The Morning Report 2/21/20

Good morning, kids. The weekend is here and we’re loaded with links so let’s commence. First up, is analysis and reaction to the political persecution of Roger Stone. The entire thing from beginning to end was a complete abnegation to the concept of justice, the rule of law – some of the bedrock principles of this nation. Unfortunately, we have a political party and movement that have so infected our governmental and societal institutions that we are on the brink of losing those principles and the nation with it.

Stone was railroaded with a process crime by a corrupt, weaponized law enforcement apparatus and then tried by an abject political hack who, like her fellow travelers infecting the judiciary, are there to preserve, protect and defend the Globalist counter-American revolution, with the coup de grace administered not by a jury of his peers but by a completely biased jury forewoman, no doubt presiding over 11 other equally tainted jurors. When you look at the way Stone, along with Paul Manafort, General Michael Flynn, George Papadopoulos and others have been abused, squint your eye and you could be in Moscow circa 1938 or Berlin circa 1944.

That said, it’s kind of a glass-half-full/glass-half-empty situation, all because we dared defy those who put Amy Berman Jackson on the bench by voting to put Donald Trump in office. They were never going to go quietly into that good night, as we have seen lo these past nearly five years. But in the long run, and it’s easy for me to say this because I’m not rotting in jail like Manafort nor been drained of my finances like Flynn, it’s far better that we have to see these injustices out in the open and be confronted by the cold hard truths about just how far the institutions that we grew up trusting and continued to trust have sunk than to have another Clinton, Bush, Obama or Romney keep us deluded right up until the moment we go over the cliff. J.B. Shurk over at American Thinker believes that, per the title of his piece, Trump just made the judiciary blink.

…Like most things the president says that cause alarm for the D.C. establishment, it is not the recklessness of his words, but their truthfulness that rattles them, and the more truth he slings their way, the more rattled they become. The judges realized they were about to make a consequential mistake by taking on directly the one person in the country not afraid to put the Judicial Branch in its place…

The FBI and Justice Department have done everything in their power to torment President Trump by pursuing process crimes against his associates, while allowing members of Hillary Clinton’s campaign and President Obama’s government not only to escape charges for creating an international spy ring to take down President Trump, but to do so while laughing about it on television. While we wait to see whether U.S. attorney John Durham and Attorney General Barr actually have the intestinal fortitude to help right the ship of justice, most of us have given up holding our breath. Patience may well move mountains, but abused patience turns to fury. And while the federal courts go out of their way to push back against President Trump by issuing nationwide injunctions against his legal orders and permitting malicious prosecutions against his allies in their courtrooms, they are also quickening the day of their own long delayed judgment…

When the federal courts chose to become kings, they daringly did so without a navy. Hiding behind the sanctity of priestly robes was going to protect them for only so long; eventually, Americans would realize that tyranny with a gavel is not at all different from tyranny with a crown. 

With President Trump unafraid of standing up to a coequal branch of the federal government, the Judiciary may finally receive the comeuppance it deserves. One thing is certain: if he is ever to receive justice of any kind, President Trump must first take on the justice system.

And that is precisely what the President is doing. It also underscores the no less crucial and so far wildly successful project of confirming well over 100 judges to courts all over the country, including the national joke/nightmare that is the Ninth Circuit. That said, there are a couple of flies in the ointment, so to speak. First, the entrenched bureaucratic Administrative State is effectively an unwanted, unelected fourth branch of government unaccountable to anyone and 99.999% loyal to the Globalist cause. Having to contend with that as well as a corrupt judiciary is daunting to say the least. But since the judiciary is where Democrat-Leftist-Globalist policy is written in stone for all time, the importance of bringing it to heel and then rejiggering its loyalties to the Constitution to the extent they can be cannot be understated.

Second, with the rot so deeply entrenched and established in DC, not to cast aspersions on AG Barr and John Durham, but they are very much a part of it. If we assume they are no better than those we want to see frog-marched to Leavenworth or the gallows, then at the end of their “investigation,” some low level flunky(ies) is going to get reprimanded and or fired, and sentenced to a five-year contract as a political analyst on CNN.

Yet, assuming for a moment that their intentions are pure and they do want to bring the real usurpers of power to justice, what would be the consequences if McCabe, Comey, Clapper, Brennan and all the others are actually arrested and then prosecuted? The nation is effectively split in two, perhaps irreparably so. Would Barr look the other way, in this instance not because he’s part of the plot but over a misguided desire to prevent civil and political unrest? Or am I just exaggerating things?

The preservation of American justice demands that the perpetrators of the coup be punished and the innocent exonerated, no matter what the reaction might be. AG Barr and President Trump, who by the way is the top law enforcement officer in the nation per our Constitution (you Lefties ever hear of it?) have no choice. Yes, the President has a vested self-interest in going after the evil bastards who quite nearly got away with overthrowing him, and are still at it. But the President is also a representative of not only those who voted for and support him, but the nation as a whole, its laws and founding principles. He must do his duty to preserve the latter. Looking the other way in some well-meaning but misguided attempt to preserve order is just as terrible, if not worse, than the actions of Amy Berman Jackson and her fellow travelers. Consequences be damned. 


Along with our lead item, Tu-Ca is calling for Amy Berman Jackson’s head on a pike, while Trump mulls Roger Stone’s exoneration, Schiff-for-Brains mulls burying the Democrat Party even deeper than previously thought possible, as stated, a reminder that President Trump is the nation’s top cop, and a hearty GFY and drop dead to John Bolton. 


As seen in the sidebar, it’s only February but Steve Scalise might have dropped the Tweet of the year on Keith “X” Ellison. And we have still to get answers from Dick Durbin on his involvement with attempted mass political assassin James Hodgkinson. 


With Jews like Sanders, who needs Black September?


Bro-Fo Omar/Nur claims she no-fo-bro and blames Meggie Mac and Jooz, Elizabeth Wan is an Indian taker when it comes to super PACs, Bernie’s criminal justice adviser evidently was doing field research, right? Also, now that Blago’s on the loose, Obama might be sweating, I’m sure Chuck Todd being Amy Klownbuchar’s landlord is completely irrelevant, right? Plus, De Bolshevik setting up his militant black wife with public money to potentially run for Gracie Mansion and finally Chicago is… In, as in the nation’s most corrupt Democrat hellhole. Cue Paper Lace.


The good news is ICE is stone cold when it comes to taking on California by nabbing illegals in a courthouse, Cambridge, MA needs to have its police force consent-decreed, and lastly, a couple of alarming reports about the Trump administration backsliding which I hope are fake news.


Lots of fallout from the Nevada debate, mostly centering on the future of Little Big Gulp. Despite his disastrous performance he’s garnered three major endorsements, which leads me to believe the DNC fix may very well be in. Several links in the mix with differing opinions as to whether he’s toast or not count him out just yet. Also, Styrene Steyer and others rightly assess that Trump was the big winner, Gallup confirms with his latest approval rating as well as Quinnipiac in Wisconsin, Trump travels to California and brings farmers to the front of the stage as a poke in the eye to Bloomberg as well as that state’s insane regulations that are destroying their livelihoods, Nevada might be a repeat of Iowa, Sanders campaign co-chair deflects on socialism by quoting the Bard, Dems fear Sanders because him at the top of the ticket might seal the deal for vulnerable Republicans down ticket, Fauxca-Has-Been rips Bloomberg but will support him if the DNC steals the nomination for him, Seb Gorka warns about Peter Puffer vis a vis his Stalinist/Gramscian dad, things are bad enough for the GOP in California without this own-goal, Tim Scott thinks PDT will win bigly with big black votes, and should Trump win in November, now is the time to debate the future trajectory of the GOP.


In a vast ocean of floating garbage and detritus, Eric Holder has got to be the most obvious and odious example of corrupt, raw, in-your-face arrogant tyranny, some mixed signals from the administration on Big Tech with the President touting the power of “the masters of the universe” and backing Larry Ellison in his feud with Goolag while AG Barr looking to make it easier for social media companies to be sued for censorship, big win over SPLC-backed Michigan AG, George “shorter than Bloomberg” Stephanopoulos championing Katie “Cheap Thrill” Hill, Hammerhead O’Donnell with a hammer and sickle about Trump (dude, give it a rest), coverage of Stephen Miller’s wedding about as honest and polite as you’d expect, and Daniel Greenfield on the self-inflicted demise of the small town paper.

More on the Virginia attempted disarmament of the citizenry, funny how none of the candidates 

spoke about gun control at the site of one of the worst mass shootings in history and Joe Biden self-aware enough to spew this tripe in desperation as he sinks beneath the waves.


US monitoring the Farsis for future attacks, Farsis cribbing their spiel from farshimmelt alta-kocker, Victor Davis Hanson not a fan of the Chi-Coms, nine dead in Deutschland in apparent anti-Muslim attack. False flag as pretext to crack down on “right wing” political groups? Would not doubt it, all things considered. Also, Katie Hopkins on London getting all stabby, Chi-Coms selling poisoned fish to Kenyans, Little Big Gulp spewing Chi-Com propaganda about pollution, Caroline Glick exhorts Bibi to build, and bravo for some Canadians who take the fight to the enviro-luddite-commies.


In praise of Richard Grenell as DNI, and CAIR defeated in bid to censor Raymond Ibrahim from speaking at the Army War College about knowing our enemy.


California seizures, and more madness in NY as “a state judge reinterprets an old law to force a developer to demolish his building.”


Leon Cooperman with a warning on Sanders as if we needed one, and the Trump economic miracle represents a rejection of Obama, despite Obama wanting to take the credit for it.


De Bolshevik gets blasted for unleashing criminals on the Rotting Apple. My advice to my fellow citizens, LOLGF, or wake the hell up, change your evil ways and stop voting for more of the same every damn four years.


Too Wong Flu sufferers to Spokane isolation unit, what the actual fcuk are they thinking?! And finally, if you sleep around you’ll get cancer.


Brigham Young knuckles under to big homo, Wisconsin parents fight back against schools attempting to disfigure the children, and at long last, UCLA might be punished for coddling Jew-hate on campus.


Joe Biden and Elizabeth Wan with the pandering. Not that they wouldn’t do what they claim if G-d forbid they ever get the chance.


Our intrepid science reporter with more fascinating geological Martian chronicles.


Of course she did.


Matt Gaetz went on The View and slapped around the yentas, Christian Toto on Esquire attempting to out John Krasinski as a closeted-con, and the Giants squelch Aubrey Huff for the outrageous crime of supporting Trump.

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