The Morning Report 3/17/20

Good morning, kids. Tuesday and I’m not going to lie to you. I haven’t felt this miserable since the rhetorical boot to the groin on Election Day 2008 followed by the stomp on the head exactly four years later. The Dow Jones dropped almost 3,000 points yesterday in its greatest single day loss ever, and added to the staggering losses over the past two weeks has brought us not just to the brink of a recession but quite possibly as near to an economic collapse as I ever wanted to experience. Then there’s the bizarre panic and fear driven entirely by an evil, criminally irresponsible media that is throwing fuel on a titanic Reichstag Fire of its own making as a Gotterdamerung-meets-kamikaze attack against a single man who has thwarted them and the nation that he represents. 

No, I am not forgetting about a virus that sprang up in the heart of Communist China, whether in some biological warfare lab or in an open air market where people whose cultural proclivities and sanitary conditions, along with lack of proper food because of the totalitarian tyranny that has enslaved them for over 70 years, might also be a big factor. The physical as well as political factors that caused this thing to circle the globe, and whatever its level of morbidity is, serves as a warning. I’m not an epidemiologist, but I still feel from everything that I can gather, while this particular strain of virus is obviously dangerous, it still only potentially and sadly actually lethal to those with compromised lungs as well as the elderly. Even with the incidences and death toll around the world and perhaps here at home on the rise, they still pale in comparison to H1N1, Ebola, SARS, MERS and Zika. Plus, the American healthcare system, despite the depredations of Obamacare, Medicare and Medicaid is still far and away better equipped to deal with these things and mitigate catastrophe than anywhere else on the planet. That said, to the extent that we can trust the reporting, the infection and death rate in China is supposedly leveling off and decreasing. So perhaps G-d willing that will be happening in Europe, which is now the epicenter of the pandemic, and then us here shortly thereafter. 

The latter I am fairly confident about because this President and his team have so far been doing all of the right things to mitigate the health impact on the nation. In particular, Trump’s early move to shut down travel to and from China in January, which was immediately blasted by the Democrat-Media Complex as racist, alarmist and xenophobic, may have been key to mitigating disaster at least in terms of halting the spread and subsequent death toll. 

Now, all of that said, is the closing of restaurants, conventions, sporting events, theaters, elections, and de facto or forcibly in some cases sealing people up inside their homes an overreaction? Given the knowns and unknowns, especially because we’re dealing with both the Chi-Coms and a politicized anti-Trump bureaucracy in DC that is no doubt entrenched in places like the CDC just as it is in the FBI and DoJ, it’s hard to say. Perhaps it was overreaction, but if the virus fades out within the next month or so, it will prove to have been the right move. 

Now, while I may feel depressed this morning, I am still always an optimist, and I thank G-d that President Trump is in the Oval Office. Whatever is going on with the markets and the economy, as a natural reaction to the Chinese coronavirus or truly evil people and institutions using the chaos to enrich themselves while trying to take down America and Trump, I still think the latter is going to come out on top come November. In fact, the market could go to zero and I still think Trump wins it going away. That’s because the Democrat Party and its two leading presidential candidates are shrieking about open borders, gun confiscation, giving us Italian/Iranian healthcare, abortion, and abolishing petroleum as the solution to curing Too Wong Flu. 

The other thing to note is the Chinese coronavirus presents a rare opportunity for Trump to deliver a decisive and significant defeat to the Democrats, Socialists and globalists and even the Deep State and bureaucracy that could quite literally make America great again. The estimable Daniel Greenfield over at Frontpage Mag has yet another must-read:

…The media falsely claims that President Trump was unprepared for the coronavirus crisis. The truth is that the problem was exactly what Make America Great Again warned about. Globalism, our dependency on China, our economy’s interdependence with other countries around the world, the divergence of our supply chains, has the potential to bring us to the brink of disaster. Our failure to control our borders, not only with Mexico, but with the rest of the world, is a fatal weakness. MAGA offered the solution to the coronavirus crisis before it even arrived on our shores…

… President Trump had trouble advancing much of his agenda because the public lacked a sense of crisis. And so he lacked the support he needed to override judicial interference and political sabotage because most people didn’t see that there was a problem big enough to justify cutting through all the red tape. All that has changed now… 

The coronavirus crisis is perfect for dealing a fatal blow to globalism. Or the Trump administration. One or the other will come out of this crisis on life support…

The media’s apocalyptic crisis hype is always its greatest weakness. The media had mobilized support for impeaching President Trump among independents until the actual hearings aired and support collapsed. Once independent voters saw that there was nothing to the actual proceedings, they turned their backs. The media has convinced much of the nation that coronavirus is a pandemic that will kill millions. If the country emerges from social distancing and widespread distribution of test kits with a flattened curve, then President Trump can enter the summer as a wartime president who led the nation through a crisis. And, in a judo flip, the media’s own apocalyptic crisis will become Trump’s best reelection argument. When the apocalypse fails to arrive, President Trump can claim credit for averting the disaster…

The coronavirus is a crisis of globalism. And yet the D.C. crowd insists that globalism is the answer. President Trump can win big by making the case to the nation that the open borders and global government crowd has caused this disaster. The coronavirus is the perfect storm that their global lifestyles, crowded urban centers, international trade, and global bureaucracies have wrought…

Bingo. I agree with Greenfield in that given the nature of this thing, Trump is in fact a wartime president. Funny how in one breath loathsome cretins like James Clyburn and Meathead Reiner claim Trump is like Hitler in the 1930s and then bitch and moan that he isn’t taking strong enough action. Well, okay then. How about President Trump issuing these emergency executive orders:

“…All regulations from the EPA, OSHA, Department of Energy, FTC, HHS, FDA, al are hereby suspended for a period of eight years so as to allow American businesses with manufacturing and distribution facilities located in China to relocate to the United States, as well as for businesses wanting to open new manufacturing plants here. All corporate taxes are hereby waived for a period of five years after plants are operational. Pharmaceutical and medical supply concerns will be given first priority… 

By the way, these “temporary” orders should be temporary the way the emergency federal income tax was temporary during the First World War. I could go on and on but you get the picture. Sure, the Left will scream bloody murder but 50-plus years of overregulation and strangulation of American business and ingenuity by the bureaucracy that only helped grease the wheels for the greedy corporatist/crony bastards at the Chamber of Commerce to destroy the American worker and ship jobs and business overseas, specifically to China, is a slow and now quickening recipe for national suicide. Funny how Rahm Emanuel’s credo of “never letting a crisis go to waste” could actually serve as the model for the President to seriously torpedo the Left. Except this time, we face a real, existential crisis that was in many ways fueled by the Left. So bold and righteous action in the cause of liberating us from real danger are not only justified but what is required.

From where things stand in the here and now, it’s hard to see that. We are staring at something only a few short weeks ago was completely unimaginable. We’re not out of the woods yet, but I feel we will be. The President not only has an opportunity to repair the damage to the American economy and psyche, as well as protect his own political fortunes. He has an opportunity to alter the trajectory of the nation and cripple the Left for a generation, or even longer.

Keep the faith, wash your hands, don’t eat your boogers.


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