The Morning Report 1/8/20

Good morning kids. Midweek and things are breaking all over the place, mostly in and around Iran and about half of them news items with the other half missile parts as well as Iranian infrastructure. The Iranians launched missiles late yesterday at US military targets in Iraq, in retaliation for our taking out of their top terrorist. The President and Pentagon are reporting no American deaths or injuries, but the President is going to make an announcement some time today about the situation. 

Ignoring the political ramifications at home for a moment, the fact of the matter is we have been in a state of war with Iran since the mullahs seized our embassy in 1979. Every administration since then, with the possible exception of Ronald Reagan, chose to ignore that fact in spite of the fact that Iran has backed up their almost hourly chants of “death to America” with rivers of American blood as well as other innocent people all over the world since then. That includes its own citizenry who they used as cannon fodder in the Iran-Iraq War, as well as everyday repression of the totalitarian sharia variety; most recently manifesting itself in the deaths of at least a thousand unarmed protesters in the past few months and maybe hundreds more in the years since the 2009 mass protests. You remember, the protests during the so-called “Arab spring” where the Obama administration chose to side with the mullahs over the people. Not coincidentally, Ted Cruz pointed out, the missiles that rained down on us yesterday were bought and paid for by the pallets of cash that Barack Obama delivered to the mullahs in the wake of that disastrous nuclear deal sell-out. 

The mistake that the Globalist Deep State fools in Foggy Bottom, Turtle Bay and the Ivy League – which mirrors that of the Left in general – is their policies and positions are based on fictions, fantasies and falsehoods generated inside their pinheads which can then only exist inside a faculty lounge. Time and time again, when applied in the real world, disaster ensues. John Lennon’s Imagine is insipid, G-dless tripe, not the basis of sane foreign policy. On the other hand, the Iranian regime consists of leadership that views Armageddon as a sound and attainable “foreign policy” goal, mostly because they live in their own bizzaro 7th Century fantasy world that desires the subjugation of the world under Islam or its destruction via the 12th Imam who will usher in Paradise on Earth under a planet-sized burqa of “cobalt thorium G” if need be. But I digress.

The Iranian regime for sure is on the ropes, internally and externally, otherwise they would not be reacting as they are now. They are praying that the President makes a mistake that leads to his ouster next November and that another insane, anti-American Democrat genuflecter-in-chief is elected who will resuscitate them and the ability to nuke up. What they do not understand, as well as the Democrat-Media Complex here at home, is that this President still holds all the cards. There are things he can do to collapse the regime without a single American GI boot setting foot inside Iran proper. At least not a mass invasion a la Gulf Wars One and Two.

Unfortunately that still leaves the Democrat Party, which is now openly an anti-American insurrectionist entity (we’ll leave that for another time, as I only have so much time and pixels) set to act on behalf of our enemy by enacting crazy new restrictions under the guise of the Constitution. Funny how they can both demean and revere that document at will. As I said, the President has to thread this needle very carefully. Boots on the ground or even a seeming escalation via air strikes, no matter how pinpoint or selective, could alienate a base who elected him on, among other things, a platform of not starting another endless, pointless, winless Middle Eastern democracy project. I don’t think he will, and as he has done so brilliantly for three years now, will explain exactly what he is doing plainly and honestly. 

The X factor in all of this is the Iranian regime itself. We can only react to what their next move is going to be. Again, it’s all in what that reaction is going to be. If the President plays his cards right, I think we are in a position to see the 40-year reign of terror and all the pain and misery inflicted upon us and the world – as well as the nightmare scenario of a nuclear-armed Dark Age death cult – finally brought to an end, perhaps as early as this summer. 

Prayers up for our commander-in-chief, our armed forces and all of us.


Meanwhile, just as those missiles were coming in, a 4.9-magnitude earthquake struck close to the Bushehr nuclear facility and soon after that another near the town of Borzajan. But wait, there’s more! A Ukrainian airliner with 180 on board reportedly went down in Iran with no reports of survivors. The earthquakes are seemingly natural events, as the seismic tale of the tape would indicate. The airliner crash is something else entirely. But, as the saying goes, G-d moves in mysterious ways. 

The Democrats unfortunately do not. After Nancy Von Paulus spent the past few days shrieking and stammering about being kept in the dark about the Soleimani raid, she has the unmitigated gall to tell VP Pence to talk to the hand when he calls to inform her about the missile attack. As stated, Teh Ted lays out a truth nuke as to who paid for those missiles, Defense Secretary Esper is dead right about not starting a war but in fact finishing one, one picture tells a thousand and 52 words, Soleimani was granted amnesty by Obama as part of the nuke deal sell-out (shocked!), Mike Pompeo spares no feelings in placing the blame squarely on the slouched shoulders of Jughead Jugears as well as that of the ayatollahs in destroying their own cultural sites, US denies a visa to John Kerry BFF Javad Zarif, the Krauts are set to stab us in the face by trying to revive said nuke sell-out (we should slap some sanctions on the Germans), Rabbi Fischer on Trump’s actions, a reminder about the danger from Farsi terrorism coming in at our southern border and NYC ramps up the police presence. Gee, you’d think De Bolshevik would pull a Rose McGowan and plead for mercy. Feh.


Delving more into the politics of the Iran situation, more Americans as usual are siding with the President, Joe-Mentum Lieberman says the Constitution is clearly also on the side of the President in taking out Queso Salmonella, Mayor Buttplug opens cake hole and emits hypocrisy, Michael Goodwin rips the Dems, the latter are conveniently amnesiac on the dead terrorist’s plot to bomb DC, Robert Spencer rightly accuses Bro-Fo Omar of treason, Fauxca-Has-Been forced into admitting Salmonella was a terrorist, Pompeo with the rhetorical pimp-slap after Andrea Mitchell attempts a dumb gotcha moment, this Ro Khanna stooge channels his inner Baghdad Bob, Jeffrey Lord has a Schiff-for-Brains connection to this insanity, and if it’s Tuesday Joe Bribem must be confused. 


Sham-peachment? Never heard of it! Not quite, as Mittelschmerz Pee-Air Defecto and Schiff-for-Brains pronouncements notwithstanding, Cocaine Mitch announces he has the votes to move ahead without calling any Democrat witnesses, Devin Nunes announces a new investigation into the IG and the phony Dem sham-peachment fiasco, and Betsy McCaughey echoes our sentiments with this crap.


The great Margot Cleveland digs even deeper into the IG Report and comes up with even more infuriating discoveries.


Don’t you just love it when pale, wallflower meesekeits dictate to us what is and what is not racist when it comes to black people? I fucking don’t. Also a stooge from the National Association for the Advancement of Communist Pricks emits him some Hebe hate, and this Valerie Plame dame plays the blame game. Guess who?


They’re creepy and they’re crim’nal, their intellect is min’mal, their gonnifing’s abominable, the Bribem famileee… (meh, best I can do at 6:00AM; I ain’t no Muldoon)


They control the vertical, they control the horizontal. And they’ll make you go horizontal by exposing them.


Sanctuary policies can shield Islamic terrorists too? As well as an illegal alien imam who does just as Mohammed did centuries ago? I’m shocked! Also, Trump’s big beautiful wall is magnificent. And big. Just ask the three goofs who tried to get over it.


DNC winnows the field for next debate, Fauxca-Has-Been gets in a snit with Toothy McBigTits over the Democrats’ muumuu, Bribem gains support allegedly from supporters of two ex candidates, Salena Zito reports from Western PA where the locals not pleased by Bribem telling them to learn to code when they want to coal, electoral map prognostications, Latinos more optimistic than others about the year ahead, Lincoln Chafes-me files to run as a Libertarian and disgraced Duncan Hunter to ankle Congress next week. Pissed off that he’s a crook and that scores of Dems get off scot-free for doing much, much worse. But, such is life.


CNN truly is a whorehouse, ham radio operation, and that’s insulting to whorehouses and ham radio operations everywhere, but maybe one day it will disappear in a cloud of red in caused by no viewership and libel lawsuits. Elsewhere, supermarket pamphlet Newsweeksmears Dennis Prager claiming he smeared Anne Frank, Facebook exec heaps huge praise on 2016 Trump advert and black journos rip Flint paper for honest reporting about three black politicians criminal records. 


Grassroots funding my ass. It’s Nazi collaborator Soros and Michelito Loveless Big Gulp.


Black pro-life leaders lobby SCOTUS about the genocide of black at the hands of the abortion mill.


Elsewhere in the world, the Great One elucidates and defends the Trump Doctrine, dozens more arrested for causing global warming down under, look to Chile now to see our future if/when the Dems come to power again here, Xi wins persecutor of the year award (he’d like to thank his agent), and Turk Turdogan makes moves in Libya. Thanks Obama and Hillary! Meh, may Libya be their Afghanistan.


Obama puts us on the hook for a billion dollar green boondoggle. I wonder how much got goniffed into his and the Democrat Party’s coffers? Man, I should declare myself homeless and get one of these pads! And Tu-Ca telling it like it is about the city by the bay. I’ll bet Journey never imagined this when they wrote that tune, eh?


Trade deficits moving in the right direction for a change, and the lesson here is don’t panic.

So, real hardcore criminals get released and the innocent languish? Okay… Also, couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.


Delving into areas no one wants to see and “free trade” turns out to be ruinous to one’s physical health.


Gina McCarthy to head big commie front group, Daniel Greenfield peels away the watermelon to reveal the red heart of it all, and California passes its own Green New Deal. Yes, wash down the strychnine with a mercury chaser.




More on the aftershocks of Ricky Gervais’ Savanarola at the Golden Globes, Party of Five reboot nothing but agitprop, and underscoring what I said about white leftists defining what’s racist.

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