The Morning Report 2/18/20

Good morning, kids. Tuesday and there are a few things popping that in theory should get us excited but considering the two-tiered justice system we live under, I’m tempted to just throw my hands up and shout what’s the point? Meh, it is what it is, but it still doesn’t take away from the gravity of the items in light of the situation. 

First up, liberal legal eagle Alan Dershowitz revealed during an interview with Breitbart’s Joel Pollak that he has absolute proof that Nazi collaborator and convicted felon George Soros either asked, or perhaps ordered, Barack Obama to have the FBI investigate someone. Dershowitz did not reveal the identity of the individual in question nor how he came about this information but he stated that it will all be made public during the course of an impending lawsuit. Nowadays when you hear the word “investigate” coupled with “FBI” the immediate conclusion is Gestapo-like persecution of political enemies. During the Obama Reign of Error, the names Sharyl Atkisson, James Rosen and Nakoula Basily Nakoula come to mind without even having to probe the memory banks too deeply. He weaponized the federal bureaucracy as a tool of political repression like no other president in history, especially the law enforcement and intelligence gathering agencies. Not that they had any misgivings at all about following orders or even doing dirty work on their own initiative to further the cause of fundamental transformation. But circling back, if Obama is doing Soros bidding then who really was running the country from 2009-2016? That is what we call in the trade a rhetorical question. Also, if you take a look at the second link, I’m sure you’ll be shocked – shocked! – to find that not only was that letter signed by over 1,000 ex-prosecutors and DoJ officials demanding AG Barr’s resignation not a grassroots effort at all, but that it was organized and funded by none other than… George Soros. Considering Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, George Papdopoulos and now Roger Stone have all been put through hell as if Obama was still in office now lends credence to the theory that he was just a cut-out doing Soros’ bidding. 

CORRECTION: The letter was funded by Pierre Omidyar, not Soros. That said, Soros has his fingers in so many corrupt operations, it’s easy to get them confused. 

Meanwhile, speaking of Michael Flynn, the FBI has admitted that it arranged a “briefing” with candidate Donald Trump and his then erstwhile NSA director under the pretext of investigating alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election, but in actuality for the sole purpose of secretly gathering anything they might say to be used as evidence with which to rhetorically, if not literally, hang them. This puts things in a new light with the announcement that AG Barr has reportedly decided to have an outside prosecutor look into the Flynn case. 

It’s just staggering to me that people like Alan Dershowitz, and more importantly Peter Schweizer and Lee Smith can connect the dots up with dates, names and figures (if not the evidentiary proof) of the plotters that would surely, in a just world, send them all to federal prison for the rest of their miserable lives. But, no. Even on one provable and actual count of perjury, the Department of Justice refuses a slam dunk case against Andrew McCabe who, along with his gum moll Lisa Page and now other assorted vermin including Sally Yates take to the airwaves to do an impression of John Gotti after Bruce Cutler got him off via rigged and/or intimidated juries. That is the unkindest cut of all. And yes, I’m aware of the irony of Rudy Giuliani eventually sending him to his fate, but hold that thought.

For sure, the attempt to discredit and destroy William Barr is because the coup plotters fear prosecution. But considering what was done to all the aforementioned victims as well as Brett Kavanaugh and even Clarence Thomas, it’s also the dead-fish-in-Luca Brasi’s-flak-jacket/horse’s-head-in-Jack-Woltz’s-bed. Or does he really need this reminder considering his over-30-year career in DC? 

Even if by some miracle actual serious Federal charges are brought to one or more of the conspirators, given the behavior of Roger Stone’s jury foreperson Tomekah Hart and the hack-in-black judge Amy Berman Jackson, any trial would have to be moved as far into the hinterland away from DC as possible. But, I’m getting way ahead of myself. Even the usually optimistic Rush Limbaugh who had been a big Barr booster voiced his disappointment that he let McCabe get off scot-free. 

But, as Rush himself has stated numerous times since the miracle of November 2016, what we are witnessing is part and parcel of what pushback looks like. It’s why I have absolutely no problem whatsoever in Trump taking to the airwaves or Twitter to blast the Democrat-Media Complex directly. The Swamp is the Swamp and it’s not going to drain itself. This President is working miracles in that regard if by no more than forcing them to reveal themselves for everyone who has eyes to see and a mind to think. It was never going to really change overnight or in his first term, and probably not even in his second. But he (and we) has brought us to an inflection point in history. Whatever happens, we cannot go on as before. Something’s got to give. Perhaps Malig-Nancy Pelosi’s rather quiet instructions to her party to stop going after Trump for the duration of the electoral cycle is a harbinger of things to come. It may not mean the Deep State is going to face real consequences for its actions past and present, but it means that we the people are at a minimum aware that they exist and of their malign intentions. So, at least that is something to build on. 



And the hits just keep on coming. Meh, he’ll doe a few months at Club Fed if he does anything. Best we can hope for is a stripper with Wuhan PPNG.


NYU’s response to criminal vandal professor about as feckless and bullshit as you’d imagine. 


Mollie Hemingway reports that while Iran is killing, torturing and persecuting its citizens in a desperate attempt to preserve the mullah-ocracy, Chris Murphy took a secret trop to Munich (how appropriate) to meet with regime mouthpiece and John Kerry BFF Javad Zarif. Like Teddy Kennedy going to the Soviets in ’84 to reassure them that once Reagan is ousted they’ll scrap SDI, I’m sure this loathsome insect promised nukes and bucks to the mullahs once Trump has been ousted. Censure and removal from office? Yeah, sure. Also, Al Sharpton still in arrears for almost $1 million from his 2004 campaign and Michelito Lo-Lo sure knows how to attract minority voters.


So, maybe ICE should arrest Eric Garcetti and Chief Moore, a warning to Trump that Senate Republicans are itching to get him to do Simpson-Mazzoli II, Amnesty Boogaloo, Daniel Greenfield on how we got played in allowing thousands of Iraqis and Afghanis to get in, and American CEOs play the system to give a million US jobs to supposedly “temporary” Indian grads. I know capitalism and this is not capitalism.


So it looks like it’s shaping up to be a Bernie-Midget race, Bernie pimps socialism, Dems in freakout mode over Michelito Lo-Lo’s campaign only helping Trump, more on the internecine Dem wars, Tank Abrams now eager to get in the back of the bus while calling for electoral college abolition using any underhanded means possible, Peter Puffer touts his “conservative” family values or something, Utah politicians considering resolution calling for Pee-Air Defecto to resign, a Democrat attends a Trump rally, sees the light and warns fellow Dems, deconstructing the Trump as tyrant trope, black conservative warns about laughing at Toothy McBigTits, and Salena Zito looks at what’s really behind Trump support vis a vis the recent attacks against rural Americans who support him.


Titanic conflict of interest with Bloomberg News as the midget makes his move, Goolag’s new cookies rule a ruse to grab more power, countering the 1619 Project, and “all of their predictions are based on the conventional wisdom and assumptions of an insulted and excluded D.C. intelligentsia, and all are wrong.” Yup.


Huge victory for gun rights in Virginia, but knowing the Left, they’ll never stop, and I was high on Ron DeSantis in Florida but he better straighten up and fly right by encouraging a repeal of that red flag law.


So, Chinese researchers think Too Wong Flu might have been made in a Chi-Com lab, Trump in a showdown with Bo-Jo over Huawei, can we put Chris Murphy in the nose cone of a Farsi missile, Pompeo vows help in fighting Islamic terror in Africa, another reason why Brexit was popular, and Michelito Lo-Lo has some huge conflicts of interest with the Chi-Coms. I wonder if he’ll still back Xi in the next Chinese elections or some other party. What a fucking clod.


We really do need to win the 5-G race, but considering the political bent of our big tech companies, I have worries. Meh, we can team up with the Israelis.


As if to underscore Secretary Pompeo’s words.


Schwarzenegger briefly shows some class and it’s back to the 70s for NYC. 


Coronavirus with ripple effect on US economy, jug-eared failure attempts to take credit for Trump economic miracle and gets blasted, and 6 million people are now off food stamps, no doubt who got on them during the years between 2009-2016.


Speaking of the dissolution and decay of NYC…


Michelito Lo-Lo parroted Obama’s take the pain pill prescription, and debunking single-payer happy talk.


Mississippi Dem wants your kids mind under state control, defending standardized tests, 2020 campus madness this spring, and the thugs attack gun rights gal at OU.


Bezos to plunk down $10 billion to save the planet. As long as we aren’t forced into it somehow, it’s his money to waste. Also, Trump with a great hire at EPA and the cost of ASS is always big.


Our intrepid science reporter with a look at our burgeoning rocket industry and what it says about the freedom to innovate.


These parents should be found and publicly horsewhipped, and with polygamy, we’ve heard it all before.


Robert Spencer in praise of America first, even Oprah not immune from the cultural revolutionaries, Christain Toto not a fan of new Amazon Nazi-hunter show, John Rhys-Davies with a potentially career-killing statement, and the Boy Scouts are all but dead. Again, invoking Iowahawk’s line about killing and gutting a respected institution, wearing its carcass as a skin-suit and demanding respect.

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