The Morning Report 1/16/20

Good morning kids. Thursday and the top news is the revolting spectacle of Nancy Palsi von Poligrip and her droogs making a Federal production (literally) out of sending the articles of impeachment over to the Senate for adjudication. That will begin next Tuesday. I’m not worried about the outcome at all; the smears, lies, falsehoods and distortions against the President and his team are risible in the extreme, as a clear and large majority now of the American people who agree with that assessment indicates. But since a rigged kangaroo court is not going to happen in the Senate, the Democrat-Traitor apparatchiks are now hurling the most outrageous Orwellian smears at that body, its leader and members, even going so far as to accuse them as being Russian agents or threatening them to continue the circus and ultimately convict the President or else suffer eternal damnation, or some such drivel. 

From my perspective, I was praying that there would be 51 votes to toss this dreck into the toilet of history, Gran Mal Palsi’s proclamation that to do so would make the GOP “co-conspirators in a cover-up” notwithstanding. What is it about loathsome, despicable lying traitors who proclaim themselves to be the innocent victims and champions of righteousness that makes my skin crawl? In any case, the blame for that not happening rests squarely on the slumping shoulders of the RINOs, namely Maine Pain Collins, Pee-Air Defecto Mittelschmerz and Lisa Alaskan Snow-Blower Murkowski, along with the head-nodding brigade of Blount and Alexander and a few others too putrid to want to think about. Bad enough they want to help the Democrat-Traitors give this sham an air of legitimacy by not throwing it out, even worse that they are agreeing with them to call more witnesses and worse still to poo-poo the notion of calling in the Bribems and all the other Ukraine and Russia Coup conspirators, and thereby give the Democrats the authority to yet again create a Kavanaugh Kangaroo Kourt. Fuck all of them to hell. Sadly, we are stuck with these cockroaches until we have a shot at maybe primarying their asses the hell out, but ditching an incumbent is a tall order, especially in the Senate.

Mercifully, we do have folks like Marsha Blackburn who has made a motion for the Democrat-Traitor Senators who are presidential candidates to recuse themselves for the obvious, glaring conflict of interest. Can’t wait for Mittelschmerz to go on CNN and air his disappointment for casting aspersions on his wonderful colleagues. Whatever one thinks about Mitch McConnell, I would have to say don’t let the laconic, be-jowelled y’all drawl fool you. He is a very shrewd operator and considering his rejiggering of the judiciary as payback to Harry Reid, he does not take kindly to people trying to fuck with his power. Let’s hope he can put his boot on the neck of the RINOs as effectively as he seems to want to do to the Democrat-Traitors.

Lots of links delving into the who, what, where and why and more to come as the day unfolds which Ace and the cobs will no doubt be posting about. This is truly a sad day for the nation, but the real tragedy is how low people have sunk because of their raging hatred of not just one man but of well over half of the nation for rejecting them and their dream; because that dream is our nightmare. Then again, much of what we mourn was mortally wounded with the New Deal, put in a coma by the Great Society and smothered with a My Pillow by Hope and Change, so what really is there to mourn? Add to that sad reality the revelations of how institutions that we relied upon to safeguard our personal freedoms and security were revealed to be, in fact, our worst enemies. The masks have fallen, the truth is there for those who have eyes to see and the courage to face it head on.

All of this garbage we have to endure is just part of a sea change that we are in the midst of. Trump’s election – our election – touched it all off. I want to stick around and see how it turns out.



Mass protests continue in Iran where the regime is now boasting that the person who posted the video exposing the truth that they did indeed shoot down the airliner has been arrested. Yes that’ll help calm the protesters for sure. Also, more Democrat-Traitor shenanigans with this phony war powers resolution which, even if it does pass they cannot override the inevitable instantaneous veto, Europe still hot and horny to revive the nuke deal despite recent moves to protest Iran, and Angelo Codevilla draws the parallels between the mad mullahs and our own Deep State criminals.


Margot Cleveland uncovers how Michael Flynn was indeed set up and Sharyl Atkisson goes after the bastards who spied on her.


More revelations courtesy of Project Veritas, this time the Bernie Bolshie threatens violence to all who resist the revolution. Really? How many divisions do you have, champ?


Lots of Democrat-Traitor malfeasance and criminality today. Michael S’Moore’s hometown gets shafted by its own Democrat leaders while the citizens drink poison water. Don’t expect a Farenhiet $390,000,000 any time soon. Also, Josh Hawley goes after traitors in his own state, backbencher from Michigan attempts to do a Hillary but lacks the big, black dude with an epi-pen to catch her – yikes! And Cocaine Mitch’s chump opponent decries big money… “your winnings, Captain Renault!”


Dem AsG make big demands for work permits for illegals. How about all those jobless and homeless citizens camped out in LA and Frisco? Put them to work first. New York’s sanctuary city insurrection and bail reform is a perfect storm and Baltimore church hires illegal alien bus driver who’s a serial child molester. Perfect.


More fallout from the last debate as CNN releases audio confrontation between Bernie and Fauxca-Has-Been plus several links on that raging feud, Toothy McBigTits raises money to attack the Paste Eater and Pete Puffer, Bernie gets the Greens and that’s a disaster for the Dems if he does win the nod, Pete Puffer tone deaf in Iowa on national defense, the “resistance” at Trump rallies fizzles out and Trump taps rising star Elise Stefanik to head his NY campaign operations. Tough row to hoe, but it’s a great call for at least a fighting chance at the Empire State.


CNN pulls Pence interview in Israel allegedly because of the impeachment, that is not a headline from the Onion, Mollie Hemingway returns with expose on media Barr smear campaign, Chi-Com propaganda mills in our own leading papers of record, and Goolag trying to strong-arm SCOTUS on copyright law.


Virginia may be Lexington and Concord redux.


Chi-Coms ramping up the war-war jaw-jaw against Taiwan, Human Rights Watch with Joo-hate du jour and an interesting essay from an African about white apologists.


Straggler from the Akagi makes it to Pearl Harbor 78 years too late and Elizabeth Hekawi prepares for “World War 3!!!” by cutting the defense budget.


Manchester revealed as the next Birmingham/Rotherhithe, and the usual suspects are the Islamic Hamas congressional fifth column. Meh, their whole party is openly insurrectionist, Islam or not.


I suspect Cocaine Mitch will have a good laugh at this one, the spending and borrowing goes on and on and on and on… and lastly, the Dept. of Labor needs to be moved to the rim of Kilauea as Obama holdovers infect the brain of even Scalia the younger. Sad and enraging.


Yuuuuge win as Trump and Chi-Coms sign historic trade deal – perfectly timed for Palsi’s pen ceremony, and Larry Kudlow promises more tax cuts to come. Still not tired of the winning.


Murder, rape and rob? You are hereby sentenced to paint some happy little trees. Creepy Porn Shyster will stew in jail, and judge rejects Jussie Galore gambit.


I know that entire party is out of their minds but this broad is just out of her gourd delusional.


Daniel Greenfield on California telling the kids to just push the tootsie rolls out of the way when they do the breast stroke.


Even Gallup can’t hide the disconnect between the Democrat-Traitors and real people, Virginia gets the government it voted for, Tennessee’s Governor about to get a shit storm hurled at him, a Women’s Marcher sez “no mas,” and does NYC really expect a few thousand Nigerians, Pakistanis and Bengalis to play this idiotic game?


Prager U video with Candace Owens dissecting the Ricky Gervais fire and brimstone, Hollywood’s Chi-Com chickens will come home to Kung Pao this decade, Christian Toto looks at the Vince Vaughn persecution, this Golden Globe winning “comedy” is just another taqqiya sunrise and a fascinating debunking of the “1619 Project” propaganda.

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.

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  1. J.J., Another stellar job. You have made me more informed every day. Thank you.

    Your comment “Straggler from the Akagi makes it to Pearl Harbor 78 years too late” should be in the top ten of your Hall of Fame comments. And that is with stiff competition.

    Well done, good sir. Very well done.

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