The Morning Report 2/28/20

Good morning, kids. The weekend is here, and thank the Lord for that. While the coronavirus and its spreading is not to be taken lightly, the panic over a possible pandemic has been 100% manufactured and pimped by a media that both lives off of sensational scare headlines and is desperate to destroy President Trump. And when I say destroy President Trump, I mean destroy the American people for daring to defy them with their mostly unwavering support for him and concomitant rejection of them. Both the Dow Jones and S&P suffered their greatest single-day loss in history, the former down nearly 1,200 points at the close, which comes on the heels of a two-day dump of about 2,000 points. Yes, I am aware that investors do no like uncertainty, and when way too much of our and the world’s products are produced in China, something like this is of course going to have a negative effect.

But yesterday, when the markets seemed to be leveling off and cooler heads prevailing, mostly as a result of the President’s pitch-perfect press conference where he deftly dodged the gotcha brigades, Gavin Newsome, the man presiding over a state that has devolved into virtual third world status, announced that they were monitoring 8,400 coronavirus cases in California, a statement that, given the facts as I understand them I find very hard to believe. But Wall Street listened and the markets swooned. Again, we have every reason to be concerned about a potential spreading of the virus within the US, but given the state of our healthcare delivery system as opposed to the rest of the world, and the actual lethality of the virus compared to other things such as SARS, Mers and ebola, the fear is just unwarranted. 

But the Democrat-Media Complex never lets a crisis go to waste. For them, the crisis is utter failure in their attempts to oust President Trump, and the even more disastrous failure of having his policies help every American better themselves, especially traditional Democrat constituencies which have been mired in misery for decades. Being demonstrably shown to be frauds, failures and swindlers, they could not allow that to stand. So, if causing a panic to spread 1,000 times faster than the actual virus wipes out close to $1 Trillion of average Americans’ investments and retirement accounts, with the added benefit of blaming it on the President’s tax and tariff policy along with general OrangeManBad and stupid, then so be it. What they are really doing, and they know they’re doing it, is inflicting pain and suffering on the American people as punishment for rejecting them in 2016 and most likely 2020. That, to me, goes beyond the merely criminal – it’s pure evil. 

That said, as bad as things are, I think this too will ultimately fail. There is just no way PDT is going to allow the Democrat-Media Complex to define this as Trump’s Katrina, (which was quite obviously the perfect storm of Democrat incompetence and graft, but sadly Dubya felt defending himself by pointing that out was beneath him). The virus is going to peter out and the market is going to recover. The added political bonus is it gives the President and the GOP, if they’re smart enough to play along, ammunition to use the coronavirus as evidence for border security, strict immigration enforcement, and the disengagement from Globalist economic policies that moved so much of our manufacturing overseas and made us reliant on and vulnerable to a geopolitical enemy that we once foolishly believed we could make an ally by selling ourselves out to them (thank you Nixon, Bush and Clinton). By the way, that’s not a hypocritical politicization on my part; that’s a righteous and proper response to actual critical problems with real-world, serious consequences that we have ignored for far too long. No doubt, the President and team realize this and will act accordingly the next time Malig-Nancy Pelosi and Cuck Schemer open their cake-holes.

Lastly, on a very positive note, it looks as if Israeli researchers might be well on their way to a vaccine, and not two years down the road either. Yes, I can see the likes of Bro-Fo Omar and Bernie Sanders already, spewing “the evil Yahoodies have a cure because they created the virus in the first place, and now they want us to pay for it!” Well, they can always boycott the vaccine since they don’t want to chance getting Joo-Cooties. By the way, the same Israeli research center that might have a vaccine is the same one that is going full steam ahead on the total cancer cure. 


Some of the other headlines relating to the virus and the politics, PDT mulls invoking special powers to deal with a possible outbreak, VP Pence who has been selected to head the taskforce made reassuring comments at CPAC as the Dems went ballistic over his appointment, the first indigenous case of the virus was reported in California but it should be noted that the victim was in or near the airport where the overseas victims were flown into. Meh, it makes for a good headline to sow more panic. Also, the Navy is quarantining all ships that were in the Far East, a dog in Hong Kong belonging to a victim tested positive but it’s believed that the virus is only a surface contact and not in its system, a couple of links in praise of the President’s handling of the press as well as the situation, a reminder that despite having ample funding on hand, the Dems want even more as well as, get this, to attach FISA extension legislation to the funding bill, the FDA is here to help… gum up the works, Chi-Coms ham-fistedly try to deflect blame elsewhere, Iran cases of the virus skyrocketing, flashback to 2009 when Biden spread panic about the eponymous swine flu, and the Great One and Daniel Greenfield on the Democrats using the virus to pimp open borders.


Well it looks like the Democrat super-delegates are openly stating they will not back Bernie, Dem donors down on Malig-Nancy and Cuck not stepping in to stop Bernie, after all the pissing and moaning about Bernie praising Cuba the Dems refuse to sign on to resolution condemning him for it, Rasmussen poll shows nearly a third of voters want Dems to just drop the pretext and declare they’re socialists, Lindsey sez Bernie on the ballot will sink the Dems down-ticket, a win in South Carolina might not save Biden, Victor Davis Hansen high on Trump winning more than ever, black leaders back and pray for PDT, Teh Ted slams Dems as party of the rich, Pee-Air Defecto’s booed at CPAC at the mention of his name, the Other McCain on CPAC, Darrell Issa’s return to the campaign trail marred by past anti-Israel comments, gay conservative Brandon Straka with a stem-winder at CPAC, and Conrad Black on the suicide of the Dem party, albeit only temporarily.


Christopher Steele’s firm continues pimping proven-fictional “dossier” as factual, good that McCabe and Comey were fingered by ex-G-but I’m not holding my breath, Doug Collins rips the Dems for stalling on FISA hearings, new book reveals FBI looked to Joseph Mifsud as an asset, and finally the Left continues to try and smear AG Barr out of Dodge.


Bernie has a big-time Jew problem; no, not him, but me and my co-religionists. He and his acolytes are no outlier. With the so-called “moderates” shunning AIPAC as well as equivocating on Muslim, Black and Antifa violence, the Democrat Party is officially anti-Semitic top to bottom. Also, a warning about Bro-Fo Omar/Nur and sharia.


Ex-Baltimore Mayor Pugh faces 3 years in the hole and watchdog group to probe Little Big Gulp for campaign finance fraud. Hell, his entire campaign is one massive fraud, financially as well as politically.


How Trump can parlay that big win on cutting off sanctuary cities into bigger wins, immigration as a winning race issue for the Right and another example from spark-of-divinity files.


Ninth Circuit rules against Prager-U in case against YouTube censorship. Well, technically it is a private platform and not a utility, but in practical terms they sure as hell are a utility and a monopolistic one at that. Also, Twitter muzzles Christian rapper for refusing the transsexual pronoun game, Obama’s thin skin irritated over pro-Trump ad featuring Biden, Joe Scarbororugh, the Intern-Killer, gets lambasted and a look at how fake news will infect the 2020 election.


Tom Massie has an excellent point.


I guess Aimless Klobuchar wants to pull a Tulsi and appear sane. That’s not going to attract Trump voters to switch and it certainly won’t do anything for the rabid lefties. Also, Ben Sasse shames CNN, if that is even possible, into retracting insane reference to babies who survive abortion, and lastly the disgusting video of teens giggling as one has an abortion. The Lord is watching and He is not amused.


Showdown in Quebec with armed Antifarians and Indians blocking a railroad line, Greeks don’t want no freaks or forced to accept immigrants, exposing the media’s 60-year campaign of lies about Cuba, and finally from DC to Hollywood to academia, a look at the destructive pro-Chi-Com propaganda effort in the US.


Legitimate opposition or just neo-con obfuscation? Discuss.


What could possibly go wrong?


Meh, Californians might be pissed about this but they won’t draw the parallel to other equally insane Leftist policies, and Bernie’s budget adds up to a bloody mess.


More on the Pandemic Panic that pounded Wall Street, and show this article to any brain-dead fool who loves him/her some socialism. Meh, they’re brain-dead, what’s the use?


So, Milwaukee gunman was black and a big Elizabeth Wan booster. No wonder there’s a media embargo on the story. Also, another bit of Little Big Gulp’s hypocrisy.


DoJ goes after Harvard’s racist admissions policy, death to the NEA, U of Oklahoma anti-racist protesters make demands (and deserve hickory shampoos), it’s not enough that higher education force conformity, now they want to monitor students’ every movement, and finally, it’s the family, stupid.


Soylent Brown! It’s Jerry! Also, a look at a German teen who takes on Scoldilocks.


Our intrepid science reporter on SpaceX’s Starship getting set for blastoff, and a scientific critical look at architecture’s effect on us vis a vis Trump’s plan to redesign federal buildings.


Stop the madness, Rabbi cites the emmes truth, and a call to kill the ERA dead.


Christian Toto is somewhat upbeat on Invisible Man, the New York Public Library actually does the right thing, several good links on cancel culture and political persecution including the Village People, 1980 Miracle on Ice team and Katie Hopkins, how does one just walk away when there are few options to walk to, and finally, a look at what Cuba really is all about from someone whose father was a Castro insider but fell out of favor and fled for his life.

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.