Democrats are openly talking about and engaging in actual insurrection and resistance, the last thing Trump should do is trust them on this or anything for that matter. Also, Mark Meadows with some advice for the Farsis, Elizabeth Hekawi claims the take down of Soleimani was a wag-the-dog impeachment distraction, Teh Ted again puts the Dems in the hot seat, and both Richard Fernandez and Roger Kimball weigh in with their analysis.


With sham-peachment going nowhere and perhaps not even existent since Nancy Polident is not sending them on to the Senate for adjudication, Kevin McCarthy told Jeannine Pirro that Palsi is now contemplating adding yet another article that’s based on the Mueller Report, which cleared the President and has zero evidence of crimes in it. Not only have they reached Stalingrad but it’s now at the last-bullet and cannibalism stage. New nickname: Nancy Von Paulus. 


Well what do you expect whenever more than a dozen Leftists gather anywhere with a megaphone and papier mache heads? Also, Caroline Glick with a question for our times.


Alleged comedian George Lopez should have the Secret Service pull a Manafort raid on his fat, pockmarked blob of flesh. Words have meaning, fool.


Of course Bill Gates is a filthy hypocrite, the nexus of virtually everything evil and wrong both here and abroad has a “D” next to its name and Robert Spencer with a case study in how the Left uses its old lies to justify its new ones.


An American family returning from Mexico gets attacked just south of the border in Texas and a 13-year-old boy was killed. I think along with the mullahs, we need to do something about this. Mexico is a failed state and in many ways as dangerous to America an American interests as is Iran. CBP debunks viral gossip about detaining Iranians, what the hell is up with the Republican governors and one of Nancy Von Paulus’ “spark of divinity” boys finally nabbed in decade-old rape of 6-year-old girl. All in favor of summary execution, say “aye.” 


Victor Davis Hanson lays out the case for Trump’s victory, Elizabeth Hekawi with a big gulp… neck and neck, evidently, Rabbi Fischer examines the Democrat racialism in the presidential field, and don’t laugh but Julian Castro’s failed candidacy is still a harbinger.


Slimes slimes the great Prager U video channel, 2019 was a banner year for media misery, in that misery and implosion is a huge opportunity for the Right, AT&T’s hideous racist, sexist adverts, and Daniel Greenfield comes to the defense of Charlie Kirk in the latest round of true-con/alt-right wars.


NRA going to the mattresses in Virginia, which is ground zero now for the 2-A, and where were all the anti-gun zealots at the Golden Globes? Mostly behind a heavily armed security cordon. 


Big year ahead in the fight for life over baby killing.


Elsewhere around the globe, Chi-Com tensions unlikely to ease, Bo-Jo lights up his Hanukkah message, Qatar and high tech meddling in the US, Trump sticks Iraqi stooges with big bill, and Victor Davis Hanson with another piece that asks what really is the reason now to be involved in the Middle East?


Three Yanks killed in jihadi attack in Kenya, alleged Iranian group claims its behind hack of US government website and the Poles ditch the perpetually-plagued F-35. 


Truckers spared from California “gig-law” pain. For now.


This is all well and good, Al, but the New York State GOP is all but extinct. 


Iowa bans students from talking politics right before the big caucus.


Kind of a shot/chaser combo and Joe Bribem got grilled about the great ObamaCare lie that he is now pimping in Groper-Care.


Republican attorney generals sound the alarm on midget mayor Big Gulp embedding anti-oil company attorneys in state houses for renewed push to send us back to the 12th century via the courts, and Meat Loaf gets ripped for calling out Scoldilocks as the teenage head case she is.


I knew the name Gertrude Himmelfarb sounded familiar. Anyway, a look back at her life.


Big doings at last night’s Golden Globes where, aside from the soylent Brown 25 being served, Ricky Gervais ripped the shit out the attendees for all their phony “woke” garbage and self-righteous preening that is destroying the entertainment industry, Christian Toto looks at both Gervais and Python’s Terry Gilliam for their being fed up with it all and the reactions against them, Colonic Kapernick gets ripped for his vile outbursts about the Soleimani liquidation, Disney+ customers dump Mandalorian subscriptions after one season, Howard Stern’s career/relevance circling the drain, a new book on the life and times of David Ben-Gurion, and three good essays on social justice, “wokeness” and their usefulness in creating the totalitarian paradise on Earth.

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