The Morning Report 1/15/20

Good morning kids. Midweek and we’ll lead today with the continued unrest in Iran that may finally, actually topple the mullahs as well as severely damage their close allies over here in the Democrat-Media Complex. The disgusting knee-jerk rush to defend the terror mastermind of the world’s leading terrorist state – all because President Trump did what should have been done years ago in taking him out – played out in two stark incidents. First, during Monday’s tedious, frivolous and nakedly political session of the House Foreign Relations Committee, with execrable Democrat stooge and self-gassing Jew Eliot Engel wielding he gavel, tried to lead a panel of pinhead globalist foreign policy experts of the Bush and Obama variety in a Greek chorus of Trump bashing for his actions. At that point, Rep Brian Mast, himself wounded in Afghanistan by an IED 10 years ago, had had enough.

…If you walk out this hallway, and you take a right and a right and another right, you’re going to come to several beautiful walls that have the names of our fallen service members from the War on Terror,” Mast began. “And I would ask, can any of you provide me with one name on that wall that doesn’t justify killing Soleimani?”

The congressman noted that he still had two minutes and thirty seconds of time left and would “be more than happy” to sit there and wait for an answer.

“Somebody provide me with a name on that wall that does not justify his killing,” he said…

The Congressman got nothing but dead silence in what has got to be one of the greatest mic-drop moments of all time. That said, about the only thing you could hear was the rivulets of flop sweat seeping out of Engel’s pores from beneath his hideous comb-over, until the lout opened his cake-hole in a desperate attempt staunch the rhetorical hemorrhaging. For his troubles he got a righteous pimp-slapping in return.

“…I’m continuing Mr. Chairman,” Mast replied. “I’ve got two minutes remaining. I will sit here and wait for somebody to provide me with a name on that wall that does not justify the killing of Soleimani.” The Florida Republican sat back again and waited while the panel sat in uncomfortable silence.

After about eight more seconds, Engel said, “thank you Mr. Mast, I think you made your point,” and he tried to move on to the next congressman.

“Mr. Chairman I’ve not yielded back my time and I still have a minute and 45 seconds,” Mast shot back.

When Engel complained that Mast was disrupting the hearing, the congressman insisted, “I have not yielded back my time!”

He continued, “I have a minute and 45 seconds remaining in which I would like somebody to provide me with a name of somebody on our wall who does not…”

Engel interrupted Mast to tell him that he was “out of order.”

“I will not yield back my time,” Mast repeated.

“You are out of order,” Engel said again.

Another Republican then offered to yield a minute of his time to Mast.

“Thank you my colleague,” said Mast. “I appreciate it.”

He then sat back in silence, still waiting for an answer from the panel, which offered none.

After about a minute and a half of silence, Mast noted that there was no response to his question. “Not one name offered that would not justify the killing of Soleimani,” he concluded.

Apologies to Debra Heine at American Greatness for excerpting about 85% of her article, although you can click the link and watch a video of the exchange to get the full effect and contrast between character, courage and truth and malignant, self-serving lies. 

But wait, there’s more! The cherry on top of Engel’s idiotic double-talk and pretzel logic came yesterday when he and his party voted down a resolution supporting the Iranian people protesting the mullahs as well as condemning the latter for shooting down a Ukrainian airliner, killing 176 people. That is madness. Period, full stop.

But the madness goes beyond just raw hatred for President Trump. It is a manifestation of the mother’s milk of America-hatred that is now coursing through main arteries of the entire Democrat Party, to one extent or another. All you have to do is watch the first in no doubt will be a series of undercover videos by journalists-extraordinaire James O’Keefe and his colleagues at Project Veritas, wherein a key staff member for Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders boasts, threatens and promises that cities will burn if his candidate is denied the nomination. He also promises that along with the 63 million untermenschen who voted for Trump and the millions more who support him, the gulags and mass graves will be filled with the bodies of the so-called “moderate” Democrats who cannot or will not get with the program of totalitarian Marxist-Leninism they are itching to implement if, GOD-FORBID they ever attain power. That is something that Mr. Engel, if he had any self-awareness at all, would be strongly advised to consider. But, he doesn’t. And so it goes.



On to sham-peachment where Nancy von Paulus claims that the articles will be sent to the Senate today. Meanwhile, the friggin’ GOP-e rears its ugly head where they can’t muster the 51 votes to just dismiss this garbage. Thank you Mittelschmerz, Maine Pain and Alaskan Snow-Blower (and Roy Blount is a rectal itch that won’t go away). In any case, Cocaine Mitch is, or seems to be, hell bent on not letting the Democrats turn this into a Kavanaugh circus, but at least now he’s making the right noises about dragging real criminals like Hunter Bribem before the committee. But of course, as Betsy McCaughey points out and that back-bench ankle-biters like Mike Quigley openly boast, the impeachment goes on forever, no matter what happens in the Senate. 


Margot Cleveland looks at the naked conspiracy between the Media and the government in the attempted and ongoing coup against the President and real political prisoner and victim of corruption Michael Flynn is going to withdraw his guilty plea that he was entrapped into having to cop. I hope the President exonerates him and then nominates him for a top spot somewhere in his next term. Head of the Commission to Dismantle the FBI and CIA has a nice ring to it.


The specter of Sharpton rears its ugly head again in Crown Heights. 


“Ukraine is just the tip of the stolen-money iceberg. Who knows how many billions in aid to America’s cities and other Democrat Party financial preserves have been looted by politicians and nonprofit middlemen?”


Soros’ bought-and-paid-for subversives converge on St. Louis to defend one of their crooked own, Bernie hated JFK before he loved JFK and the creepy porn shyster gets pinched in LA for bail violation. Have fun in D-block, Michael-a.


Two very encouraging headlines this morning while the Democrats look to stifle the President regarding one with more Congressional insurrection-via-investigation while demanding release of tranny illegals. Is that really a thing, or non-thing?


The seventh and I believe, mercifully, final Democrat clown show was last night. Breitbart has the whole sordid affair from its live blog for those keen on regurgitation. The big news was that the knives finally came out between the Bernie and Fauxca-Has-Been camps. While the latter still laughably accuses the former of some alleged sexist statement, the former is protesting CNN’s supposed rigged softball questions to Cherokee Cheekbones. When it was all over, the classy dame refused to shake Bernie’s hand. Meh, I wouldn’t touch it even if it was dipped in a vat of disinfectant, but the optics were less than optimal. Meh, I think she’s finished, the DNC’s possible attempt to rig the primaries notwithstanding. Other notable bits below, including the teeny-tiny bit known as Michelito Loveless Bloomberg making an even bigger fool of himself on Twitter. I didn’t know he had fingers long enough to even grip a smart phone.


Trump with another great rally in the city that the Sandersnista’s plan on burning to the ground. Stand out moment was with the rally-goers who completely pwn3d Commie stooge protesters and their red rag. Elsewhere, Michael Goodwin on the Dems still hung up on 2016, massive buyers’ remorse for Fauxca-Has-Been after her smear of Bernie, several links on the latter’s insane proposals including a takedown from Great One Levin, Brokeback Booker still with the racialist whingeing, Bribem talks Kamala-Toe as a running mate, Daniel Greenfield cuts Big Gulp Bloomberg down to size… if that’s possible to get that miniscule, even the Democrat base is getting turned off by their candidates and policies and genuine native American and GOP candidate Elisa Martinez has a few things to say about dishonest Injun Warren on her own mission to be the real first native American woman elected to the Senate.


Hammerin’ sickle sicko Lawrence O’Donnell welcomes all opinions… that do not deviate from his own, ambulatory knockwurst Joy Reid continues to be tedious, banal and irksome, Dennis Prager on Newsweek’s sort of “apology,” Atlanta rag goes after Clint Eastwood with classy lawyer, and Masterpiece Cakeshop still can’t get any relief.


Virginia Democrat tyrants back off, for the moment, Coonman to prohibit guns unilaterally at upcoming mass protests, good news out of Colorado vis a vis the red flag laws, this happened in New Zealand and is coming to a gun-grabbing state near you, no doubt, and a look at Scalia’s gaffe with Heller that paved the way for today’s round of gun-grabbing. 


Kangaroo courts in HK, Chi-Com top diplo-stooge talks tough about Taiwan and fat fireplug-looking Evo Morales threatens terrorism after being ousted from Bolivia. Always amazes me how these thugs are all bloated and plump while their subjects look like the Biafra section from Central Casting.


Delta flight out of LAX dumps fuel on school as it heads back for an emergency landing, the spending spree continues, and another look at a possible solution to California’s housing crisis. One surefire solution: dump all Democrats.


A thumbs up on the China trade deal.


Sanders consults with the experts for his crime bill, two more links ripping NY bail reform and a similar tale of woe out of Georgia.


Thank you, Jenny McCarthy and Imus.


The Rogers and Hammerstein lyric, “you’ve got to be carefully taught” has an entirely new meaning these days.


The truth about Aussie wildfires and a new flavor suggestion for Ben and Jerry: LOL-Get Fudge-Packed.


Space Force, of course of course!


Madness in Michigan, Canada destroys the family, and Yammerin’ Yaniv takes a punch at a reporter. 


Stephen King gets mugged by reality but will the lesson take, Vince Vaughn about the feel the jackboot of peace, love and understanding, Christian Toto on media criticism of the Oscars for not being in step with PC, no fun of any kind, in praise of parenthood, and Lloyd Billingsley on a subject that hits close to home around here: dealing with the on-line trolls.


Heading to the greeting card shop early this year and will buy one more. You should too.

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