Arab Kleptocrat Schemes To Keep The People He Represents In Poverty…Or A Day Ending In “Y”

I am under no illusions that the current peace plan, version 45A-2, will be any more successful than the previous ones, but it does serve to illuminate a few of the intractable problems in Arab society. Accepting the blatant dishonesty and unbelievable crookedness and corruption of its leaders is a fundamental flaw in their culture, and one that guarantees the continuation of their poverty, internal violence and existential ennui.

But that ennui is strangely coupled with an irrational belief that they will prevail, that they are the victors, and it is only the stubbornness of the international community that prevents them from succeeding in their ultimate goal of the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people. Their leaders lie to them about the causes of their desperately miserable lives, and they believe those lies instead of the evidence before them.

Abbas threatens to cut security ties with Israel, US

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas threatened to cut security ties with both Israel and the US on Saturday, in a lengthy speech delivered at an Arab League meeting in Egypt’s capital that denounced a White House plan for ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The US plan would grant the Palestinians limited self-rule in parts of the occupied West Bank, while allowing Israel to annex all its settlements there and keep nearly all of east Jerusalem.

Daniel Pipes has not been particularly impressive recently, no doubt in part because of his fundamental suspicion of all things Trump. But he has made the point, forcefully and eloquently that for the “Palestinians” to succeed, they must be beaten, both militarily and psychologically. Only then will they be able to accept the reality that Israel is almost certainly not going to lose to them or to any Arab or Muslim country or army or terrorist organization. Then they can get on with the business of creating something for themselves.

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