What To Do…What To Do? Torch Our Hair? Or Something Fun?

It’s past the time during which we could approach Wuhan Flu with anything approaching calm, rational discussion and decision-making.


In my neck of the woods there is an odd juxtaposition between business-as-usual and insane behavior that is just a few steps from burning witches and bleeding to release the foul humors….

I can’t shake the deeply held suspicion that the various powers-that-be are frantically assuming the worst of all situations to justify their jobs, consolidate and expand their power, and enjoy ordering around the peons. The mayor of my little town had to robo-call last night at 8:20pm to inform me…breathlessly…that there were five cases of Chinese Lung AIDS in our local hospital. I hung up after a few seconds and returned to my rather good cocktail. At least he had some vague, though self-important responsibility to inform me of this fact, but dude! Not during cocktail hour!

It’s better than the incessant emails and letters we have been getting from pretty much everyone about their oh-so-special response to Sino Lung Rot. As much as I am interested in the sprinkler company’s epidemiology expertise, I don’t think I need a letter. And the car rental people? Really?

So…we are stuck with this new paradigm for the next few weeks or months (that’s straight from Anthony Fauci). But what to do during this forced hiatus from our American norm of being friendly and social and high-fiving.

Books and movies and cleaning out the hall closet and finally cooking that elk-antler Chateaubriand and clearing out the DVR of the stuff you wanted to watch (but not really) and a bunch of other things we probably don’t know we need or want to do.

So…what will it be?