The Morning Report 3/19/20

Good morning, kids. Thursday and for me as each day passes, the more the pain and suffering from the societal, economic and governmental reaction to the “Shy Knees (SWIDT?) Boo-Boo Oopsie” eclipses the actual physical pain, suffering and death by the virus itself, the more I am convinced that this entire thing is a completely manufactured crisis. Whether or not the Chinese government intentionally unleashed what is tantamount to biological warfare on the US and the West, or conveniently benefitted by forces equally opposed to the President’s wildly successful anti-globalist/pro-American trade policy who took advantage of the panic to torpedo the American and western economies is an issue that should be dealt with. The fact of the matter is that China and its willing stooges are the beneficiaries of this.

Again, I’m neither a doctor nor epidemiologist but looking at as many articles as I can from the experts with regards to the infection rate and morbidity rates weighed against all the factors in the particular hotspots, this disease is certainly more dangerous than the common cold or flu, BUT as with the latter mostly with the elderly and those who have compromised respiratory function. In other words, just like the common cold or flu. This isn’t a medical blog and I think it gets into the weeds to engage in a discussion of the biology of this in this venue. That said, the latest news on potential vaccines and the halting of the spread/infections is important and should be discussed. 

A number of the links near the top of the list I hope will be of comfort to those of you who have crammed every last space in your home with a Charmin 6-pack. Beyond any potential vaccines, which even at the earliest could take months before being ready, many in the medical and epidemiological field think that we have been wildly overreacting to this particular outbreak. Per James Barrett at Daily Wire:

In an analysis published Tuesday, Stanford’s John P.A. Ioannidis – co-director of the university’s Meta-Research Innovation Center and professor of medicine, biomedical data science, statistics, and epidemiology and population health – suggests that the response to the coronavirus pandemic may be “a fiasco in the making” because we are making seismic decisions based on “utterly unreliable” data. The data we do have, Ioannidis explains, indicates that we are likely severely overreacting.

“The current coronavirus disease, Covid-19, has been called a once-in-a-century pandemic. But it may also be a once-in-a-century evidence fiasco,”Ioannidis writes in an opinion piece published by STAT on Tuesday.

“Draconian countermeasures have been adopted in many countries. If the pandemic dissipates – either on its own or because of these measures – short-term extreme social distancing and lockdowns may be bearable,” the statistician writes. “How long, though, should measures like these be continued if the pandemic churns across the globe unabated? How can policymakers tell if they are doing more good than harm?”…

Well I guess if they are able to shakedown the treasury, destroy a wildly popular president’s chances at a sure re-election by destroying the economy and shred whatever is left of our Constitutionally-protected freedoms to make it easier for the Left to hijack the country either now or in the near future on some other flimsy pretext (“to save the planet!”) then the policymakers would have been successful. But I digress. Or maybe not.

Circling back to the Chi-Coms, whether or not this was an intentional act, their actions and reactions to it and us make it plain as day that the regime in Beijing is the greatest threat to our peace and security. And not 30 years from now but right here and right now. Considering that their own economy was flat-lining even before President Trump’s new trade and tariff deal kicked in, and that there was massive open civil unrest in Hong Kong and equal, yet better concealed, unrest in Xinjiang and other cities on the mainland along with outrage over Muslim Uighur concentration camps, the Wuhan Woo-Woo outbreak could not have come at a worse time for them. Or a better time, depending on how you look at it.

For America, this is one of those wake-up call moments, like Pearl Harbor or 9/11/01. With the former, we did what we had to do and came out the better for it. With the latter, we did… something, and wound up with Bro-Fo Omar/Nur elected to Congress. With all this talk of stimulus checks and pump-priming the markets, the one thing that must be done is, pardon the expression, fundamentally transforming our economy in a way that immediately repatriates our manufacturing and heavy industrial sector back to our shores while marginalizing if not outright killing off the bureaucratic regulatory beast that helped move it offshore in the first place. That situation is in doubt due to the fact that said bureaucracy is both entrenched and virtually 100% Democrat-Leftist, while the greedy corporatists who stabbed the American worker in the back to make a fast buck are the ones who tried and continue to try and destroy this President and we who voted for him.

But if ever we had a shot at this, we have it now, both because of the obvious in-your-face threat of an enemy who we made powerful that makes all the goods we consume including well over 90% of our pharmaceuticals, and because of the man we have in the Oval Office. If this is not a war nor the moral equivalent of a war (and I believe it is) at a minimum we are at a crossroads in the life of then nation and are facing an existential crisis. I hope and pray he and we make the right decisions.



I don’t even want to look at the markets anymore. In any case, the emergency relief bill passed the Senate and the President signed it, but as we all know it is loaded down with pork. Along with the Chi-Coms I have equal if not more venom for the Democrats who forced all kinds of wasteful garbage knowing full well the optics if Trump dug his heels in (and rightly so) while America burned. In any case, several links on how what we’re doing with the economy and stimulus is worse than the actual disease itself as well as a Pew poll with an overwhelming number of respondents also thinking the “cure” worse than the real disease. 


Turning to politics, looks like Bernie might be near the end as he lashes out at Manu(re) Raju, and Walter Williams with the autopsy on Bernie’s socialism, David Axelrod disconsolate over the President’s handling of the crisis and what it means for November, Sessionzzz-Tuberville election delayed and Hillary Clinton’s idea for write-in elections only is a Leftist wet dream that must be resisted at all costs.


Can you say “money laundering?”


From each according to their ability to… me, and you’re fired! Also, another Day-Ending-in-Y Dept. entry.


Another sure sign that Americans are behind Trump, good news from the State Dept. for a change and the opposite from ICE, and finally that’s an awful lot of Chinese aliens coming in across the Lio Glande.


Chi-Coms pull a typical Democrat talking point, Kellyanne Conway rips CBS hack for “kung flu” B.S., the SPLC should be sued out of existence (I think it is being taken to court), MSNBC hack incites more violence, how the press is stoking panic for profit and a rabbi warns about religious freedom in danger with Too Wong Flu hysteria.


Planned Parenthood is an infection, and a Down Syndrome mom tells her story.


Two links echoing my sentiments up top, per the article on Singapore, “as it confronts COVID-19, the U.S. should revisit how it attracts and retains governmental talent,” and the headline says it all.


Along with most favored nation status, Michael Ledeen with a timely reminder of how Bill Clinton committed what amounts to treason, and another look at the F-35 fiasco.


Daniel Greenfield rips Hillary for her love of pure Turkish agitprop.


Fair, all things considered.


Per the abstract, “like the New Deal, every additional billion dollars in stimulus and bailout spending will further delay the economic recovery we all want and need.”


Madness in Philly and other blue hell holes, Soros saves Kim Foxx, Baltimore mayor is just out of his mind, and Ghislaine Maxwell swipes Epstein’s estate, enraging his victims.


Well, you can only watch so many movies at home…


Lack of meals? For kids staying at home? Break up the friggin’ AFT and NEA to bits.


A two-fer from our intrepid science reporter who ison the scene yet again, virtually and also reporting on the latest NASA boondoggle.


All things considered, I can’t get down on the college kids and go grab your pole.

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.