The Morning Report 3/6/20

Good morning, kids. Friday, and the fallout over Senator Chuck “Kid Twist” Schemer’s very public and open threat of violence against Justices Kavanaugh and Gorsuch is still smoldering. Given the nature of the Swamp, as well as the presidential race and coronavirus in the news cycle, I’m kind of surprised. That said, and with the weekend here, the cynic in me expects this to be forgotten come Monday, but who knows. Majority leader Mitch McConnell, laconic and jowly though his delivery may be, nevertheless ripped Schemer from the well of the Senate, reading his”shameful” threats into the record. With one hand dripping with rhetorical blood (for now) and the other clutching a rhetorical smoking gun (ibid), the execrable paskudnyak tried defending his comments until he saw the he couldn’t, and then conveniently claimed he “misspoke.” Funny how Leftists, to paraphrase Churchill, are always either at your throat or at your feet. 

David Harsanyi in the NY Post notes

…Schumer doesn’t have the power to follow through on any threats, thankfully. His attack, like many less obvious ones, is just part of the left’s concerted effort to delegitimize the court, denigrate its justices and undermine the legality of its decisions. This isn’t surprising; the Constitution – and the jurists who are inclined to uphold it – are the biggest impediments to the progressive agenda. So expect a lot more of this.

But what Harsanyi misses is that his words have the power to motivate individuals like Dick Durbin-linked would be mass-assassin James Hodgkinson. 

As I reported yesterday, when even ultra-Leftist Laurence Tribe, who is a close friend of Schemer, was outraged by the comments, you know he knows he stepped in it. But, the fact that he said what he said and then doubled down proves that he felt comfortable thinking he had the media in his pocket as well as a GOP that would huff, puff and then roll over, which is the usual way these things have gone since time immemorial. But this is the age of miracles and wonders; that is, the age of Trump. While I certainly do not expect what Mark “Great One” Levin is calling for, there is a definite hue and cry coming up from the GOP for, at a minimum, a vote to censure and condemn Schemer. At least one former US attorney rightly claims that the threats “may very well be criminal.” They sure as hell sounded like that to me. I too, Senator, “am from Brooklyn.” 



To politics we go and the President last night was in Joe “Old Joe” Biden’shometown of Scranton, PA where he laid down some emmes truth about his style and his substance, the GOP is eager to go after the doddering demented Democrat’s mental health despite the sudden geschrei from Leftists who only weeks ago were doing the same damned thing, and a really good essay on a mortally wounded (at least for now) Democrat Party, with a pull quote that should be embroidered and hung on a wall: 

“The Democrats and the Deep State have spent the last four years constructing the greatest wag-the-dog spectacle America’s ever seen in an attempt to cover up the malfeasance and criminality of the last administration, while preventing the current one from achieving too many victories.”

Also, Little Big Gulp ready to help Biden, Leftists lament that the alleged party of diversity is down to choosing between two old white guys, several good essays about the ghost of Bernie past, present and future, reading the tea leaves on the 1/1024th human Fauxca-Has-Been; will she endorse Bernie or be bribed by the Establishment into supporting the incredible two-headed transplant of Chuck Wepner’s arteries and Duk Koo Kim’s head? The world wonders, but it doesn’t seem to look good for Bernie in this regard. Meanwhile Malig-Nancy Pelosi calls Democrat voters misogynists for not voting for Lizzie Boredom. Elsewhere, I know I shouldn’t get my hopes up at all and yet the prospect of at least someone going against Nadler, who is my Congressblob, is as exciting as that rush you get immediately after purchasing a Powerball ticket. 

Elsewhere, LA dodged a bullet in the DA race but I expect Al Franken’s ’76 Le Sabre to be delivering a trunk-load of undiscovered ballots, Pee-Air Defecto and Lindsey are cut from the same bolt of soiled shmattes, North Carolina votes for its first Bro-Fo, Daniel Greenfield exposes this radical vegan thug squad and a look at what Howard Zinn’s debunked ravings hath wrought, and are still wrought-ing. Piss be upon him.


Too Wong Flu continues raging as the actual virus merely spreads a little further. Media of course still lying about Trump calling it a “hoax,” an ER doctor with some calming perspective, Victor Davis Hanson lectures that it’s not so much the virus but the unanswered questions about it that stokes our fear, more stats about the fatality rate to put things in perspective, and now all of Italy is affected with infected. Basta cosi.


Cuckoo for coups news, and the FBI agents who were involved in spying on Carter Page are now barred (no pun) from further activity of this type, one of Pappy Bush’s hacks-in-black rips AG Barr, Mollie Hemingway echoes a major logic brainwave, Julie Kelly wants FISA dead, and Malig-Nancy Pelosi continues to beat a dead Kerry.


Reminder: Sanders and his ilk state publicly what virtually all of the Democrat Party and Leftists think. Including the JEBBOs (Jews By Birth Only)


Mixed bag at the border and in DC. Great news from the CBP chief, alarming news about Chinese infiltrators, disappointing words from DHS chief and alarming news about new GOP DREAMer push (don’t do it, Mr. President). Also, a 94-year-old Nazi concentration camp guard was deported back to Germany. If they can do that then surely we can deport a Nazi collaborator and convicted felon who openly boasted about ratting out Jews and then expropriating their property, nein? I’m as serious as a Bernie Sanders cardiogram. 

Lastly, remember the Cuban man who waved an American flag out in the open at some Commie parade in Havana? Evidently he’s alive and well, exiled in Guyana, and fearing for his life. He wants to come to the US but wants to enter legally. I would love it if PDT would champion this man’s cause, not just because it would be the right thing to do but because you just know the Democrat-Media Complex will oppose it.


Cenk Uygur rips the media for circling the wagons around Joey Brain-Bleeds, media never challenged Elizabeth Wan about being 0/1024th truthful, and Brit Toby Young picks up cause of free speech in Blighty.


Governor Jolson McBabySmothers might turn out to be an unsung hero in getting Trump re-elected and Democrats demolished everywhere, please G-d.


More on the upcoming SCOTUS abortion battle that could finally help kill Roe v. Wade.


Trump admin with Secretary of State Pompeo warn of consequences for Farsis ramping up uranium enrichment, yet at the same time their already comatose economy could be totally wiped out by coronavirus, NorK nuke naughtiness could also be covering up massive health catastrophe there, two, including Daniel Greenfield on Turkey using the migrant weapon to overrun what’s left of European Europe, the Israeli elections expose the Dems as political dinosaurs to go along with the geriatric variety, Walter Williams on the locust plague hitting Africa hard (Bob Geldof to the white courtesy phone), and Conrad Black debunks another Trump smear on nationalism and sovereignty.


Rare moment of sanity in the House, naturally opposed by 174 Dems lead by the “Justice Democrat” freak show.


First, from American Spectator, “voters’ apparent rejection on Tuesday of a new Prop 13 school bond suggests the spirit of the original tax revolt is not entirely dead… at least not yet.” Also, more blood-libeling of Trump, and finally more court vacancies for PDT and Cocaine Mitch to fill, this time at the second highest court in the land.


Coronavirus blues on Wall Street, again, but is there a looming catastrophe on the horizon because of it?


With the LA DA race narrowly won by someone relatively normal, a BLM measure decriminalizing crime and handcuffing cops sails through, a female teacher faces jail time for raping student, and a UAW prexy accused of embezzlement. Or, Day-Ending-in-Y Dept.


Out of touch. Yup, that says it all, on every level.


Wait, I thought Evergreen State went under? In any case, Cuck Schemer’s chickens come home to bash kids on the head, and the LA teachers union goes from Marxist to Shining Path Maoist.


Our intrepid science reporter with an essay on coronavirus madness and hysteria cancelling the 51st Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (LPSC-51) in Houston. When even scientists get the heebie-jeebies…


This Bishop Jackson is a brave guy, and this transgender insanity has got to be stopped.


A very good essay on Progressivism as death cult given the major news and issues of the day, about those sweet, peace-loving kumbaya native Americans… Also, “many Americans today claim to be irreligious, but how can anyone be expected to hear G-d when they can’t even hear themselves over the cacophony coming from their own hand?” and lastly, two rave reviews for Ben Affleck’s latest.

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.

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