The Morning Report 1/21/20

Good morning kids. Tuesday and along with yesterday’s massive and massively successful pro-second amendment rally in Richmond, the big story is of course the trial phase of sham-peachment begins today. At the risk of being repetitive, it should be noted that impeachment is not a criminal proceeding; it’s an entirely political process, intended by the founders/framers as an extremely rare means by which a provably criminal president could be removed from office by Congress. The other salient point is that those who would have him removed needed not only a clear bipartisan consensus for both impeachment in the House and then conviction and removal in the Senate, but most importantly the overwhelming support of the people in order to even proceed. American politicians have respected those prerequisites to the extent that only twice in 227 years (Nixon resigned before the process ever got going) have they ever resorted to attempt to remove a siting president. That is until the coming of Donald J. Trump. 

The case to remove President Trump is so utterly lacking in any specific, actual and verifiable actions that even remotely in this or any other universe resemble “high crimes or misdemeanors,” bipartisan support and most crucially the support of an overwhelming majority of the American people. Yet the only reason that the Democrat Party alone is going down this road to hell is because Donald Trump is, in point of fact, “guilty” of two things: winning the 2016 presidential election and surviving (even thriving) the ongoing attempted coup against him. So, precedent, the Constitution, the orderly transfer of power, and the will of the people be damned. The Democrat Party is so utterly bereft of any sense of decency, shame and self-awareness. Drunk on a toxic mix of craving power at any price as well as the Kool-Aid about who they think they are, we and Trump are and their general weltanschauung about this country, where it’s been and where they demand it goes, they have crossed yet another Rubicon, and a pretty damned big one at that.

I have to wonder, would we be going down this road if instead of Trump, it was a President Cruz, Paul, Rubio or Bush III? Obviously there’s no way knowing but I don’t think so. The reason is that Trump is and remains an outsider. He is transformational, and his transformation involves stopping the 100-plus-year march to dismantle America as founded. From the economy to immigration to foreign affairs to the resetting of the judiciary to the intangibles of his personality and the will to fight back twice as hard that have exposed America’s internal enemies to those who have eyes to see and minds to reason, I don’t think any of the aforementioned would have ever come anywhere near to the Trump benchmark. They would have amounted to little more than what other elected Republicans since the end of World War Two (with the possible exception of Ronald Reagan) have ever been; seat-warmers until the next Democrat won the presidency with strict orders never to hit the brakes let alone throw it into reverse.

So here we are. On a granular level, I cannot imagine the Democrats succeeding in peeling away not just two or three but 20 GOP senators in order to reach a two-thirds majority for conviction and removal. Despite the Democrats attempt to paint McConnell as a Russian agent and/or rigging the trial in Trump’s favor, this too like everything else before will blow up in their face. And yet, they will continue with more smears, more charges and more attempts to sabotage the President and sway voters from now all the way to November. That’s all they have. They have no candidates or positions that even remotely reflect the politics of the average American citizen. They know it and we know it. The only thing left is to either replace the American people with illiterate peasantry from south of the border or, failing that, round us all up and put us in gulags or mass graves. 

The big question remains whither America in a post-Trump (that is, post 1/20/25) landscape? The attempted coup and the concomitant attempt at impeachment means we have a political party and movement that will stop at nothing to attain power. And that means absolute power going forward. The Constitution when it is to be observed will be used as both shield and cudgel, or more than likely abandoned entirely. There is no way to use legal methods and regular order or precedent to thwart them. It is refreshing to see anecdotal things like Martha McSally calling out Manure Raju, Lindsey Graham calling out the Dems’ lust for power during the attempted high tech lynching of Justice Kavanaugh, and more substantively Mitch McConnell going pedal to the metal to confirm as many Trump judicial picks as possible. I hope it’s a bellwether of things to come, and of a dam bursting wide open with an unrelenting torrent of same from now on. Because, sure as G-d made little green apples, the next time the Democrats gain the White House, it’ll be lights out for sure.



As stated, even reliably left Gallup confirms America’s disgust with all of this, PDT’s legal team rips this entire debasement of the rule of law, Cocaine Mitch lays out the ground rules for a quick trial with no Democrat bullshit to be tolerated, to which Cuck Schemer went apeshit about, Jerry Nadless in absolute freakout mode over the potential for Hunter Bribem to be called as a witness and now suggesting no witnesses to prevent that catastrophe. You can smell the fear mingling with rancid pastrami emanating from his pores. Also, Sandersnista and Lizzy Wigwam swear they’ll be impartial (pfft), even squish David Perdue smacks around Cuck Todd for his hackery, Rabbi Fischer and Jeffrey Lord weigh in with their analyses and lastly what if Ruth Bader Meinhoff suddenly announces her retirement in the middle of all this? That plus an observation that the impeachment is merely a trial run at the Democrats impeaching all of Trump’s judicial picks. Considering that is traditionally where they get the lion’s share of their agenda rammed down our throats, that is why removing Trump and keeping him from being re-elected or at best, neutering his ability to appoint SCOTUS or other judges because of the taint of impeachment is the Democrat goal. 

Filthy momzer traitors.


Not much to say about the Richmond rally yesterday except that the media was completely pwn3d both in their desire for bloodshed and their attempts to portray the rally-goers as 100% white neo-nazi fascist racists. Minorities were amongst the rally-goers in force and ripped the media for their attempted propaganda and smears. Meanwhile, Governor Coonman Baby-Killer is, get this, claiming credit for preventing violence or something. Get fucked.


As stated.


It sure pays to be the son of a Bribem. Pays the father even more. Now you see why the Dems are desperate to keep meth-teeth pole-dancer-impregnator away from the Senate trial.


Funny how former loudmouth San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz is nowhere to be found. Not after all the aid we sent in the wake of Hurricane Maria she claimed we never sent suddenly is discovered in warehouses and untouched.


Suddenly, a fresh caravan from Honduras storms into Mexico headed our way, Trump cracking down on birth tourism, the consequent ruling from Judges Buch M. Danno and Tyne E. Bubbles notwithstanding, illegal crossings into AZ down yuuugely, DHS Chief rips double standards about the border wall and ICE with a list of violent illegals NY has sprung with half a dozen more waiting in the wings. 


Toothy McBigTits and her co-conspirators doing cartwheels over Bernie endorsement from Paypal Jaypal, Peter Puffer pimps racialist propaganda at blacks while a black pastor endorses Trump while ripping Obama, Elise Stefanik is targeted by the Left, Salena Zito spotlights a couple of bellwether races in PA and Lloyd Billingsley with an essay on things I touched on above.


Slimes gets ripped for double dumpy dame endorsement, CNBC lies about Trump campaign coffers and Drudge dutifully parrots it, kid expelled for gay rainbow cake is fake news, Denver Post reporter fired for telling truth, and yes, they hate us.


March for Life more in keeping with “the dream” than the Pussy Parade.


Violence and unrest on the uptick in Iraq, Netanyahu praises Queso Salamander’s killing, Iran threatens to quit nuke treaty if UN gets involved, now that we have them on the ropes, let’s keep them there, Chi-Coms admit lethal virus is jumping the border, Gary Cohn sadly admits Trump beat China, Caroline Glick on the Israel-Poland diplo dust-up on the eve of the 75th anniversary of Obama’s father liberating Auschwitz (sarc), a look at Davos, Trump and Macron parlaying-vousing on trade deal and the Afghanistan quagmire belongs to Joe Bribem.


I hate the damn FBI and I hate Tim Cook, but hey, we sometimes need to get access and Obama is to blame, if that’s the right word, for US Army buying Israeli missiles.


DC rat infested in more ways than one, and as stated impeachment of Trump is just a warm up to impeach his nominees as well as capture more red states like they did Colorado.


Daniel Greenfield essay on the besieged and belittled nuclear family as the driver of happiness and prosperity, no risk means no reward, American Blacks prospering like never before and New York State suffers at the hands of the Rotten Apple and its burbs.


Paraphrasing Tim Robbins from The Player, if we can just remove the Jews from the Holocaust we’ll really have something, and a homeschool parent assesses what she would have done differently.


Trump goes to Davos where climate idiocy is front and center this year and the latest Prager U video discusses the hoax.


Going along on the same brainwave as Daniel Greenfield’s essay on the family is this one on what is helping in destroying it.


Reflections on MLK Jr. and one’s enemies, a call for a real MLB commissioner in the wake of this latest cheating scandal, the box office is bomb-o, Christian Toto rips hack director, and a look back at J.R.R. Tolkien’s son Christopher who passed away earlier this week.

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