The Morning Report 1/14/20

Good morning kids. Tuesday and the big story remains the critical situation in Iran, where citizens are pouring into the streets in numbers not seen since the 2009 protests that Obama helped crush and 40 years ago when the Shah’s government was overthrown. The Trump administration’s sanctions regime, as well as the collapse of the oil market which is the regime’s sole source of income certainly fueled much of the unrest, but it struck me as odd that the shoot down of a Ukrainian airliner and then subsequent attempt to cover it up tossed a gasoline tanker onto long-smoldering embers. But as Lloyd Billingsley reports, there’s more to the story. It turns out that several passengers on board, Canadian citizens of Iranian descent, were anti-regime activists/dissidents. The other angle to the story is the media and Canadian government officials’ attempts to cover it all up. Talk about your collusion. All this does is just underscore the Democrat-Left-Media Complex’s desperation to tar and feather Trump as an insane warmonger at the expense of the truth and a real chance for liberation of the Iranian people after 40 years of brutal repression. Speaking of Canada, I wonder if this Michael McCain stooge of Maple Leaf Foods has any idea about any of this. Meh, of course he doesn’t. 

Case in point is execrable shit-stain Gerry Connolly who poo-pooed the President’s vocal standing with the protesters. Aside from just knee-jerk stupidity of desperately wanting to preserve the Obama legacy of aiding and abetting anyone or anything that is anti-American, I wonder what other connections Connolly has to the regime. A lot of people got the rug pulled out from them when Trump nixed that JCPOA sellout. Billions in cash delivered on pallets have a funny way of being returned to the USA in envelopes to DC or to bank accounts in the Cayman Islands (see also the recurring annual chancer sore of the $850 billion “stimulus” which only serves to stimulate Democrat graft). 

In any case, Kevin McCarthy has introduced a resolution to officially declare support of the Iranian people. For the Democrats to vote against this, which I fully expect them to do, would be so absolutely and utterly tone deaf and irresponsible. But, they only have themselves to blame for declaring Trump worse than cancer and thereby forced into opposing anything he does no matter what. Then again, given the Democrats’ anti-American DNA, they’d oppose the resolution no matter who was in office. Certainly no Democrat president would ever support a bill like this. Hell, Obama aided and abetted the terrorists from day one of his Reign of Error and set the entire region on fire.

Meanwhile as scum like Ben Rhodes and John Kerry spout lies about the President as well as the jug-eared Hawaiian stoner who trashed the nation, and homosexual presidential candidate Mayor Pete Puffer is uncharacteristically silent on Iran’s hanging gay people from construction cranes or tossing them off buildings, high profile citizens in country are displaying immense bravery, vocally denouncing the regime, including Iran’s only female Olympic medalist who has defected. This while the IRGC and police forces are far from defeated, still packing them in to Evin Prison and still shooting protesters dead in the street. 

In the face of all of this, my contempt for the Democrats and Leftists is beyond description. The situation remains fluid, and with the regime perhaps on the verge of collapse, they may yet lash out; a sobering thought considering they view Armageddon as a rational foreign policy. But this President has played and continues to play the situation perfectly, no matter what the press and others might say to the contrary. Prayers up for him and for the Iranian people. 



Over at the nut house that is Congress, today is supposed to be the day that Nancy Poligrip delivers the articles of impeachment to the Senate, which would kick off the trial phase in that body. Now, Schiff-for-Brains seems to be backpedaling on subpoenaing John Bolton, which indicates that he knows Bolton’s testimony would not only not sink Trump but would turn around and explode on him. Also, the leaking vat of botulinum patched together by Poligrip, aka Nancy Pelosi, has gone of the deep end in now characterizing Mitch McConnell as a Russian agent, Great One Mark Levin lambastes her for her stupidity in all this, and finally while Cocaine Mitch reassures us that the Dems will never get their way in the Senate, he’s being backstabbed by the likes of Pee-Air-Defecto and others and so the motion to dismiss the charges is unfortunately not going to fly. What loathsome bastards they are.


Meanwhile, Mark Meadows, Devin Nunes and others are going absolutely ape that the FISA court hired Hyman Roth to do Johnny Ola’s books. Forget getting anyone from within that agency to police it; then again, FISA court itself should be abolished as all this does is confirm that they were in on the phony warrants from the outset. Also, Margot Cleveland reports that Bruce Ohr wanted to work with, get this, a Russian oligarch to help take down Trump. Hello? Collusion? Lastly, while Eric Ciaramella is feted (and fetid), Michael Flynn – a real hero – is persecuted.


Ho. Lee. Fook. The Jersey City Democrat Fake Israel-Lite terrorists intended to detonate a massive bomb before being caught in the convenience store shootout, Daniel Greenfield reports on the racists and racialists of the Left who refuse to condemn this and even foment it for political gain, self-gassing Jew Bernie Sanders refused to condemn a Farrakhan disciple 26 years ago and he still wouldn’t judging from his words and deeds of today, and Dennis Prager with another enlightening Prager U video on this terrible subject.


Well, looky here. The Russians have reportedly hacked Burisma. Wonder what info they could possibly want. Or maybe they’re doing this to punk the Democrats into shrieking “collusion!”


And yet, the guy who burned the homo rainbow flag gets like four years in prison?


Big time Clinton and Schiff-for-Brains donor George Nader pleads guilty to child sex crimes. Hello, media? Also, a look back at the shady founding of the Clinton Crime Family Foundation, Wisconsin Democrats defy a court order to purge the state voter rolls; they should be arrested, thrown in jail, and replaced with people who will do as ordered. Lastly, Puerto Rico’s natural disaster woes are only exacerbated by corrupt Democrat kleptocracy.


Big doings at the border where first we have two stories that underscore why we need the strictest immigration and border controls possible, with the terrorism situation in Iran as well as the Pensacola jihadist (more on that in a bit), now is the time for PDT to go on the offensive, he will now be using upwards of $7.2 billion to build that wall, Bernie Sanders may be a dangerous crackpot but he’s actually 100% right about the horrendous effects of illegal immigration on American wages while Tom Styrene panders his sagging ass off, CBP Chief Carla Provost to ankle her post, and Texas propaganda mills criticize Governor Abbott for not allowing more refugees, which means he’s dead right on the issue.


PDT and Melania given raucous ovation at Clemson-LSU game, several links about the Obama-Sanders feud, Elizabeth Hekawi’s cry-baby gambit against Bernie is falling as flat as her campaign, Sanders’ team rips Joey Bribem for 2003 support of Iraq War, the paste-eater mocked for half-empty campaign event… which only had 11 people attending, Michelito Bloomberg doesn’t do much better, Toothy McBigTits sure doesn’t practice what she preaches when it comes to sharing the wealth, she also is gunning for a slew of so-called “moderates,” leftists refusing to compromise on new FEC members, two autopsies of the failed Brokeback Booker campaign, Conrad Black praises Trump’s performance and rips others’ criticisms of his style who ignore the achievements, upcoming Clarence Thomas documentary has him shredding Joe Bribem for his performance during the ’91 attempted high-tech lynching, and an essay on what it is to be black and conservative. 

By the way, I will have a full review of the Clarence Thomas documentary in the coming days, before its scheduled release at the end of the month. No spoiler alert: It is outstanding and a must-see.


Pinch Jr. pulls no punch, and get ready for cannibalism in the Superdome coming to MSLSD.


The Jews catch clues, a look at the coming battle in Virginia and Vermont legislature pulls a Virginia gun-grab in the green mountain state.


All the action is in Iran but the recent rebuke of the Chi-Coms in Taiwan is going to have a ripple effect in Hong Kong and perhaps the mainland as well.


AG Barr declares Pensacola Navy Base shooting an act of terrorism, wants Apple to unlock shooter’s I-Phone and will deport a dozen Saudis to boot.


Remember, the Dems aren’t happy until we’re not happy and Salena Zito looks at a recent kerfluffle over Dollar General.


New York’s bail reform is an unmitigated disaster and a homeless man gets his ass kicked for trying to kidnap a little girl.


Who needs doctors and nurses when you have “Medicare for All?” Winning.


Bernie should also add “no homework” as part of the platform and he can easily become 5th grade class president, and this #RedforEd group needs to be RICOed out of existence. It stinks of rotten goulash, IYKWIM.


California gets bureaucracy good and hard, and Bro-Fo Omar should stick to suckling relatives.


Our intrepid science reporter with some dramatic shots from the Mars rover.


Big Homo forces gay man to kill himself all because he dared tell the truth, pedophile hides behind his own skirt as a defense, Elizabeth Fugazi just flat out pandering, Illinois shakes down taxpayers for lucre to pay for state-sanctioned genital disfigurement, it really is a psychosis and finally an analysis of where feminism went off the rails.


100 years after the Black Sox, MLB slams the Astros over cheating scandal, former Pope Benedict not a fan of latest Francis the Talking Mule move to allow priest marriages, “I’ll take ‘Exploding Palestinian Heads’ for $200, Alex,” Obamas nominated for another award just for being themselves, Prince Harry turns into Lena Dunham, and a further look at the life of renowned British conservative Roger Scruton, who passed away earlier this week.

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