The Morning Report 2/19/20

Good morning, kids. Midweek and the news that was swirling yesterday about AG William Barr ready to quit because of being undermined by President Trump’s tweets is a crock. Whatever he might have said in an interview about the aforementioned, he’s not going anywhere and whatever investigations or potential prosecutions of the coup plotters are continuing apace. Or so we hope. While Barr’s motives and allegiances remain a question mark in the minds of those who want to see the likes of Brennan, Comey, Clapper, McCabe and all the rest swing, if all of this will essentially come to naught, which is not an unfounded assumption, it certainly seems he is taking an awful lot of heat from all the right places. Coming on the heels of demands for his resignation or firing by the Democrat-Media Complex, a thousand Federal judges are meeting to take aim at both Barr and the President, allegedly over what they feel as interfering in the Roger Stone case, but in reality is just another naked, desperate attempt to shut down whatever charges may yet be filed against the coup plotters and their co-conspirators. At least it’s good to know that Cocaine Mitch, Lindsey Graham and virtually all of the GOP (aside from a few notable exceptions) are digging in their heels in defense of Barr and the President.

Meanwhile, speaking of Roger Stone, despite a clear violation of even the most basic legal norms and protections vis a vis the revelations of the bias by the forewoman of Stone’s jury, the equally biased and rogue Clinton-appointed Amy Berman Jackson is moving ahead with Stone’s sentencing. At the barest of minimums, Stone’s sentencing should be delayed, but really his conviction should be completely thrown out, but we now live in a banana republic, lorded over by a corrupt bureaucracy and two-tiered justice system that is in place only to keep the latter in power and crush anyone who gets in its way.

All of this puts yesterday’s Presidential pardons/commutations of Rod Blagojevich and Ed DeBartolo Jr. in a new light. I wish he could have added Paul Manafort to that list and of course end the national disgrace of what the bastards have put Michael Flynn and his family through in their attempt to overthrow the 2016 election. And he’s still suffering. I assume the President and hopefully William Barr have a grand strategy to exonerate Flynn and all the other victims of political persecution that precludes them from acting immediately lest it interfere in whatever cases are pending against their tormenters. As I said yesterday, the most galling aspect of all of this is the fact that not only are the guilty free as a bird, but they have been given exalted, hero status by the Left while strutting, gloating and preening as the righteous victims of injustice. May the terrible swift sword of real justice wield its pimp hand across their collective mugs, and soon.


Also of note, Rep Chip Roy notes the rank hypocrisy of the Left in ignoring the litany of real corrupt influence under Eric “the Chinless” Holder, rumors swirl that the recently promoted Deputy National Security Adviser Victoria Coates was in fact the “Anonymous” author and the anti-Trump mole working to sabotage the President from within, and that she will be demoted. Hello, treason? Sheesh. And on the lighter side, the you-couldn’t-make-up-that-name-if-you-wanted-to Reality Winner, the NSA apparatchik imprisoned for leaking state secrets to the press is, get this, angling for the President to commute her sentence. To that I say learn to code, make license plates and scissoring.

UPDATE: Commenter Gnu Breed opines: “…treason sounds a bit overblown here. As an interesting aside, Monica Showalter at AT has written a piece claiming that she highly doubts it is Victoria, based on a personal friendship and contacts over Trump’s candidacy / preezyship. She sez Coates has been a loyal backer, and thinks someone is trying to oust her from the NSC because she IS loyal.” Points taken, sir.


Joe insists his son is as innocent as the day is long. 


This year marks the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims landing at Plymouth Rock, but I’m surprised it took this long for the Taliban-ing to happen, a Republican actually running against Malig-Nancy Pelosi has an Antifa thug get in his face and openly telling him he wants him dead (don’t get me started), and remember that cancel culture is about cancelling you, period.


Bernie Sanders is a JeBBO – Jew By Birth Only – and only clueless, secularized apostates who measure their Yiddishkeit by bowls of matzo ball soup consumed and ability to quote Fiddler On the Roofwould vote for this sick paskudnyak, and… well, Florida. QED.


So after getting cold busted, Chris Murphy is now crowing about his meeting with Iranian terror regime mouthpiece Javad Zarif and spewing utter tripe about engaging in talks with that regime because Trump won’t. This really is insurrection. What the hell sort of “quid pro quo” did the unctuous troll promise once the President was overthrown? Nice that Trump trolled him with a reference to the Logan Act but I don’t think Murphy and the others with him are going to face any consequences. Sad. Elsewhere, the Massachusetts Dem arrested by the FBI for goniffing funds to pay off gambling debts was, get this, on the ethics committee, Clinton appointed hack-in-black forced out over sexual abuse charges, Putin stooge hosts fundraiser for Susan Collins’ challenger (hello? Russian interference?), Michelito Lo-Lo who is literally trying to buy the Democrat nomination and the party itself once whistled a very different high-pitched tune on big-buck campaign ads, and it turns out that this pudgy Reid Hoffman stooge who may very well have sabotaged the Alabama senate race to install Doug Jones bankrolled the outfit that led to the Iowa Caucus fiasco. 


To the border we go where first up, no surprise here, Trump really wants that wall built, Peter Puffer pushes free healthcare for illegals while insulting actual Americans, speaking of utterly corrupt and contemptible judges, we have a two-fer for your consideration.


Debate night tonight in Nevada where after buying his way on to the debate stage, Michelito Lo-Lo better use the milk crates he’s going to stand on as a shield. No doubt the other candidates are going to be gunning for him. Elsewhere, throw a burning tire around Bernie’s neck and he’s a dead ringer, Tingles freaking out over Bernie getting the nod, what will the aforementioned’s droogs do if he loses or, worse, if he wins, Sanders rightly rips into Little Big Gulp, can the midget actually bamboozle the public, Hillary not interested in being a backseat driver, Sean Davis with a funny takedown of Michelito, what will Obama do, or not do, if Sanders beats the DNC, so Limbaugh was right about Dem voters not thrilled with voting for a homo, Peter Puffer’s constituents in South Bend warn America about his record, blue on blue in Pennsylvania, Oregon counties want to secede to Idaho, Pee-Air Defecto whores out to Big Goulash, Trump-averse voter praying for four more years, Daniel Greenfield thinks it’s in the bag but Angelo Codevilla with a warning of a possible outcome where Trump loses. Good essay as usual but I don’t see Codevilla’s scenario happening. At least not as of today.


I know we have a state-run media, pace Limbaugh, but to have it run by the Chinese is just not kosher. Also, the Sandersnistas praise Fox over MSNBC, Soros looking to take out Zuckerberg; I wonder what the real ploy is all about. Also, on drone technology, privacy and regulation in the era of Big Brother Tech.


Too Wong Flu claims the hospital director in Wuhan, Justin Trudeau dealing poorly with renegade Indians blockading border bridges, Pompeo rips the cheese-eating surrender monkeys while confident that the latest travel ban will have no ill effects on African trade, cautious optimism about the PDT peace plan, Senate Dems conspiring to kneecap Trump’s efforts to shit-can traitors and saboteurs in the foreign service, Caroline Glick high on settlement expansion in Israel, and thug Maduro opens fat face and flings flatus.


So, Trump does the right thing and yet there is resistance in the Senate. Rand Paul dons Jekyll persona to defend the Afghan pullout.


Reform in Islam means IKEEEEEEELYOU any way you slice it. Or any way they slice you.


Ah yes, you can just smell the Dems’ desperation as well as see why the courts are crucial in advancing their agenda when they can’t win elections, California must boycott, divest and sanction… from China, and two left wing shit holes drowning in a homeless crisis will never see the forest for the trees. That is, their policies that created the crises in the first place.


You have got to believe Obama’s jug-eared head exploded over this, Styrene Steyer is a complete economic illiterate just like everyone in his party, this Kshama Sawant broad is a truly dangerous psycho, but that said, this is what Fauxca-Has-Been and Obama started with the CFPB, a warning about the endless spending and borrowing even in the age of Trump, and city zoning done right in Miami for a change.


With all the outrage over the Blago commutation, we have a little trip down memory lane about Obama’s pardons and two stories centering around the decriminalization/expunging of drug sentences, with Daniel Greenfield’s discovery that it’s a backdoor way to register Dem voters.


Get your mind right or die in the UK and if Little Big Gulp can’t kill the little bastards when they pop out, he’ll just starve them to death. 


After paying out to Gibson’s Bakery, Oberlin puts the bite on the working man, and the Georgetown Library bans “offensive” books. 


Our intrepid science reporter on Space X taking reservations, and what could possibly go wrong?


Anyone who favors kids in drag deserves a horsewhipping and we’ll see how the UK goes after the Jooz for this. I’m sure they’d do the same thing at the local masjids, right?


Invoking her Guadalcanal veteran father, Chrissy Hynde of the Pretenders praises Trump for honoring Rush Limbaugh, as does Jerry Rice, fight for the nuclear family, Christian Toto on Billy Crystal’s latest outing, and one podcast that goes after those who blood libel America. 

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