The Morning Report 2/26/20

Good morning, kids. Midweek and after last night’s performance in South Carolina, the Democrats are now just making what’s left of the ash and rubble bounce. And with another debate scheduled for March and possibly one in April, the Democrat-Media Complex has got to be contemplating mass suicide. Per the gravamen of yesterday’s discourse, the Democrats are now publicly tearing down that which they supported and promoted for the past 50-100 years – socialism and communism (oh yes they did) – all to sabotage its most honest and vocal proponent, knowing full well that even today, despite three generations of academic brainwashing, the majority of Americans are repulsed by it, and that to openly espouse it is political suicide (as an aside, it’ll be a neat trick to see them try and revert back to stealth socialism and moral equivalency when the dust eventually settles, if that is even possible, despite the public’s seeming attention span of a flea). And yet, Bernie Sanders persisted!

Yes, I realize that the downside of Bernie beating the odds and winning the nomination presents the possible danger of his energizing his base as well as the rest of the Dems doing what we have done for virtually every election ever save for 80, 84 and 16 by holding their noses and voting for the farschimmelt fuhrer. But to my way of thinking, his winning the nomination will be even more of an incentive for a vastly greater number normal people who might have stayed home in 2016, or voted for Hillary to vote Trump. The actions of the Democrat establishment driven by their fear of Bernie taking over the party, all things being equal, along with the past three-plus years of Trump’s success I think bears out my optimism.

If you’re still unconvinced, just look at what happened last night. It was on a par with a pushover substitute teacher (think Everett Sloane or Arnold Stang) in a second grade classroom trying to stop hair-pulling, shin-kicking, name-calling, book-flinging, spitting, shrieking and caterwauling just as the principal is escorting the chairman of the board of education in for a visit to see a model classroom. CBS’ crack team (emphasis on “crack”) of Norah O’Donnell and Gayle King lost control of the entire affair as each of the participants were talking and even shouting over each other, as was the case with Sanders and Peter Puffer, for extended periods of time. 

The goal of the night was, of course, to take out Bernie Sanders, and although the attacks on him didn’t do much damage, his own quadrupling down of his defense of Cuba and the Castros is not going to help him at all, especially in the crucial swing state of Florida where even the Democrats there are not going to walk the plank and commit political suicide by defending him. But, Bernie has no choice; for him to renounce, however disingenuously that which he has staunchly and loudly defended and affirmed for decades would be his own political doom. 

Meanwhile, Little Big Gulp Bloomberg, now the champion of free markets and the scourge of Communism continues his idiotic assertion that Chi-Com dictator Xi Jinping is somehow accountable to his underlings and the citizenry. His Freudian slip pretty much admitting that he bought the Democrat House majority is not going to earn him brownie points with leftists who decry big money in politics, except of course when it makes their preferred candidates win elections. And that’s just it; Bloomberg isn’t on that list. 

Fauxca-Has-Been Warren unintentionally made a pro-life argument by attacking Bloomberg’s allegedly telling a pregnant employee to kill her unborn child. She also persisted in maintaining that she was indeed fired from a job for being pregnant, which is, of course, a bald-faced lie. Par for the course for her.

Joe Biden continues to ooze brain matter out of his ears, first by declaring that half the population of the US has been killed by gun violence, which was on top of his declaration that he was running for a US Senate seat. To see this guy out there is just disgusting. Not that I’m shedding any tears for him because of his nearly 50-year career in DC as one of its biggest goniffs, liars and frauds. Maybe James Clyburn can help him win some delegates and stay in the race and make things interesting as long as possible. That said, Tom Styrene Steyer crowed about supporting slavery reparations, as if that is going to help him. Ho-hum.

Tyler O’Neill at PJ Media has a pretty good summary (and overall recap):

… This is spot on. Sanders may insist his would be a smiley-face brand of socialism, but when push comes to shove, how will he react? A Heritage Foundation study found that taxing the rich at 100% would still fall trillions short of Medicare for All and the Green New Deal. Sanders has criticized the idea of having 18-23 different deodorant options, but that is exactly the point: a free-market consumer culture allows for a wide range of choices that allow for competition and niche tastes. A one-size-fits-all mentality cuts against the prosperity Americans prize and socialist governments historically became authoritarian because not everyone went along.

Liberty and prosperity are not the norm in human history – poverty and tyranny are, and the bloody history of the 20th century shows that socialism is a recipe for returning to that norm.

I sincerely hope Americans understand that and have the good sense to reject Bernie Sanders in November if he does indeed go on to win the Democratic nomination. While many think the clear contrast between Trump and Sanders would help the GOP, a socialist major-party nominee still represents a serious threat and a kind of belated victory for the Soviets in the Cold War.

Yet, as of now, conventional wisdom has it that Bernie would be the easiest candidate for Trump to beat…

Agreed. The good news is a showdown between Trump and Sanders would be epic, not just because Trump’s rhetorical skills and stage presence, but because his no holds barred defense of himself is really a no holds barred defense of America, the American people, heritage and history. And with Trump, the best defense is a good offense and he will go on offense. Let all America see the madness of Bernie Sanders and the Democrat Party, yes, he and they are one in the same, in stark contrast with America made great again.



Bloomberg internal poll shows Bernie on the ticket will destroy the Dems all the way down the ticket. Yes, it’s his company’s polling but I agree with that assessment. Elsewhere, the DNC is distancing itself from Sanders’ Cuba defense, Bernie trashes America and praises Venezuela, a differing viewpoint on how Sanders G-d forbid could win in November, Trump PAC with a good ad aimed at SC black voters using Obama to bash Biden, Joe Biden claims he negotiated the Paris Climate Accords with Deng Xiaoping years after he died, Amy Klownbuchar PAC going big in SC and Angelo Codevilla warns not to take the Bernie Bros lightly:

“During the past three years or so, the establishment has learned that Donald Trump barks but mostly does not bite. Nobody fears Trump. Bernie Sanders and his zealots are another story.”


Considering the GOP House members are generally not like the bullshitters in the Senate, maybe this is a good sign. Also, Trump “defends” Sanders by ripping Schiff-for-Brains, and to ask the question is to answer it.


Irresponsible, crooked and a cheapskate deadbeat. What a guy.


Salena Zito on the media covering up that Jacksonville political attack, and I like the premise but I fear we are way too late.


Daniel Greenfield on the frightening people propping up the old Bolshie, Bernie and Bloomberg’s financial finagling, and of course the courts are blocking this.


Two articles on the shooting death of Philp Haney, which I suspect the Deep State will try and do their best to cover up, SCOTUS slaps down Mexican lawsuit against a Federal Agent and one of Malig-Nancy Pelosi’s spark of divinity boys charged with raping a little girl. Summary executions, yo.


No more pro-Cuba propaganda? The media must be beside themselves. Also, Never-Trumpers freaking out over Bernie and want Warren and Klobuchar to drop out, FCC gets mass complaints about J.Lo-Life porn show, and two essays on how the media were complicit in covering for Harvey for all these years.


Gun control honcho hates women and minorities.


I have a lot of problems with Ben Sasse, but for his staunch and vocal defense by attacking those who would kill babies who survive the first attempt to kill them is praiseworthy. In that light CNN and Kirstin Gillibrand should go to Hell.


Trump praises the Lord in India, Antifa terrorists interfere with rail travel in Canada, Farsi health minister contracts Too Wong Flu, IOC frets about cancelling Tokyo Olympics, contested Afghan elections concern US, and arrest made in Germany in apparent attack on parade goers.


Nothing to see here, move along. Also, if you hated Bolton before, you’re really going to want to see this one.


Trump attacked for wanting money for Coronavirus measures, not enough money in the galaxy to pay for Bernie’s madness, Teh Ted rips Gavin Gruesome’s “prescriptions” for homeless people, Cuomo and NY Dems crushing the life out of upstate rural residents, and a case that SCOTUS should intercede on, but won’t. Typical.


After a 900-point dive on Monday, the Dow plunges almost as much yesterday on Coronavirus fears. Yes, the word “fears” is quite relevant. I think the fear is overblown and the drop might be “not wanting to let a crisis go to waste” in order to ding Trump in an election year. Also, thumbs up on Trump investment plan and MAGA is all about strengthening the middle class.


Coonman plan will set free the surviving DC sniper, over in Maryland, the government doesn’t give a damn what the people want especially if it makes sense (what else is new?), and Trump weighs in on Harvey.


London Breed’s panic in Frisco with Too Wong Flu state of emergency, and commie stooge Paypal Jaypal blood libels our flawed but overwhelmingly fantastic healthcare system. Meh, it sucks lady because assholes like you and Obama ruined it.


Brooklyn College, my alma mater and one of the most pro-Israel and hugely Jewish colleges has sunk beneath the waves. Then again, Bernie was an alumnus too. Feh. Also, Toothy McBigTits too stupid to realize what she’s saying, they won’t teach Orwell because the brainwashed kids might be deprogrammed by it, and a good essay but the first step is to abolish all teacher unions.


They want us dead… and about a couple billion others for Mother Gaia.


Bob Iger suddenly ankles Disney but will remain on the board (hmm), ABC with dating game for geriatrics, of course Netflix is not going to be honest about who really killed Malcolm X because it goes against the blame whitey meme, and did you see this story about the 42-year-old Zamboni driver who got to live out his dream for one night? Do you believe in miracles? Yes! Feel good indeed.

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