The Morning Report 3/13/20

Good morning, kids. The weekend is here, thank goodness. The absolute panic and overreaction to this Chinese coronavirus, which by the way sprang and spread from China, continues to just swamp everything. While the headlines from a media that is provably virtually 100% dishonest and dangerous continue to alarm the public with which celebrity or public official has tested positive, or sports league, university or entertainment venue has shuttered for the duration, the one rather salient point that none of them have announced with equal zeal – or more accurately have embargoed – is the death toll in the United States of America. To the best of my knowledge that number stands at a staggering 39. 


And fully two-thirds (26), occurred not only within the same area, but in the exact precise location, a nursing home in Kirkland, WA. All of them were elderly residents, who are the most vulnerable to respiratory infection. For the umpteenth time, here’s a bit of perspective: 

The death toll last year in the US from influenza (and I’m recalling what I heard from memory) was something like 60,000 people, with the total number of infected in the millions, and the number who got over their bouts of the flu millions more still.

In 2009, estimates were from 60 million to upwards of 80 million people in the US contracted the much more lethal Swine Flu (is saying that offensive to pigs?), 300,000 were hospitalized and 17,000 died. The majority of those victims were not the elderly either, but mostly younger adults and children. Thanks to a media intent on glorifying and protecting Obama (piss be upon him) and a GOP frightened to criticize him, most people don’t recall he waited a full three months before declaring an emergency which no doubt fueled the misery and the death toll. No market panic. No calling Obama incompetent. Nothing. 

Yet here we are in 2020, reacting to a disease that, while absolutely serious in its origins and as yet murky reasons for its rapid spread, is way out of proportion to its lethality when compared to similar instances in the past. I should clarify that by “reacting” I mean we are reacting to the Democrat-Media Complex’s attempt to sow panic as a means to take out a wildly popular president, wreck the greatest economic turnaround in history while simultaneously punishing those who support said president by ruining their finances. They also hope to not let said crisis go to waste (sound familiar?) to scare the public and attempt to fool the President and his administration into agreeing with yet more Leftist, anti-American power-grabs via multi-hundred-page emergency legislation and other under the table maneuvers. The other benefit of course is ruining his chances for a sure second term and installing a shrieking kohlrabi as their puppet. Look at the links both in the Too Wong Flu section and scattered throughout almost all the other categories for examples that highlight their duplicitous behavior. So far, Trump is wise to it and is standing firm. 

The Left and the trolls around these parts will shout about Italy and Iran, as well as China itself, but those countries and the rest of the world have very different societal and governmental conditions that are exacerbating the impact. That said, the Chinese Coronavirus should be a warning about the disastrous consequences of giving a nation that is not just a competitor, but our most dangerous international foe, favored nation trade status which led to the transferring of most of our manufacturing capability there. Now our raw bats are coming home to roost since China manufactures most of our pharmaceuticals and/or active ingredients as well as medical supplies. 

Senator Tom Cotton is dead right:

…”I can tell you that increasingly people are now awake to this threat [from China],” Cotton remarked. “President Trump has done very good job with, frankly, Republicans in Washington over the last four years to make them think a little bit less like corporate managers [and] a little bit more like American patriots first. We made a lot of wrong turns with China over the last 30 years. Now’s the time to fix that, and it’s time to fix it urgently.” Cotton considered calibrating federal government policy to promote domestic production of medicines towards lessening U.S. dependence on Chinese pharmaceutical exports.

“If you are engaged, for instance, in manufacturing basic pharmaceutical ingredients in China, I suggest to you that you need to pack up and get out, and if you don’t do it quickly, then the U.S. government may do it for you,” Cotton stated…

…”What we see with the Wuhan coronavirus, it’s not a bug. It is a feature of Communist Party rule,” Cotton said. “If the Chinese Communist Party had simply been open and transparent in early December, if they acknowledged they had a problem, if they had asked for support from the World Health Organization and world-class scientists, not just from the United States but from countries like South Korea and Japan and the countries of Europe, we might have been able to contain this inside of Wuhan, inside of Hubei province. But no, they acted like communists. They suppressed information. They visited people in the middle of the night who tried to blow the whistle on this virus, and now look where we are…” 

Along with President Trump’s prescience in instituting a travel ban from China in January, China and our insane trade relationship with that regime has been and remains one of the pillars of his campaign. He fought tooth and nail with Leftists and conventional-wisdom “conservatives” to institute tariffs and other policies that have proved to be wildly successful, exploding the myth that economic “nationalism” and self-interest were bad and globalism good.

Whether or not this disease sprang up because of Chinese primitive to non-existent sanitary standards with food, lack of actual food to feed a billion people daily, some other insidious theories that have been floating around or even some combination of all of them, would-be Emperor Xi stands to benefit from the chaos. It’s both perfect cover to distract his imprisoned citizenry from his country’s economic stagnation, blame America and Trump for those problems and suppress internal unrest in Hong Kong, Xinjiang and elsewhere. Not saying the disease was released intentionally but it sure came about at just the right time – that is when the Democrats are imploding and Trump cruising to a landslide. 

Taking off the tinfoil yarmulke (it’s not quite the size of a homburg for me yet), even with the “crisis” boiling over in the media, Trump is still in the driver’s seat, especially in terms of both trade and open borders madness. The Dems are already shooting themselves in the face on those issues. Chinese Coronavirus and the panic the Democrat-Media Complex is sowing will in the end turn around and bite them in the ass, since all of their “solutions” fly in the face of logic. And you can be sure Trump is going to hit them over the head with it. 



I think I’ve covered this angle already so brace for impact, grit your teeth and know that this too shall pass.


To politics we go and the first essay is one that echoes my sentiments exactly:

… Whatever happens, whether coronavirus mutates or proliferates and becomes more deadly than it already is for some people, or remains a threat mostly to unfortunate elders, reasonable people will be extremely skeptical, if not outright offended, by bold-faced and scurrilous attempts to somehow morph this Red Chinese malady into an albatross the power-starved Democrats can hang around the president’s neck.

They cried wolf with Mueller and the Ukraine impeachment. This is the lowest, and at the same time the least plausible, anti-Trump narrative yet.

Wash your hands, stay at home if you’re sick, and unless you’re ready to welcome the whole world and its problems unchecked into America, vote Republican in November, vote Trump. 

Amen. Elsewhere, Des Moines Register poll has Trump leading Joe the talking bivalve by double digits in Iowa, several essays on Biden’s mental capacity, electability and the specter of Burisma, Chi-Coms of course rooting for the still-upright root vegetable, Tom Cotton PAC hits Biden for his chumminess with the commies, Sanders’ dream of America as some Scandi socialist state fades out, the “Squad” was a bust in that regard, Biden leads Sanders hugely in FL, Tom Perez not concerned about Chinee-Flu nixing Dem convention, sharp criticism of Nikki Haley as VP, and finally a prognostication that Hillary for sure is set to Hoveround in to Milwaukee and ride to the rescue.


Looks like Ron Johnson is not backing down on going after Hunter Biden on Burisma and a judge lets the crack-addict confederate keep the source of his ill-gotten booty under wraps.


Donkey-Chompers accuses Dems of, get this, “voter suppression,” and the Iowa Lefties who screwed the pooch in the Iowa vote count blame, who else, Trump.


Joe Biden’s handlers want open borders to spread disease and metastasize Democrat voters, why are we not shutting down the southern border and one of Dubya’s hacks-in-black screws over young Americans looking for work.


Politico lies, Slimes backtracks over its fictional propaganda 1619 Project, Charlie Kirk called out for his duplicitousness, and a call to kill Twitter.


How does killing the Hyde Amendment (which I thought was dead) fight the Oriental Plague? Also, Kentucky with a move sure to enrage the Lefties and head to SCOTUS.


Along with domestic and trade policy that can have incredibly positive long-term effects for the nation, from a foreign policy standpoint what’s going on in both China and Iran, two of our biggest geopolitical enemies as a result of the Chinese Coronavirus signals internal trouble in both. Iran in particular is on the ropes as the latest missile launch is obviously a desperate attempt to quell an increasingly enraged populace while trying to goad the President into war to sow political unrest here that will lead to his defeat in November.

Also, Congress introduces bill to ban Chi-Com goods made by Muslim slave labor, Turkey pushing Greece to the limit with the mass migrant weapon, and Israel’s problem with Arabs in the Knesset.


At the next Chi-Com Yellow Plague presser, I hope a reporter asks Dr. Fauci about this before he gets the chance to provide the agitprop media another scare headline, and California bill would reduce financial hardships for military families by recognizing the licenses of military spouses who move here from other states.


As investors flock to bonds to avoid risk, pension plans face shrinking returns.


Cook County’s state’s attorney race sure to cause fireworks.


Another not-letting-a-crisis-go-to-waste moment courtesy of the farshimmelt meshugina alta-kocker. The Democrats are fundamentally unserious and/or Chinese Coronavirus is not the crisis it’s being pimped as.


The ban on single-use plastic grocery bags is unsanitary, and it comes at the worst imaginable time.


A look at traditional research an its pitfalls in light of the Too Wong Flu, and our intrepid science reporter with not the B-side of an Outlaws tune.


Title of the first link says it all, Larry Elder on conformity or death in Hollywood, latest Erwin Brothers outing will appeal, and Kate McKinnon is a two-note joke. And not funny either.


I didn’t want this to get lost in the sauce of Wuhan bat tartare. Long but worth your while.

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.

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