The Morning Report 1/10/20

Good morning kids. The weekend is here and the top stories remain the President’s crippling of Iran via the liquidation of its terror mastermind as well as the Democrats’ self-inflicted debacle of sham-peachment. The big news out of the first item is that the President revealed that Soleimani was preparing to blow up one or more American embassies besides the one in Baghdad that was the target of an attempted assault and takeover on New Year’s Day. And that is what precipitated our taking him out (and not for a meal and a movie). Meanwhile, despite their Estes-level junior rocketry display that did nothing but kick up sand in the desert, blow up on launch, and most horrendously take out a Ukrainian airliner, the medieval miscreant mullahs continue to pound their chests and declare that that display was just a warm-up. I assume that that is nothing but bluster to try and pump up their completely deflated image in the Muslim world and within their own populace after Trump’s curb-stomping. And that’s on top of a sanctions regime that is threatening to topple the 40-year reign of Tehran terror. 

That said, we are not dealing with rational actors. The mullahs would have no reservations about using nukes and bringing about Armageddon because to them, that is an actual long term strategic foreign policy goal if they cannot achieve global Islamic subjugation and domination via force of arms or political subterfuge. Whatever their next moves may be, Victor Davis Hanson notes that none of their options are good. As for how we got here, it was 40 years of pinhead globalist naval-gazing and appeasement, with a soupcon of self- and Israel-hatred thrown in, all capped off by Barack Obama and company making that puerile, faculty lounge think tank drivel official foreign policy. 

By the way, along with the missiles that landed in the desert and took out that Ukrainian airliner, Mr. Obama’s insane idiocy (or was it idiotic insanity?) of appeasing Iran led directly to the deaths of Christopher Stevens and three other Americans in Benghazi in 2012. Recall that all through the run up to the campaign that hoary chestnut Obama crowed, “Bin Laden is dead and GM is alive!”? So, acknowledging and attempting to prevent a confirmed plot would kind of make him look a bit foolish. The other more insidious reason was he and Clinton were using Benghazi to illegally run guns to terrorists in Syria (with the help of John McCain, the Guinness World Record holder for longest continuous funeral service). Now here’s the killer-diller: guess who was the mastermind of the attack on the Benghazi compound?

Funny, as in disgusting, that of all people Susan Rice is now back on the tube doing what she was born to do, evidently; that is, lying her ass off, just like she did about that Nakoula Nakoula videotape that no one saw and yet caused the entire Middle East to erupt in anger, with Benghazi as the unlikely epicenter. Now she’s furiously attempting to defend her and her boss’ policies vis a vis the JCPOA nuke deal sell-out that delivered billions of dollars in both formerly frozen assets and pallets of cash right into the hands of the terrorists, including Soleimani. The other thing delivered to the Iranians was a promise that the now liquefied ex-terror mastermind would not be pursued or prosecuted for his crimes, past, present or even future. 

I used to think it was all sort of accidental that the President’s actions and more crucially his words in defense of his actions caused the Democrat-Media Complex to step on the metaphorical rake. Now, I think he’s intentionally saying things to make them shoot themselves in the face. By correctly placing the blame for this mess on Obama as well as the previous administrations, he has caused the Left to have to both defend their actions and in doing so, expose the heretofore more or less unaware public and LIV crowd about things they effectively buried or memory-holed. Honestly, how many people before this past week were aware of what really happened in Benghazi and what it was all about? In fact, up until now, the Media poo-pooed “Benghazi” as right-wing tinfoil hat conspiracy mongering. Now, all of a sudden, Trump’s actions leading up to and perhaps including the liquidation of Soleimani are officially “Trump’s Benghazi.” Forgetting the contradiction, most LIV people are going to say “well, what the hell was Benghazi in the first place?” Well played, Mr. President.



Well, as expected, the Democrats aided and abetted a sworn enemy of our nation by passing a war powers resolution against this President. The thing is toothless anyway, insofar as it’s likely dead in the Senate and if the GOP does manage to stab the President in the back and pass it, they can never override the instantaneous veto that it will be hit with. I believe also that at least one Democrat, Max Rose, might have crossed the aisle and voted against the Democrats as well. NB: the link was from last night before the vote and can’t get a roll call confirmation either way. If he does/did, that right there is kind of a big slap in Palsi Poligrip’s stretched mug and it is an indication, along with the sham-peachment fiasco that the Democrats are in complete disarray in Congress and more and more facing an angry populace as their antics continue. 

Most disgustingly, Democrats from back-benchers all the way up to leaders and presidential candidates are coming out and accusing the President of being responsible for the Iranian shoot-down of the Ukrainian airliner. And then we have the positively hideous spectacle of two bust-out America-hating, Jew-hating slags in the form of Rancida Taliban and Bro-Fo Omar actually laughing and smiling during a press conference when American casualties and victims at the hands of their co-religionists’ are mentioned. Meh, keep it up, Democrats. Let America continue to get a good, long look at who and what you really are.

Most disappointing of all are the words coming from people who I once had much respect for: Ann Coulter and most shockingly Tucker Carlson. For them to claim that what Trump did in taking out Soleimani is an escalation and war-mongering running counter to his claims of wanting to get out of the Middle East just boggles the mind. If anything, the President both de-escalated the situation while at the same time might very well have set in motion the final collapse of the Iranian regime, the source of much of our misery lo these past 40 years in that region and across the globe, including right here on our own soil. If that does happen, as I think it could before this year is out, he would have done so without starting a war and without sending one single soldier to die on Persian soil. That these two, especially Carlson, cannot see this just boggles the mind.

Two sad sellouts. Oh well…


A couple of fairly big developments here. First, Nancy Poligrip is feeling the heat from her own party to shit or get off the pot and deliver the articles of impeachment to the Senate, particularly a back-bencher ironically named Adam Smith. Then he suddenly got cold feet and retracted that demand. Meanwhile, not only is Cocaine Mitch standing firm in not letting her and her minions turn a trial into yet another endless Kavanaugh shit-show, he has signed on to a resolution from Josh Hawley to change the Senate rules and flat out dismiss the impeachment straight away. Also, Rudy wants SCOTUS to step in and declare the Dems impeachment unconstitutional. I see what he means, but the last thing we need is for that branch of government to get any more of a swelled head than it already has. And I do NOT trust Chief Justice Julia Roberts. In any case, this too is a total fiasco so just let the Dems petard themselves on their own hoist.


A two-fer from the estimable Margot Cleveland, first on Carter Page being set up by the FBI and that the FBI tried polishing the turd named Christopher Steele to get the ball rolling on FISA warrants. Lastly, and not in the least surprising is that the Huber investigation was a big fat goose egg an that Hillary is once again free the shamble, stumble and bloviate. Two justice systems, indeed.


I’ll dare speak it; massive Joo-hatred coming from the American Black community and Spotify hosting Joo-hate playlists.


Bombshell book to expose the vast Bribem family criminal enterprise.


Look at that quote and look at who said it. Wow. And Sonia Sotomayor needs best wishes sent to her. Candygrams and a $100 gift certificate to It’s Sugar! are suggested.


Huge win for Trump as court declares he can use military funds to build that border wall, talking points from RINO sellout governors revealed, and New York needs to have its statehood revoked and turned into a federal territory with no voting rights.


Yuuuge crowds turn out for Trump in Toledo and OrangeManBad does not disappoint as usual, suddenly Tom Styrene is a thing, Elizabeth Fugazi continues to disintegrate and that spastic display she put on was just painful to watch, some new Silicon Valley group is schtupping the Dems millions, “Senator John James” has a nice ring to it, PETA slaps Toothy McBigTits for ignoring mutts, and an essay on the wages of racialism.


CNN isn’t alone when it comes to paying big time for abusing Nick Sandmann, and three essays, including Great One Levin, ripping the 5th Column 4th Estate for siding with America’s enemies.


Are Virginians really going to abide by this, and Steve Daines in Montana has the right idea. Watch Democrats suddenly invoke “states rights.”


Aside from Iran, Europe’s big four about to be put on the Jew-hater list of shame, a look at the British left in the wake of BoJo’s big win, Taiwan warns of Chi-Com election interference, and Hungary says basz mag to the feminazis.


I’ll repeat myself from yesterday: No more student visas for Chinese nationals. And seriously examine those already here.


California seeks to cure a gangrenous foot by double radical mastectomy and cutting them loose, at least all the counties that voted for Hillary, is a good idea.


Yes, this sends the right message to the community and some goof just threatened to kill the President because of Soleimani. I think CNN just found a new anchorman.


So, can we have a Wipe-Your-Ass-on-the-Koran exhibit?


More on this ominous and disturbing case of the State having the power of life and death.


After 16 years of delays and other bureaucratic hijinks, our latest booster is finally ready to fly.


Chick-Fil-A attempts to do damage control, Saved by the Bell revival gets corrupted, Little Women remake seems to be watchable, a call for churches to get back to basics, and a look at some conservative Hollywood successes in light of Tarantino’s latest.

Have a great weekend.

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