The Morning Report 3/18/20

Good morning, kids. Midweek and plague madness continues. Case in point, you’d think that the morning after the market jumps over 1,000 points I’d be doing cartwheels, but instead I’m dreading the opening bell because more than likely it will herald a 2,000-point nosedive. In any case, the media-fueled panic over the Chinese coronavirus is more dangerous to the life of this nation than the disease itself by orders of magnitude. To the best of my knowledge and from what I have seen of both the rate of infection and the actual morbidity and death toll, coupled with the unique sets of circumstances (political, societal, medical) of where the outbreaks are globally bear out my assertion.

But rationality and reason are being tossed to the wind for the sake of political expediency. Whatever the multi-billion-dollar “emergency” spending bill, which if past is prologue will no doubt be put into and multiplied in every subsequent budget just like Obama’s near trillion-dollar stimulus of 2009, is supposed to address, the very real immediate and long term problem is being ignored: The Peoples’ Republic of China, its goal of global domination by destroying the United States of America via all means short of actual war. Curtis Ellis at American Greatnesshas a truly frightening report:

…A new report from Horizon Advisory consultants details Beijing’s post-virus strategy – already operational – to leverage the pandemic to seize global market share in key industries, further global dependence on Chinese manufacturing, and reverse efforts in the United States and elsewhere to decouple from the People’s Republic.

“Beijing intends to use the global dislocation and downturn to attract foreign investment, to seize strategic market share and resources – especially those that force dependence, and to proliferate global information systems; to as Chinese sources put it, ‘leap-frog’ industrially, ‘overtake around the corner’ strategically, capture the ‘commanding heights’ globally. Beijing intends to reverse recent U.S. efforts to counteract China’s subversive international presence; at the same time to chip away at U.S.-Europe relations. In other words, Beijing will use COVID-19 to accelerate its long-standing, strategic offensive,” the Horizon report states.

We’re witnessing Beijing’s attempt to scrub its culpability for the pandemic from the world’s memory. Chinese Communist propagandists declare, “China is owed a thank you for buying the world time” and the New York Times dutifully repeats it.

After covering up the novel infection and unleashing it on the world, Beijing’s rulers bought up the world’s supply of protective gear and respirators. Then they sell these critical goods to Italy while portraying themselves as the heroic humanitarian savior of the world, not unlike a pyromaniac who takes credit for calling the fire department…

…Beijing has a plan to gain ground after the setback it experienced from the Wuhan virus. It is deploying all its resources – industrial, economic, and information – to achieve its goal. Remember that when you hear “respected voices” such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of Manufacturers or the Peterson Institute for International Economics call for lifting tariffs on China…

Let me backtrack here because I don’t want to imply that President Trump is not aware of that threat, since one of the reasons he ran was to address that very problem. And he has done so brilliantly by taking on the globalists with his incredibly successful trade and tariff policy that, until a few weeks ago, had the Chi-Coms back on their heels. So it’s rather convenient that this outbreak occurred just as the Democrats were shooting themselves in the face with the two old coots and Trump was cruising to a massive reelection victory. No doubt, four more years of Trump would seriously de-rail the Chi-Coms’ ambitions. Considering their flat economy, big trouble in little Hong Kong and elsewhere, Trump’s attempt to de-couple could even pose a threat to the party itself. 

Unfortunately, the Democrat-Media Complex being what it is, and the nature of mass-disease real or imagined, the President cannot outwardly poo-poo the Too Wong Flu and so he is forced to play the game of throwing money at the problem. And considering Malig-Nancy Pelosi is attempting to use most of the money to open the borders and prisons, kill infants in the womb, jump start Green New Deals and every other crackpot Leftist wealth transfer and power-grab imaginable, it’s yet more titanic waste. But “if it saves just one life…” (puke).

The other thing to note in the piece linked above, and as evidenced by the headlines is the Chi-Coms’ massive attempt, aided and abetted by a media as well as leading Democrats that include their presidential frontrunner who are provably in bed with them, to blame America for what is in effect a biological weapon of mass destruction and/or distraction that they unleashed on the world while painting themselves as victim and savior. 

Sadly, given the fact that previous administrations going all the way back to Richard Nixon 48 years ago when he normalized relations with the PRC and most disastrously when Bill Clinton granted them most favored nation trading status in 1998, much of America’s industrial base dismantled itself lock, stock and barrel and moved to where labor is dirt cheap and plentiful (don’t get me started on Loral Space either). In return for putting millions of Americans out of work and on the dole, we get moldy drywall, poisoned cat food and cell phones that spy on us 24/7, mostly courtesy of slave labor with zero regard for their health and safety or that of the environment. Mother Gaia weeps, I’m sure.

I can’t entirely blame corporatist greed for selling us out since our government with its onerous regulatory regime makes it nearly impossible (and in some instances criminal) to open a lemonade stand let alone a steel mill, and organized labor with its demands for ever-higher wages and ridiculous work regulations that made productivity a joke. No coincidence either that both were the handmaidens of the Left for decades. That’s not to say we don’t need to conduct business ethically, responsibly and fairly; we do, but that is another debate for another time.

Well, given our President’s commitment to standing up for our nation (what a novel idea), we now find ourselves behind an 8 ball that, if something is not done now will become the size of the boulder at the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Like everything else that is now made in China, 95% of our medicines, active ingredients and medical supplies now come from over there. In fact, I seem to recall that the last factory that fermented the active ingredients for penicillin shuttered a little over a decade ago. Given what we are experiencing today, this is probably what is meant by the terms “over a barrel” and “by the short hairs.”

Rasmussen just released a poll that shows a significant number of Americans believe that the Chi-Coms withholding crucial medical supplies should be considered an act of war. President Trump has shown time and again that he is not going to back down from either the Chi-Coms or their confederates in the Democrat Party and the agitprop media. I’d hate to think of what will happen should Xi decide to halt all shipments of antibiotics should the Too Wong Flu actually mutate and become an actual plague. 

Circling back to Rasmussen, we may not be at war but it sure as hell resembles it. Perhaps a better use of the trillions set to be pumped into the stock market or handed out as $1,000 checks to each citizen, the President in declaring a national emergency order the suspension of all regulations affecting the construction and operation of pharmaceutical and medical supply plants, grant an 8-year tax holiday to manufacturers if they immediately break ground and start building and then roll that out to steel mills, appliance makers, textile mills and every other damned sector to bring them back here as soon as possible.

Before Pearl Harbor, we had the 17th ranked army in the world, our factories were mostly shuttered due to FDR’s Great Depression and New Deal madness but within a few short years, we became the world’s lone military and industrial powerhouse which lasted well into the 1960s. Please don’t tell me it can’t be done again, because it has to be done again. I think this is where whatever money we have left or can print (feh) is best spent because in the long run it will pay back dividends we can’t even imagine, both economically and geopolitically,

Yes I realize we have national disunity and a political party and other assorted flunkies, traitors and sellouts that are in bed with our enemy and put us under the gun in the first place. But given the nature of what’s going on, I think a lot of eyes are being opened about the folly of China and the duplicitousness of those who cover for them. It’s the kind of thing that, aside from hardcore Leftist dead-enders, can be one of those events that an change the course of history.

It won’t be over, until it’s over over there.



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  1. Pro Publica has among its board members Henry Louis “the police acted stupidly” Gates and is funded by the late Henry Sandler who funded among other lefty groups the Center for American Progress. I’d rate their article as hair-on-fire BS to further panic the public and the markets.

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