The Morning Report 1/17/20

Good morning kids. We end the week with what I think is a record-breaking link-palooza, most of it driven by the top story, the Senate sham-peachment “trial.” I put that in quotes because as you can see it has a pretty good shot, unfortunately, of rapidly devolving into a Democrat-driven shit-show that will be worse, if that’s possible, than the Kavanaugh near-high-tech lynching and the insane House hearings. And you can lay the blame squarely at the RINOs who are stabbing Mitch McConnell in the face. Actually, they’re stabbing the president and the people in the face by surrendering the control over this to the Democrats without even firing a single rhetorical shot.

Look, the way this is supposed to work is the House makes its case by calling witnesses, as many seemingly as it wants and taking whatever time it feels it needs to make the case in that chamber and if it passes there, then those articles, the “indictment” so to speak, is sent up to the Senate for adjudication. Period, end of story. Considering that the so called “witnesses” and “evidence” that the Democrats relied upon have no actual first-hand provable accounts, are more than likely lying or merely presenting opinion as facts or have evidence that is utterly bogus to begin is reason enough for the Senate Republicans to pass a motion to dismiss this. For the Democrats to claim the moral high ground here is truly risible in the extreme. A motion to dismiss would not confirm the President’s guilt and the GOP’s collusion; it would be justice rolling down like a mighty river to the cheers and applause of an aggrieved, put-upon and abused nation.

But no, we’re going to have a trial. The question is, will Mitch McConnell allow the RINOs to run roughshod and hand this over to the Democrats on a silver platter with a side order of $5.99 Ronco Pelosi Impeachment Pens? I mean, who is running the trial anyway? I assume it’s Lindsey Graham. Is he going to allow Pee-Air Defecto to dictate the terms of an unnecessary surrender and deny the President and his team the right to call witnesses of their choosing? I mean, he’s the friggin’ defendant here, for crying out loud. If I were McConnell, I would use everything in my power to strip whatever privileges, chairmanships, power and other privileges any of these traitors may have and relegate them to backbench status. The sad news is, the RNC and far too many of its elected members are with the Globalists; they too hate Trump personally as well as his agenda, and that is the reason that McConnell could not whip the 51 votes for dismissal. So far, Rand Paul, the Senator from Jekyll & Hyde, is assuming the former and is on a warpath about who gets to call witnesses and why as is McConnell who preemptively warned about actual jail time for anyone who leaks information to the press during the proceedings. 

At the end of the day, this fiasco is going to wind up blowing up in the faces of the Democrats just as it did during the first go rounds in the House. However long it may last, and let’s pray no longer than a week although I fear it may go longer, there’s still no way that there will be enough GOP senators to add to the Democrats for a 67-vote conviction and removal from office. Even if Pee-Air-Defecto, Maine Pain and Alaskan Snow-Blower commit political suicide, the possibility is there that Joe Manchin and perhaps John Tester will either vote to acquit or even abstain. But as I mourned yesterday, this whole thing is just dreadful to have to endure. 

Digging down into the links, the reason the Dems are making a full-court press to demand new witnesses is a surprise attack from the Deep State stooges at the GAO who are claiming that Trump illegally withheld aid from the Ukrainians, to which the OMB immediately called bullshit on, and the concomitant reliance on the new star witness for this go-round, one Lev Parnas, the Rudy Giuliani associate who was indicted on completely unrelated charges and who supposedly, this-time-for-sure!, has got the goods on the President. Except he doesn’t and he is going to turn out to be Michael Cohen 2, Bullshit Artist Boogaloo. Even Ukraine’s foreign minister is calling Parnas a flat out liar, but no doubt the Democrats will call him too a Russian agent. 

Many more links including good essays from the esteemed Greg Jarret and Conrad Black, but we’ll cap it off with two from the Naked Truth Dept.: Nancy Palsi channels her inner Lavrenty Beria by spouting the Democrat mantra about not being about the truth but the seriousness of the charge, while the human when-all-you-have-is-a-mouth-everything-looks-like-a-corned-beef-sandwichmonster known as Nadler stated the end game – taking out Trump so he can’t win a massive landslide and destroy the Democrats next November. 

To quote Woody Allen from Bananas, “It’s a travesty of a mockery of a sham of a mockery of a travesty of two mockeries of a sham.




Meanwhile, where all the real criminality threatening the very foundations of a republic already teetering like a bloated, shambling, drunken old battle axe who will never be president of the United States, the story broke late yesterday that the Feds are finally investigating a key conspirator and traitor in the ongoing coup against the President, James Comey for leaking info about the investigation into the aforementioned battle axe, GOP stalwarts want answers about the FISA court picking a crooked anti-Trump overseer, and if John Brennan actually apologized publicly, maybe he’s starting to sweat. Please G-d.


Some Lefty webzine called NowThisNews has got the skinny on Anne Frank for sure. No doubt from David Irving, or the official Iranian news agency. Also, 120 Congressmen, I assume all Democrat sign a letter in support of CAIR; that would be the un-indicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land terrorism plot and trial as well as purveyors of subversive sharia, taqqiya and a side order of shawarma and blood-libels, and an honest look at that which must never be mentioned or else, that’s right, you are a racist.


Well, lookie here! Obergruppenfuhrer wannabe and Bernie Sanders key staffer in Iowa, Kyle Jurek, got arrested a few days before the Project Veritas sting video where he loudly boasted about mass murdering and imprisoning those who will not submit to the will of Landru or Lenin, on an array of charges including drunk driving. But wait! There’s more! The little darling was bailed out of jail and there is no comment from the Sanders campaign on where the money came from and who sprung him. Elsewhere, beady-eyed imbecile and possible intern-murderer Joe Scarborough seems to be praying for a guy like Kyle Jurek to intone the rain prayers of Travis Bickel and wash all of us heathens and our progeny away, and a look at the fascist roots of todays Leftist political violence.


Big news breaking that perhaps Bro-Fo Omar (Nur) is at last under the microscope and Jeffrey Lord is dead right, as is his wont almost all of the time.


Violence at an out-of-control border? No way! That is, yes way. Once again, the judiciary exceeds its authority against the Executive Branch and the 10th Amendment, Cook County is a haven for illegal alien criminals while the citizens stay locked in their homes, and ICE’s acting head honcho on “recycled children” as props for amnesty fraudsters.


Keep digging Democrats; Trump keeps climbing the mound of the dirt from your own political grave, compare and contrast, two links about the past as prologue with the Democrat platform, i.e. massive government hijacking of freedom and treasure, Leftists in a panic about the Sandersnista-Hekawi blood feud, get this, the latter wanted Obama to exonerate Ethel Rosenberg, with Bro-Fo (Nur) in hot water an Iraqi refugee will mount a GOP challenge to her seat, Pete Puffer gets angry at the Slimes, Bernie flashback on Castro love, New Hampshire Democrat throws Fauxca-Has-Been overboard for the more electable… Amy Klobuchar?, Pelvis Pressly reveals she’s as bald as a Crenshaw melon, 22 times OrangeManBad proved the critics yuuugely wrong and the power struggle that will tear the Democrat party apart and its ramifications going forward.


Wolf Blitzer gets his panties in a twist over Martha McSally correctly labeling Manu Raju a “hack.” McSally wasn’t exactly a stellar candidate but let’s hope her attitude that was pitch-perfect is a harbinger for the GOP going forward. By the way, is Manu short for Manure? Magic 8 Ball sez “yes.” Also, New York Public Library muzzles women muzzled by Leftists, another “OK” sign sliming, this time of DC firefighter recruits, Leftist anti-American front group SPLC demands big tech silences voices of truth and freedom, namely all of us, CNN banned by Subreddit for debate shenanigans against Bernie, what the hell is The Army Times thinking, and Trump declares religious liberty and expression in the public square inviolable. Still not tired of winning!


Coonman Mammy’s disarming of the citizenry at protest rally rubber-stamped by hack-in-black fellow traveler and Davidson County, NC joins the counter-counter-revolution. 


What’s right with Kansas? This.


I wonder if the Farsis got the info from the OPM mass hack during the Obama years, evidently some US troops were injured during Iran’s “retaliation” and it’s being politicized, of course, Ayatollah Assaholea threatens European troops (they have actual troops?) and Daniel Greenfield rips the fifth columnists.


Venezuelan regime goons caught on tape attacking opposition leader, Victor Davis Hanson on Europe in a pickle of its own making vis a vis energy reliance on Iran and Russia, green madness, and military reliance on the US while they hate us in the bargain, a closer look at the Myanmar strife through the lens of a UN smear and Canada’s biggest outlet tells Prince Carrot-Top, Meghan Farkle and the whole Farkle Family to stay away.


Amazing as in disgusting how Trump is treated by the very agencies that have wasted so many American lives, have we learned nothing or are we brain-dead, and a look at some of Boeing’s recent aircraft fiascos. Used to love that company but who the hell is in charge there?


Raymond Ibrahim on taqqiya.


USMCA passes in Senate and the markets love it, another 100 more like Goolag’s parent and we can pay for a third of Bernie’s plans, and how Democrats destroy ambition and prosperity… with this one neat trick!




California will now manufacture it’s own pharmaceuticals? What could possibly go wrong? Here’s a hint: everything else the government has a hand in or controls.


The lather, rinse, repeat sham of subsidies, two essays in praise of school choice, Heather Mac Donald rips ethnic studies, and yet another reason to home school the kids.


Paul Joseph Watson on the Aussie fires and the scammers who place the blame and real climate expert shreds Donkey Chompers and Scoldilocks at hearing.


Our intrepid science reporter with news to excite the Terran Trade Authority.


New Mets manager implicated in cheating scandal gone without managing a single game, would Wolf Blitzer even get that question right, R.E.M. pulls a Barracuda, on the targeting of Rowling and King, Christian Toto looks at a trio of anti-Cancel Culture-ers, HBO cancels Confederate series, and when the debt crisis erupts, will we all turn back to G-d? Meh, does it take something like that to do it?

Before going, just a brief shout-out for a new (to me anyway) blog for you all to check out: Battle Swarm Blog. – Give it a try. Have a great weekend.

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.