The Morning Report 1/9/20

Good morning kids. Thursday and the big story continues to be the aftermath of the liquidation of Iranian terrorist mastermind Queso Salmonella, or whatever the hell his vowel-deficient moniker was and the harmless “retaliation” from the Farsis. The President issued a statement yesterday morning that was an indisputable slam-dunk grand slam, both in tenor and in tone. No matter how the Democrat-Media Complex is going to try and spin this, this is already a yuuuge foreign policy and political win for OrangeManBad, and down the road it is going to pay even yuuuuger-er dividends in both those areas. I mean, next November in particular.

First off, by resisting what was probably incredible pressure to retaliate massively against rockets that either did nothing but disturb the Iraqi sand or malfunctioned on launch, the President made the mullahs look like fools in front of the world and more tellingly in front of their own furious and oppressed populace. The situation was not helped by some idiot manning a SAM site who downed a Ukrainian airliner either accidentally or worse, on orders from the mullahs to try and pin it on the Americans as a repeat of the regrettable downing of an Iranian airliner in 1988 by the USS Vincennes. In any case, evidently we had advance warning about the launch and the buzz is that the President allowed the Iranians to launch as a means to save face with their own people. Well, if that’s the case, then it failed and spectacularly given the results of the launch. And as for saving face with the Iranian people as well the so-called Arab street, that was an even bigger flop which could have even graver consequences for the regime going forward.

Circling back to the speech, the big takeaways are first, even before saying “good morning,” the President flat out declared that while he was commander-in-chief Iran would never be permitted to obtain a nuclear weapon. Second, after reassuring the American people that no US lives were lost or injured, the President did not mince his words in a stinging, 100% factual rebuke of Barak Obama and his administration for providing the money for the Iranians rockets in the form of releasing their frozen assets as well as the billions in cash delivered on pallets, without any authority or oversight that I’m aware of, I might add. The geschrei from the usual quarters was intense, as the former regime flunkies and stooges, and the propagandists in the media furiously attempted to defend their jug-eared stoner deity and his “legacy” by trying to claim otherwise. Fail. When you add that to the actions of the Iranians and the President’s plain talk about them and Obama, as well as every administration since 1979 (even Reagan’s to a small extent), anyone who was fooled into believing that Iran can be bargained with and is a rational actor has had their eyes opened, especially about the madness of that nuke deal. This to me is what really makes Trump great; his ability to speak the plain truth, unflinchingly and unapologetically, so that even those who have reservations about him (yet are not ideologically blinded) to nod their head and give grudging respect, and makes the Left’s counterarguments ring hollow and insane in the bargain. Win-win.

The President also offered an olive branch to the mullahs, as he had to, mostly to show those who accuse him of being a warmonger that he isn’t. And he isn’t. The real warmongers are Hillary Clinton and Obama, as a link below elucidates. That said, Trump knows full well that the mullahs will never honestly agree to disarm and change their evil ways. He also knows that they’re on the ropes thanks to the pressure of sanctions as well as a collapsing oil market thanks to America’s new position as the world leader in oil production and steadily decreasing reliance on Middle Eastern oil. By ramping up more pressure via sanctions and responding in extreme pinpoint fashion via very limited airstrikes as a last resort to any more Iranian attacks, there is a very good chance that the regime will collapse perhaps within the next year to 18 months, and without an American soldier setting foot on Persian soil. 

As an aside, there is an outstanding, in-depth analysis of the situation by an Israeli think-tank that is well worth reading, IMHO. Click here (or below) for the link. 


Along with the spouting of halitosis and flatus from the usual assholes of the Left, the biggest disappointment, to put it mildly comes from people allegedly on our side of the aisle. First, there’s Rand “Luap the Lesser” Paul, whose Jekyll and Hyde switch is stuck on fool but most egregiously from Mike Lee, the junior Senator from the state of H1-B, who wants the troops home from Iraq and Trump to de-escalate tensions with Iran. Luap the Lesser I get; he’s got some recessive Silver Dime gene that flares up from time to time but Mike Lee is just a thinly-veiled open borders loving NeverTrumper and a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Chamber of Commerce. I think he senses an opportunity to ding the President while the latter, ironically enough, is doing exactly what he, Lee, claims he wants done. Total fraud and piece of shit. Utah and the nation deserve better than him and Pee-Air Defecto.

Elsewhere, the Communist freak show has zero arguments and is just trotting out garbage about “class war” or something, Sandersnista and Elizabeth Hekawi parlay with the enemy, Joe Bribem’s failed foreign policy nuked by fact-checkers, Lara Logan gobsmacked by the fifth columnists here, Rancida Taliban and that amphibian-looking Paypal Jaypal want insurrection in the streets or something, Great One Levin praises Trump and blasts the Left and Michael Goodwin on how Trump got it 100% right and the Left and Never-Trumpers just the opposite.


Nancy von Paulus told to give it up… by her own party including Dianne Fein-China-Stein and even CNN is taking notice, Liz Cheney piles on and Epstein not killing himself as it relates to this madness.


Mike Flynn is being crucified while McCabe, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Clinton and all the rest are free as a bird. Shit like this leads to vigilante death squads. 


It’s almost as if New York’s so-called bail reform was tailor made to fire up the pogroms. Daniel Greenfield with a truly horrifying tale about a rabid anti-Trumper attempting to burn down a Jewish girls’ dorm at Yeshiva University and skating, the Left incites the innate Joo-hate of too many American blacks, Tom Cotton blasts New York’s pro-crime law and the school in NYC’s Ethical Culture Society is neither ethical, culture nor society. Discuss.


Dear Lord in Heaven, this guy is truly sick and repulsive. His lineage ain’t much of a bargain either.


Erections have consequences. NB: Ace thoroughly covered Paul Krugman’s kiddie-porn story yesterday evening, and there’s nothing really new breaking this morning.


Some measure of justice for Brian Terry although the full measure will not happen until Eric Holder and Barak Obama are rotting in prison, Trump is winning but he should ramp it up to eleventy11!1 after 2020, resettlement of refugees is for the little people, and finally these GOP RINO stooges are getting the heat for inviting the foreigners into their states against the will of the people.


Prognosticator who picked Trump in ’16 warns about Bernardo Sandersnista in ’20. Meh, the DNC has an app for that! Also, Elise Stefanik raking in the dough-re-mi (good!), Fauxca-Has-Been tone-deaf that her platform doesn’t exactly appeal to most normal people, Tank Abrams stoops low to suck up to Michelito Bloomberg, Dem debate will be all white meat, Dems’ Leftist pandering will be their doom in November (inshalla), interesting look at demographics and electoral maps of both the US in ’16 and the BoJo Brexit vote of last month, and finally, with all the attacks on Trump seemingly spent, he will be completely unbound in his second term to really make America great. Hopefully the GOP will not do what it did in the first two years. Please G-d.


More on the leftists going ape over Trump attacking Kenya Kona Blend, CNN propagandist silenced by truth bomb, that question’s retarded, sir, and David Frum smacked around rhetorically by Lloyd Billingsley.


It’s totally kosher.


I guess Jeff Van Drew wasn’t faking by switching parties.


Bo-Jo questions Corbyn about Farsi money, Putin and Assad convene after Trump obliterates Queso Salmonella and puts Iran on the ropes, and Angelo Codevilla with a warning about the Turks.


If we’re going to be deporting foreign criminals and miscreants, we need to take a long hard look at every Chinese national who is here on a visa. Every. Last. One.


On France’s courts officially declaring open season on Jews with the insane ruling in the Sarah Halimi case.


Ohio town hit by law of unintended consequences, plus, all things considered, Marylanders voted for this, so let them enjoy it good and hard in places like Silver Spring.


Trump’s defusing of the Iran situation sends markets soaring to higher highs, Tesla now most valuable car company but how much of that is taxpayer money? Also, new deal struck between GM and UAW and Uber feels the sting of California Leftist tyranny.


Google ordered to release files on Jussie Galore, rape hoaxer gets wrist slapped with a feather, another career criminal rapist gets the same and Pennsylvania wants to one-up even those two.


National Park forced to change the sign about those retreating glaciers, just when you thought Fauxca-Has-Been couldn’t get any cuddlier and appealing, eco-Commies and brain dead entertainers jump on phony climate change bandwagon in Aussie wildfire blame game, and an eco group admits renewable energy is a complete swindle.


Feminazis attack Alcoholics Anonymous and the Homo tyrants attempting to shut up the truth about transgender victims waking up to the maiming.


Joy Blowhard suddenly in love with actual racist Richard Spencer because, anti-Trump and Josh Hawley slams George Will.

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.

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