The Morning Report 3/12/20

Good morning, kids. Thursday and the top story is panic, fear and hatred, and not necessarily over something that is biological in nature, that is the Chinese Oriental Yellow Peril Flu, Traveling All-Stars and Motor Kings. Last night, President Trump addressed the nation to both announce immediate, specific and targeted actions to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus on the physical health of the citizenry as well as our economy. Again, in terms of tone and substance, he was pitch perfect, reasonable and on target. In other words, yet another Trump grand slam and just when the nation and the world needs it most. Per Michael Goodwin in the NY Post:

Big and bold, optimistic and compassionate. President Trump’s Oval Office address was exactly what America needed to hear. This is what it looks like when a president rises up to meet a crisis head-on. With fear and panic spreading across the land and threatening to take down the economy, Trump is facing the greatest test of his presidency. Although battle-hardened by brutal fights with Democrats, the biased media and foreign adversaries, he is presented with problems of a different magnitude with the coronavirus.

It is a global menace that has declared war on America. Truth be told, sometimes in recent weeks, the president has appeared to be a reluctant commander in chief. Thankfully, as of Wednesday night, that reluctance is history, replaced by a president who left no doubt that he is all in on the battle against this deadly scourge. Now effectively a wartime president, Trump’s repeated assurances of victory were music to the ears of a rattled nation…

There is so much bad blood in Washington and the leading Democrats, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, further poisoned the well by attacking Trump mercilessly on his initial handling of the coronavirus. Right out of the gate, they sounded as if they wanted to impeach him again instead of helping him find solutions.

So they, too, now face a crisis of their leadership. Will they help fight this killer disease and try to calm the nation? Or will they continue to abdicate their governing responsibilities and put their partisan interests ahead of the nation’s well being?…

The answer is of course a shrill, shrieking, reverberating “no.” From digging in their heels to oppose tax relief and other economic measures to actually calling for open borders as well as the emptying of our prisons, the Democrat-Media Complex has yet again shown itself to be at best manifestly irresponsible and nakedly partisan, and at worst the greatest internal enemy and mortal threat to the nation and its people it and we have or will ever face. 

And yet, the incessant drumbeat of Armageddon, or more precisely Trump bringing about Armageddon goes on. A little bit of perspective about this from Bruce Thornton at Frontpage Mag:

…How about considering Barack Obama’s response to the 2009 swine flu outbreak? Journalist James Lileks has done so on his blog The Bleat. One critical difference is how long it took each president to declare the outbreak a national emergency: Trump a month after the outbreak was announced, Obama after four months, when the toll in the U.S. had reached 1000 dead (32 have died in the U.S. of the coronavirus, the vast majority over 70 years old). Most important, the media coverage of the swine flu – even though it was more deadly and half its victims, unlike the coronavirus, were healthy and young – was nowhere near the breathless hysteria or extent of the coverage today.

We know the explanation for the disparity. Barack Obama enjoyed eight years of the media’s “slobbering love affair,” as Bernie Goldberg called it, filled with uncritical, laudatory, and selective coverage from the mainstream media, whereas Trump has been incessantly attacked with slanted or outright mendacious stories based on tendentious analysis and anonymous leaks…

By every indication even the lying, dishonest agitprop media cannot really distort the reality that this particular virus is any more lethal than the common cold or at worst seasonal influenza. Yet, people are buying into the scare headlines, and the actions of megalomaniacal crackpots like Andrew Cuomo most likely overstepping his authority and calling in the National Guard to quarantine New Rochelle to now the NBA cancelling the rest of the season don’t really help the situation either. G-d bless him, but my own brother was even in a panic about he and his wife getting on a plane from Florida to New York (full disclosure, he’s kind of gullible to media malfeasance). That said, I guess what I just illustrated kind of flies in the face of the President’s travel ban, but when the media, and worse, people in the DC bureaucracy who to be charitable may not be aligned with the President, are in control of the messaging, even he is hard-pressed to really know who’s being honest and who isn’t. So I can’t fault Trump for an over abundance of caution with now a ban on travel to Europe as well as of course to the one already in place on China. That’s not a great place to be in but it’s where we are. By the way, that China travel ban which happened in January might right there have mitigated the spread here in the States and the Democrats screamed bloody murder about it at the time.

As I’ve stated, I’m neither a doctor nor a biologist but when you separate the kernels of wheat from the tons of chaff in the media, I still firmly believe that this particular strain of virus really is no more lethal than a cold or influenza. The name itself shows that this is the 19th iteration of this virus (CORRECTION: 19 indicates 2019, the year it was identified) and it is closely related to the common cold, so the odds of it wiping out humanity in a few weeks, let alone give us the Spanish Flu 2, Corpses in the Street Boogaloo are slim to none. But tell that to the average Leftist, and more frighteningly the average American still reliant on CNN or ABC for the news of the day.

Ultimately, perhaps by April or May, the virus will have burned itself out, not because I wish it will but based on previous outbreaks and from what I understand of the actual science of these things. Until then we are going to have to suffer through a sort of collective madness as our economy, and our collective national psyche needlessly suffer. The one saving grace is the coming train wreck that is Bernie Sanders who seems intent on playing against type as a flunky and eager to take the Democrat Party down. For my money, what there is left of it thanks to Wall Street these days, that spectacle more than anything will ensure Trump wins, and handily, in November. More on that in a moment.



Since the start of the Oriental Plague, the Dow has dropped something like 6,000 points and we’re now in bear market territory. Whether much of this is driven by irrational fear or even intentional dumping to destroy Trump and his economy, this crisis actually vindicates the President’s trade and tariff policy, especially with the Chi-Coms. It also highlights an alarming vulnerability due to the decades-long de-industrialization and shipping of our industrial and supply chain capacity over there, especially our pharmaceutical and medical supply industries. Hospitals and health care facilities are starting to run dangerously low on things like surgical masks and gloves. But G-d forbid what if the Chinese virus was ebola and we start running low or running out on things like antibiotics or even the active ingredients of other pharmaceuticals? Bear in mind that 50% of Americans are on some sort of prescription medication and most of them or their active ingredients are today made in China. If or when push comes to shove, they have us by the short hairs.

As the Democrats are so fond of not letting a crisis go to waste, here is a real crisis and opportunity for the President to enact even more legislation to incentivize the return of these highly crucial industries back to our shores, the CoC-Whores and gloablists be damned. 

Elsewhere, along with tax cuts and relief for businesses and employees, the administration is making moves such as delaying the tax-filing deadline, the Dems hate the former but loved it when Obama did it, and lastly, Bernie’s full employment solution involves gulags and chain gangs.


Well, it’s on like Democrat Donkey Kong! Bernie just had his Goebbels Sportspalast moment and is hell bent on taking the Democrat Party down. For him, he’s got nothing to lose except another mansion or private jet he was being bribed with. This is a nightmare for the Democrats. Joe Biden is essentially a rutabaga with a voice box and the party is desperate to keep him away from the cameras and microphones. Sanders, as he demonstrated yesterday, will attack from an even harder Left position and Biden, or whoever is controlling his parietal lobe, will either have to argue from the right or go even further left than Sanders. That’s bound to alienate everyone watching no matter who they are. Pass the popcorn.

Elsewhere, as Biden’s dementia continues apace, the Yale quack who “diagnosed” Trump refuses to comment on the obvious about her party’s presumptive nominee, Trump’s numbers in Michigan blow past Obama’s from 2012, Toothy McBigTits floats possible 2028 prexy run (vomit), Tank Abrams is delusional, and an essay on the madness of Leftists.


Ugh, FISA needs to be dismantled completely! Also a whistleblower who exposed Obama malfeasance at USAID gets another chance and highlighting the malfeasance of Amy Berman Jackson.


Ron Johnson either dropping the ball or strengthening the case on Burisma probe, Dem strategist threatens Trump’s family with retaliation over Biden Burisma probe, and Hunter finally opens wallet to the bastard he sired.


Bro-Fo Omar/Nur marries her other brother/lover/whatever, California Dem deadbeat pulls a Cuomo, and yet another black hate crime hoax.


The virus is so serious the Dems want to open the border wide, Trump with massive takedown of Mexican cartel, SCOTUS saves Trump asylum rule, and 90 migrants interdicted at the border.


Trump campaign accuses Twitter of censorship, MSNBC edits out Biden verbal assault, Dershowitz to sue CNN, SPLC and CAIR targeting a conservative group, and the Washington state high school coach fired in 2015 for praying still can’t get justice.


Guy who Joe Bivalve Biden berated speaks out, Biden and the media lying about their intent to disarm us and Asians in California go on gun buying spree, fearing attacks due to coronavirus. Yes, California’s vaunted tolerance and diversity on display again.


US rips Euro-peons for helping keep Iran regime alive, a thumbs down on Trump Mideast peace plan, more proof of the evil of China, and it’s not just swallows and monarch butterflies coming up from the south every year.


One day soon, they will take over the party. 


Trump is draining the swamp, but with the second link the water keeps on rising.


Grab a shovel, comrade.


Leftist solution to coronavirus? Open the jails and the border! Also, Harvey gets 23 years in the big house and remember that mass shooting at the Milwaukee brewery a couple weeks back? Yeah, you’re not supposed to.


Shortages aren’t the only problem with our overreliance on China for prescription drugs and drug ingredients, and Colorado should brace for disaster as the state has effectively implemented Bernie Sanders’ Medicare-for-All.


Maybe remote schooling is the answer. The second link further illustrates why something has got to be done to break the brainwashing mills once and for all.


Your feel-good video of the day, psycho perverts threaten Missouri lawmaker who wants to prevent drag story hour, Nissan set to go broke after Brie Larson goes “woke,” and New York aids and abets the insanity.


Christian Toto on that hideous film The Hunt.

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