The Impeachment Farce Has Exposed More Than The Insane NeverTrump Mania Of The Democrat Party…

It has also exposed what so many of us have suspected for many years; our federal legislature is a fundamentally unserious body. It is filled with vain, arrogant, profoundly unintelligent and incurious apparatchiks whose only foci is the pursuit of the front-and-center position in front of the media’s microphones or cameras, followed closely by the frantic charge into every pocket with the least hint of cash. Whether those pockets belong to constituents, donors, foreign despots or enemies of America is of very little importance.

“Oh,” you will say, “we have known that for a very long time!” No…we have known of and mocked a core of extremely stupid, extremely obvious clowns such as AOC, Sheila Jackson Lee, Yvette Clarke, Ted Lieu, Eric Swalwell, and that’s just a sample from the Democrats. I would love to say that the Republicans are more intelligent, but I simply don’t have evidence of that.

And the Senate? The most august deliberative body in the world? They are simply the best thieves from the House of Representatives….no smarter, just more craven. Sure, some of them are acting in our interests, but only because those interests temporarily align. Are there a few honorable and intelligent among a sea of fools and thieves? Sure! But until recently I made the lazy assumption that there were far more of them than the facts reveal.

Donald Trump’s appearance on the national stage has done a few things, but perhaps his most important and long-lasting success is the pulling back of the curtain. We see in its naked, pus-filled and evil glory the deep state, the corruption of our central government and the embarrassing lack of gravitas and wisdom among those who preen and crow and brag about how special and wonderful and elite they are.

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