The Morning Report 1/28/20

Good morning kids. Tuesday, and despite the so-called non-bombshell of the fortuitously timed release of that excerpt from John Bolton’s book that again alleges nothing that was truly illegal, rises anywhere near the level of an impeachable offence or relevant to what actually happened in the timeline of actual events, the Trump defense team yet again absolutely dismantled the Democrats case. Alan Dershowitz shifted (no pun) brilliantly in taking on this garbage by citing the leaked excerpt:

… “Quid pro quo alone is not a basis for abuse of power,” said Dershowitz. “It’s part of the way that foreign policy has been operated by presidents since the beginning of time. The claim that foreign policy decisions can be deemed abuses of power based on subjective opinions about mixed or sole motives, that the president was interested only in helping himself, demonstrates the dangers of employing the vague subjective and malleable phrase of abuse of power as a constitutional criteria for the removal of a president. Now it follows, it follows from this that if a president, any president were to have done what the Times reported about the content of the Bolton manuscript, that would not constitute an impeachable offense…”

The other notable defense came from former Florida AG Pam Bondi who, in defending the President’s dealings with Ukraine, and with the decision to hear more potential witnesses in the balance, brought up the real criminals, blackmailers and bloodsuckers in Ukraine and in probably half a hundred other places around the globe. I mean, the Biden family:

… [Bondi] also noted that Hunter Biden was involved in business with Chris Heinz, the stepson of then-Secretary of State John Kerry. Both were involved in Ukraine – and elsewhere at a time when ending corruption was said to be the top priority of the United States and other western governments in dealing with Ukraine.

Bondi also noted that journalists had asked the Obama administration about the Bidens’ conflict of interest, and that American diplomats – including State Department official George Kent and former Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, who testified in the House impeachment inquiry – had raised concerns as well.

Nothing was done, she pointed out, and Hunter Biden only left the board of Burisma in April 2019, the same month that his father announced his campaign for the presidency, when under closer scrutiny than usual.

Bondi noted that the House Democrat impeachment managers had referred to “the Bidens and Burisma 400 times” in their presentation in an effort to pre-empt the argument that there was any legitimate basis, other than the president’s own political interest, for asking the Ukraine to investigate them…

Other stand out speeches were given by White House Counsel Eric Herschman and Jane Raskin, and even Ken Starr fired off some well aimed torpedoes (see links below). In a sane world, not only would we never even have had the House hearings but the preponderance of evidence and the lack of even a shred of any substantive evidence or direct witness testimony that can be corroborated would have stopped this thing dead in its tracks weeks ago. Yet here we are and despite all of this, the Bolton non-revelation nothing-burger of a fart in a hurricane is all that will be needed to give cover for Pee-Air Defecto, the Maine Pain and the Alaskan Snow-Blower to side with the Democrats and call Bolton to testify and express his hurt feelings about Trump not taking his advice, which is, of course, a hanging offense in the Deep State – just like every other “witness” who witnessed nothing but their worldview torn up in their faces by OrangeManBad as he implemented policies that actually work and to America’s advantage.

That will fail, of course, but what I am truly wary of is in voting for more witnesses, watch as the aforementioned RINO traitors pull a fast one with the Dems and try to block the Bribems, Eric “Whistleblower” Ciaramella or even Schiff-for-Brains from facing the Team Trump collective blow torch. Is that possible if the control of who calls witnesses and other procedural matters are controlled by McConnell or Graham? Are procedural matters even up for a vote in the first place? No matter what, Cocaine Mitch has got to read the riot act to these turds and threaten to strip them of any perk, privilege and committee chairmanship if they continue with this garbage. Meh, he should do it anyway. Romney is gone. He’s angling to sabotage the President, period, full stop. He is probably deluding himself into thinking he’s going to be the savior of the party in 2024. Perhaps sooner than that if he has gone off the deep end. 

Circling back to Bolton, George W. Bush, who is no fan to say the least of this President, thinks he (Bolton) is not credible at all and more tellingly, Bolton’s former chief of staff ripped him a new one and called on him to suspend the release of the book. In any case, as Bill Hemmer asked Democrat hack Val Demings – three times with no real response – why didn’t the Democrats subpoena Bolton when Schiff-for-Brains and Gas Giant Nadler were running the House committees? Yes, Trump would’ve put up a fight but they could have taken him to court and probably won, all things considered with the state of the judiciary, especially in DC. But of course they didn’t, and here we are.

The bottom line is, whenever this comes to an end, not only will the President be acquitted but his approval rating and perception with the public that he is the victim climb, and concomitantly the Democrats will continue digging their way past the earth’s lower crust and into the upper lithosphere. Daniel Greenfield is right that as Trump derangement increases it yields diminishing returns in terms of the public’s engagement and willingness to go along. In fact, just the opposite as I have stated. But it won’t end. There will be more charges, yet another House panel and so on, and so on and scooby dooby dooby right up until the election and really for all time. 



Meanwhile, as Julie Kelly states “now that the Justice Department and the Federal Intelligence Surveillance Court have confirmed at least two of the warrants for Carter Page were unlawfully obtained, it is time to ask [IC IG] Atkinson – in the open, for all to hear – what role he had in helping to orchestrate the illicit spying on the Trump campaign.” Amen. Also, much of this impeachment garbage has echoes going back to the disaster at Ruby Ridge in today’s FBI treatment of Trump.


All things considered, one has to question the ethics and morality of Hunter Bribem’s current wife. I mean, really? You’re not filing for divorce? 


Just “building blocks” but nothing amounting to much, right? Unlike say Trump’s thoughts and musing which are real crimes (sarc). And Fauxca-Has-Been’s kid traded in on momma’s 1/1024th reputation? I’m shocked!


The big news is SCOTUS handing Trump and America a huge win in allowing the barring of green card holders who have no visible means of support other than Tio Azucar. Of course the Left went apeshit with the usual “nation of immigrants” crap and Bernie claiming his rolling-in-their-grave ancestors also came here with nothing and this is a slap in the face or something. Um, what these fools refuse to realize is that up until about 1965, you had to either prove you could pull your own weight, had a sponsor and were prevented from being “on relief” as it was called or else you were deported within a few years or so. Still, not a bad idea, all things considered. And Justice Gorsuch wrote a blistering attack on rogue courts issuing nationwide injunctions that are nothing but naked power-grabs. Elsewhere, the former ICE director let ToothyMcBigTits have it for her idiotic and dangerous libels of that agency, Mexico doing the work of an abuilding border wall is fine by me, and Joy Blowhard disgustingly compares Auschwitz victims to illegal aliens detained at the border, but a real Auschwitz survivor disabuses her of her delusion. Meh, if it were me I’d have been much less polite.


Good for Kevin McCarthy. Hey, I’ll praise him when I think he deserves it. Elsewhere Massachusetts rags reject Elizabeth Hekawi and support Out-the-Ying Yang, a look at the Tulsi Coffeeckae/Hillary feud, about that Republican war on women…, a warning about polls this far out, a rather Pollyanna-ish look at the California GOP that ignores mass migration and mass-indoctrination, considering the new Bolton diatribe here are five other works that were supposed to destroy Trump, and how does one deal with a political party whose members are true believers in a pseudo-religious death cult?


Fox News would rather you hear from pundits lying about Trump’s guilt than his legal team shredding the case against him, CNN is barely a half-step above snuff porn, kind of a convenient relationship between a high profile big pharma critic and trial lawyers suing that industry to death, Washington Dem’s battle over his pro-Trump sign, and Salena Zito bemoans the death of the local newspaper.


This Virginia sheriff is on the front lines, Little Shitler pops his empty head up and spouts the stupid, something funny with a supposed death threat to an anti-gun activist, and what the hell is going on in Florida of all places? Do we have to march on Tallahassee now? Sheesh.




As I and you all had suspected, this coronavirus outbreak is not going to allow Goolag-Google and the Ministry of Truth in Peking to keep it on the down low. I think we do need to quarantine China travel or maybe it’s too late for that? Also, Trump is set to announce a new Israeli-“Palestinian” peace plan. Look, I love Trump but the Muslim/”Palestinian” goal is to annihilate Israel and Jews worldwide. Meh, I’m willing to at least hear what he has to say. Maybe it’s just a savvy political ploy like he ensnared the Dems in in exposing their intransigence on gun control and amnesty. Also, Congress not happy with the UK relying on Huawei vis a vis US-UK intel sharing, Norway loses Islam critics in government while hiring radical Islamic Minister of Culture, getting inside Turk Turdogan’s head, and Daniel Greenfield exposes confidential report on just how far gone France is.


NYC’s housing laws are a hot mess of disaster, and a look at the shambles that is Democrat-run New Mexico.


Envisioning a corporate merger of Dick’s Sporting Goods and Chik-Fil-A to create Chiks-with-Dick’s.


I say, do you have Prince Andrew in the can? If you do, he won’t commit suicide…


So, should I gargle with molten selenium and go all Andromeda Strain?


Here’s your root cause.


The Left is just Islam without the pretty calligraphy.


Our intrepid science reporter with yet more cool imagery from Mars.


I defended big pharma, sort of, in the First Amendment section but this is just disgusting on every level, and Joe Bribem panders hard.


The ridiculous: Christian Toto implores Joe Rogan to fight cancel culture, and a look at five Leftists who can wear blackface in a Hitler outfit while hurling gays off roofs in Tehran. The sublime: three essays on the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. The last one is an eye-opener that I knew nothing about, and now I want to know more about this incredible man.

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