The Morning Report 3/16/20

Good morning, kids. Fasten your seatbelts. It’s going to be a bumpy ride this week and probably for the next month or so. The Chinese Coronavirus, Oriental Plague, Yellow Fever International Silver String Submarine Band is now spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of panic. The thrill of short selling, the agony of no toilet paper. As travel bans are enacted, events cancelled, Broadway theaters going dark, schools closed until April and the world seemingly sealing itself inside its homes after smearing sacrificial lamb blood on the door to ward of Malach ha Mawis, there seems to be something missing and I can’t quite put my finer on it. What could it be? Wait, I’ve got it. An actual mass death toll. So far in the USA alone, the last time I checked we have a grand total of 60 victims. Yes, I know that in China, where this plague came from (and as some are speculating as a possible biological warfare experiment or even intentional attack) the estimated toll is a few thousand dead. And it’s estimated because, for the benefit of anyone completely insane enough to support Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, China is a brutal, totalitarian regime that believe it or not lies and propagandizes to insulate itself on its quest for global domination. That said, the disease is said to be finally quelling in China and that the hotspot now is Europe, particularly Italy. But I digress.

Back to the reality check, according to this Australian news site, since the Chinese Coronavirus was first announced 69 days ago, as of this morning:

Total number of confirmed global cases = 170,150
Total number of confirmed global deaths = 6,513
Total number of confirmed recoveries = 77,254

Two things to bear in mind as you don your Level 4 biohazard suit after gargling with Purell and molten zinc, the world population stands at 7,800,000,000. That’s 7.8 billion for you Leftists. The other thing is that last number, or more significantly what it represents: people who have recovered from the virus. That means if you’re unlucky enough to come down with it, and in a nation of about 315 million and given the numbers cited, the odds right now are still kind of long, unless you’re respiratory system is compromised or you’re an elderly person the worst thing you’ll experience is a very bad flu. Or am I wrong about that?

Seriously, I’m only going off of what I know about this virus and nowhere can I find any actual information on its pathology. Yes, I know the numbers are cold comfort to anyone who G-d forbid comes down with it or worse, has a friend or relative who succumbs to it. But given what the media is reporting, how our officials are reacting at the federal, state and local levels, and more disturbingly how our economy is affected (malevolently or otherwise), this whole thing just does not add up.

I really am at my wits end with this. And frankly, I smell rats all the way around with this. Ironic considering that 2020 is the year of the rat in China. From Anthony J. Ciani at American Thinker: 

If COVID-19 (scientifically known as SARS-CoV-2) had started in Singapore or Taiwan, it would have traveled the world, infected billions of people, killed millions, and there wouldn’t have been a single peep about it. “But it kills people,” you cry. That is what cold and flu do, especially to the elderly and those lacking basic medicines. The world is panicking over a virus that causes mild colds in the vast majority of cases. Amid the panic, China is profiting as it buys up stocks at bargain-basement prices. Instead of engineering a pandemic, did China engineer pandemonium?…

As usual, Victor Davis Hanson has an in-depth analysis for both Trump and America at large when we come out the other side of this madness:

…When the virus peters out and the panic fades, China may be permanently rebranded and recalibrated by the world at large. Its trading partners will trust it far less to honor any commitments or to abide by any international agreements. Supply chains will be diversified. Tourism will be reduced in fears another such coronavirus will follow SARS and COVID-19 – and be hushed up. Countries that had particular close commercial and cultural ties with China – Iran, South Korea, and Italy – were hurt most during the epidemic by Chinese silence and duplicity…

Ostensibly, the panic-driven shutdown of the U.S. economy could plunge us into recession or worse, with dire consequences for the 2020 campaign. Some on the Left see COVID-19 in unapologetically political terms, as the magic solution to ending the Trump presidency and his supporters in a way that all the past hopes and dreams of doing so – from subverting the Electoral College after the November 2016 election to Mueller and impeachment, and all in between – utterly failed.

Whatever the ultimate human and economic toll from the coronavirus, there is no doubt that Trump, as president, will be blamed for the economic slowdown of spring and perhaps even early summer. The media despises the president as does entertainment, academia, and the media, ensuring in popular culture and the news that he will be demonized in a way Obama was not, despite reacting far more slowly, to the swine flu threat of 2009.

But here are some caveats. Warmer weather and spring, global quarantines, travel bans, more testing and increased knowledge of the virus may all eventually conspire to slow its spread. And when its relative non-lethality is fully digested (perhaps 98 or 99 percent of those in the general population below 65 in previously good health who are infected recover), and the cases begin dropping off, the economy will not just recover but take off

As I said up top, fasten your seatbelts; it’s going to be a bumpy ride.



The big items here include the Malig-Nancy Pelosi boondoogle emergency bill gets revised as responsible folks like Go-Go Gohmert attempt to beat the clock and try to get the hidden surprises removed, the Fed slashes interest rates to near-zero while buying bonds to buffer the economy, and Sec Mnuchin sees a slowdown and not a recession. Lastly, the pain we are going through will hopefully be a wakeup call about our horrible surrender of much of our economy to the Chi-Coms.


I didn’t think the Democrat debates could get any worse than the multi-vehicle car wrecks of the past six months, but Biden vs. Sanders in a near empty TV studio went about as well as you’d think. While Biden didn’t have any truly major gaffes, aside from transposing the letters on “H1N1,” he did blame Africa for ebola, pimped absolute open borders even for Coronavirus carriers and called for the shutting down of the petroleum industry. Meanwhile he and Sanders both got into it over which one was more in the pocket of dark money donors, each promised to have a Dem dame as a running mate while Bernie, trying to defend himself for his love of Castro, praised the Chi-Coms. The result of “grumpy old men” rattling their dentures at each other was yet another Trump victory.


With Biden more than likely getting the nomination, the Bernie Bolshevik brigades are threatening a mass exodus of the party if that happens, don’t be fooled about Joe as a moderate, two interesting prognostications about which black woman will get his veep slot, Georgia follows Louisiana in postponing primaries due to Oriental Peril, Clarice Feldman on Trump’s Chinese Lung AIDS actions exposing Democrat policy madness, and the stereotype of Democrats as the party of the little guy is totally exploded.


Justice for Michael Flynn at long last? I hope so. Also, Margot Cleveland ponders who Stefan Halper really worked for.


US taxpayers foot the bill for Hunter Biden to get his monthly $80,000 Ukrainian bribe money. What a country!


James Clyburn is a tiresome, tedious, irksome, sub-literate, mouth-breathing fraud. And a dangerous one at that.


Andrew Gillum’s punishment? Bernie Sanders picks him as a running mate. Also, Steve Bullock who both blasted dark money and promised not to run for Senate, takes the money in the race he said he wouldn’t run.


So, Mexico considers sealing the border yet holds a mass music concert in the capital. Also, Dems know they’re wrong on travel bans and quietly stop protesting, travelers coming back from overseas wait hours for the government to help, fake virus test kits confiscated at LAX, Alopecia Pressley sez Amerikkka got a fevah and the cure is freeing ICE detainees and convicts, and a spark of divinity boy suffers rape-us interruptus.


Media is willingly pimping Chi-Com virus propaganda, even the National Laughingstock rips Biden for lying, was a Chi-Com reporter at the President’s presser infected and intentionally sent there to try and make him sick? Another essay on how the media covered up Obama’s Swine flu foul up that killed 17,000 and sickened hundreds of thousands more, Tavis Smiley ordered to pay up for sex abuse, and as Fox fades, Newsmax rises.


Champaign dreams… of disarming you because Too Wong Flu, NJ backs down on weapons charge against security guard legally carrying, Biden taps a Beto acolyte who wants us disarmed and no need for explanations, but they do make great gifts.


Judicial review “goes out the window whenever conservatives start influencing the judiciary.”


Of all the unexpected things, regime change in Iran due to Too Wong Flu, two essays on the way forward after Israel’s election stalemate and Joe Biden is no friend of the Jewish state.


Remember when terror-linked CAIR was up in arms about travel bans? And this imam is a total fraud that politicians seem to always fall for.


Daniel Greenfield reminds us about what the CDC’s priorities once were not so long ago, a call to resist yet another permanent bureaucracy, Gavin Newsom admits that, yeah, maybe he shouldn’t have allowed al those homeless encampments, Maryland Dems cure for Chi-Com Lung AIDS is more taxes and school fraud, union members want their dues back in wake of Janus, the government pension time bomb, and people always complain about foster care but do nothing about it.


“It’s time for a conscious uncoupling from China before this miscreant mess of a rogue state destroys the economy and kills us all.” Also, making the case for smaller businesses and more of them.


Remember this scheme to intrude in your home disguised by Obamacare? Biden is dusting it off.


Some tips to teach your kids with school out for the duration, Blacks and Asians can come together in the anti-quota fight, and the 1619 Project is all about “teaching young people they have no country, that there is neither G-d nor justice, but only their own anger to right wrongs leads not to civilized self-rule but to fanaticism and self-destruction.”


Empty shelves and no way to get around to congregate? That’s just a small taste of America if we ever have the Green New Deal.


On Hillary and Fauxca-Has-Been bitching about sexism as a microcosm of the feminist movement’s failure.


Three good essays on political and economic philosophy in the time of Chinese Oriental Plague, in praise of the Harriet Tubman movie, George Carlin with an absolute blast from the past regarding the Chi-Com flu; he channels Jefferson’s line about liberty and security. Also more reflections on pandemics and Trump’s beautiful tweet of support to the people of Italy.

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