The Morning Report 2/20/20

Good morning, kids. Thursday and you can bet your bollocks to a barn dance that after last night’s Democrat nightmare in Nevada, they wished it was on a Saturday night when no one would’ve been watching. But the tiny tyrant, diminutive dictator, Little Big Gulp Mike Bloomberg might have set in motion not only a Trump win in November, but perhaps the splitting of the Democrat party as a result. I’m getting ahead of myself, so let’s dive in to the fecal soup that was last night and recap some of the action. I invite you to refer to the transcript of Breitbart’s live blog linked below for the blow by blow description.

With Bloomberg coming from out of nowhere to “rescue” the Democrat Party to beat Trump, there was no way the rest of that field who had been campaigning for close to a year already let him steal the limelight or the nomination (more on that brainwave in a moment). The guy may be a billionaire but did he really not think that his record as well as his foibles and campaign-killing sound bites would not be used against him? That’s precisely what Elizabeth Wan did, and it was pretty effective. 

That said, the bloody exchange between Bloomberg and Bernie Sanders was particlulary delicious to watch. The former, who mind you is trying to get the nomination from a political party whose base is hard left and heading harder and further left, just ripped its most popular candidate and the ideology he embraces as utter failures, as well as his hypocrisy for being a wealthy socialist with multiple homes. The stunning thing about this particular exchange is just how revelatory it is about the candidates. First, Bernie got so apoplectic, I thought was going to have another heart attack, but it shows that if he did go one on one with Trump, OrangeManBad would destroy him. Second, I find it quite laughable that Bloomberg is talking about the evils and failures of communism when as mayor of New York he has gone pedal to the metal to dictate how people live with bans on everything from guns to salt to styrofoam, while at the same time using his media empire to shield and whitewash the totalitarian thuggery in Communist China. Not to be outdone, putrid pipsqueak Peter Puffer tried to thread the needle as some sort of “real Democrat” and attacked both Bloomie’s billions and Bernie’s Bolshevism, which is risible in the extreme considering his father was a hardcore Stalinist and disciple of Antonio Gramsci who preached about taking over free countries via “the long march through the institutions.” 

That really was the theme for the night: hypocrisy on parade, but that has always been the story of the Democrat Party since time immemorial. Circling back to what I alluded to, I think tonight was yet another disaster for the Democrats. They are pinning their hopes on Bloomberg to be a face of moderation that voters can rally behind. But by trying to do this, they have forced the candidates to openly debate the merits or lack therof not only of socialism as a philosophy but the very policies that are at the cutting edge of it; policies which most Americans still at a minimum do not agree with and in general find abhorrent. That is, when their media gatekeepers allow those issues to enter the discourse. Note the absence of any questions about abortion and amnesty.

In any case, Sanders was the candidate to beat but after last night, it will be interesting to see the direction his poll numbers take. Sure, Bloomberg got cut to ribbons but I don’t think anyone necessarily improved their standing. Looking ahead, the way the Democrat primaries are structured, Bernie still might not garner enough delegates to lock up the nomination outright, which means a brokered convention. The Democrats do not want him to run against Trump because he’d get crushed. So, even with Bloomberg’s hideous performance last night, they seemingly have no other alternative, or are seeking no other alternative but to stick with him and his billions.

Whether the Democrats actually rig the primaries and blatantly steal it from Bernie as they did in 2016 (although back then, he was a willing shill candidate to run against Hillary, at least at first until the base rejected her) or if the delegates vote to give it to Bloomberg legitimately at the convention, the Bernie Bros will simply not accept that outcome. That means the Democrat Party fractures and Bernie runs third party this year with perhaps a permanently disaffected base. Or, recognizing that potential catastrophe that will last well beyond next November, the Democrats may swallow hard and let Bernie get wiped out by Trump. Plus, when you consider that so far, Bloomberg has burned through nearly half a billion dollars just to get humiliated, with perhaps an option for half a billion more, that’s just 32 ounces of sugary icing on the cake. Of course, we’ll see how the Democrat voters of Nevada caucus next week. 

No matter what that outcome, it is obvious that the Democrats are in total disarray, warring from within, have zero policies that average Americans want, let alone regard for average Americans and America in general (they do love those illegal aliens!) and are headed for a wipeout not seen since 1984.



Perhaps this is an indicator of swamp drainage; some Pentagon hack named John Rood who was involved in ascertaining Ukraine’s eligibility for defense aid has abruptly ankled his post. May many more follow him out the door, if not directly to the hoosegow. Meanwhile, Jerry Nadler’s latest attempt to continue the Ukraine persecutions may have exploded in is bloated maw, Margot Cleveland with the absolutely shocking revelation that the supposed bipartisan letter demanding Barr resign is a leftist sham, Mikvah Waters opens her filthy sewer and spews demands that Barr be destroyed, Dems beg IG Horowitz to persecute Rudy, and Jimmy the Druid Comey gets ripped for spouting garbage vis a vis Roger Stone and the DoJ: “It is the president’s duty and obligation to intervene to correct miscarriages of justice and to root out corruption within the government. Don’t let anyone – especially the insolent ex-director of the FBI – tell you otherwise.”


Walls closing in? That said, how the hell can we trust the FBI when the FBI was and may still be in on the plot to overthrow the President and protect their fellow conspirators?


Well, of course they did. Without looking, I can guess who appointed these hacks-in-black.


If Eric Holder, for no legitimate reason at all, impose a consent decree to take over the Ferguson, MO police department, then it stands to reason AG Barr can do the same with the SFPD on completely legitimate and pressing need. 


While the Democrats were engaged in a circular firing squad, masses of real Americans gathered in Phoenix for yet another fantastic Trump rally. Trump supporters were seen carrying a World War 2 veteran to his seat, and if that’s not a metaphor for who and what we are, I don’t know what is. Also, Sandersnista up by 19 in Nevada as of before the debate, are the Dems headed to a brokered convention, Mollie Hemingway on the Dems pinning their hopes on Little Big Gulp, a farmer on Washington challenges the midget to teach her about farming, Paul Harvey with the rest of the story, he really is a tyrant, a prognostication that he won’t get the nod, the kerfluffle over who has a worse heart condition, Julian Castro goes counter the DNC narrative on Bloomberg, one of Bernie’s aides fires up rally with krazy kommie krap, the Left in el panic-o mode over Latinos going mas grande por Naranja Hombre Malo, Trump campaign hires Cambridge Analytica macher, meet the anti-Donkey Chompers Catalina Lauf, and Whoopi Rape-Rape attacks Toothy McBigTits, Peter Puffer challenges Rush and Trump to debate family values, this E. Jean Carroll dame really is tiresome, and the question of whether or not Democratic-Socialism is even legal in this country is kind of moot, all things considered. 


George Zimmerman sues Elizabeth Wan and Peter Puffer for calling him a white supremacists, on Big Tech’s stranglehold on censorship vis a vis shielding the Chi-Coms on coronavirus, put the White House Correspondent’s dinner out of our misery, WaPo attacks Tom Cotton at behest of the Chi-Coms, Daniel Greenfield exposes Zuckerberg wanting to wipe out what’s left of California’s middle class, and a call for SCOTUS to take on religious freedom in the First Amendment vis a vis Masterpiece Cakeshop once and for all.


Dems go after their own for helping kill Coonman’s gun grab law.


Doug Jones on his way to being one and done (please G-d), abortion ignored at debate with four candidates facing the music in the Senate, your tax dollars bought slaughtered baby parts, and Colorado Democrats vote to continue the legacy of Josef Mengele.


Too Wong Flu claims two victims on cruise ship off Japanese coast, Mike Pompeo wars Iranians about attacks on US posts in Iraq, Trump warns the Krauts about going with Huawei on 5G, Trump breaks stranglehold of so-called “Palestinians” on rest of Arab world, and a new plans for Greenland-US relationship.


Trump names stalwart ally Richard Grenell to DNI top spot. 


The madness of California in two essays. And I thought Toothy McBigTits said some dumbass garbage, but this little chestnut from Gavin Gruesome takes the cake.


More on the triumph of Trump’s economic miracle and how the Democrats flail to either talk it down or otherwise give Obama credit for it. Also, a reminder that the fools on that debate stage want to gang-anal-rape the golden goose until nothing’s left but a fistful of feathers and a puddle of schmaltz.


So, Coonman wants to spring juvie murderers including Lee Boyd Malvo. I guess Virginia is for lovers… of insanity. But New York sets the pace when it comes to freeing criminals and Tennessee fires up the electric chair for a convicted murderer. I guess the Democrats will be scrambling for his absentee ballot…


Too Wong Flu may be hitting Washington state, it’s perhaps much deadlier than advertised, outright in-your-face propaganda on nationalized health insurance, and the opioid crisis is still a thing.


Talk about a shot/chaser combo…


Yeah, Bloomberg’s a “moderate” all right.


The young lady who sued to stop the tranny freaks from ruining women’s athletics speaks out and a small town pushes back of tranny story time. Parents attending the events carrying baseball bats would be my suggestion. YMMV.


You talk about being a hero; G-d bless this gentleman. Also, Spielberg reacts to daughter’s career choice: “ET Bone Home,” Cookie Milano show gets the chop, Christain Toto on media still shamelessly pimping Birds of Prey flop, The Atlantic with feminazi man-hating bilge, progressives continue to mangle the meaning of words, yeah we’re polarized but remind the left at every turn that they caused it, the legacy of Reagan and Thatcher, and finally the wages of “wokeness” is the end of civilization.

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  1. The DemonRats fundamental problem is that having an entire clown car full of candidates who resemble casting rejects from a Village People reboot, what with the fake Indian, Sheriff Joe, the Gay Guy, and now the Mayor of the Munchkins, will lead to less than optimal results.

  2. I think last night’s debate was a great example of the out and out battle American Progressives have fought for over a century — do they go Bolshevist or do they go Fascist?

    Bolshevist communism and fascism are two sides of the same revolutionary Marxist coin. Sanders represents the workers-of-the-world-unite brand of international communism that’s been the most American leftists since the 1960’s, but what many don’t remember is that it’s national socialist brand -fascism- was also immensely popular. Hell, Time made Hitler it’s Man of the Year back in the 1930’s. Bloomberg is a capital F fascist. He’s uber-rich but knows his fortune came from and depends on maintaining a quasi-capitalist economic system. He’s also an arrogant, authoritarian, Mussolini-esque asshole. In other times and countries, the followers of Bernie and Bloomberg would be slaughtering each other in the streets.

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