The Morning Report 3/11/20

Good morning, kids. Midweek and we’ll get to “Not-So-Ancient Chinese Secret” in a moment. Topping the news are the results from yesterday’s seven-primary semi-Super Tuesday. Yes, Biden crushed Sanders by taking four of the seven, including the crucial state of Michigan, while Sanders remains ahead in North Dakota and Washington, with the Democrats Abroad race to be announced on March 23rd. But, the really big news from yesterday, which doubtless the agitprop media will not be reporting was that Republicans showed up at the polls, just as they did last week, to vote for Trump in numbers that were either as good or exceeded Biden’s and/or Obama’s in 2012. These are “races” that are uncontested and meaningless (i.e. Bill Weld), and yet Republican voters showed up as if it was November and the real thing. The press always tried to downplay the significance of Trump rallies in 2016 and 2020 as not translating into votes. Never mind the fact that they are desperate for Trump to stop the rallies putatively to stop the spread of Oriental Too Wong Flu, but it’s to staunch the attendance of Democrat voters from catching Trump fever (or is it curing of the socialist cancer?). But for people to go to the polls needlessly just to cast a vote for someone who has the nomination in the bag is something that cannot be spun as an insignificant act. Not in those numbers.

In any case, I would much rather have seen Sanders win the nomination as that would most assuredly meant a down-ballot rout of the Democrat Party that would mean a loss of the House and perhaps the dissolution of the party itself. That said, of all the people the Democrats could pin their hopes on, Biden is going to be an absolute disaster. Forgetting for a moment his age, dementia, combativeness and nearly 50-years of scandal and criminality with the cherry on top of his son and Burisma, the Democrats have incessantly proclaimed themselves the paragons of diversity, but are now choosing one of two elderly white men as their nominee. Not that she had a chance early on but Tulsi Gabbard, female, relatively young, attractive, articulate and not a bat-shit crazy Bolshevik might have presented a formidable challenge to both the old geezers and even Trump himself. Alas, liberal – and that’s putting it mildly – is nowhere near Leftist enough to satisfy the base, but her open attack on Hillary Clinton was her doom.

So, where does Bernie Sanders go from here? The Infernal Reaches is his ultimate destination but in the here and now, the big delegate states of Florida (219), Illinois (155), Ohio (136) and Georgia (105) are later this month, with New York and it’s 281 delegates up for grabs at the end of April. In theory, Bernie still has a shot but with Biden De-Mentum and the DNC machine behind him, Bernie would have to run the board. Even still, the Super Delegates I believe have already stated that they will not be voting for him no matter what happens. 

As far as the Democrats and Biden, James Clyburn has now called for the cancellation of all future debates and primaries, and the declaration of Biden as the nominee. The reason for this is obvious; the more time he spends in front of the cameras, the more demented he sounds and acts. They may have feared being tainted by Bernie’s socialism but Biden’s mental instability could and I think will cause just as much down-ballot catastrophe for them. As far as the ultra-far-Left Marxists in both DC and in the Democrat base, they’re also at a crossroads. Do they just bend over and grab the ankles yet again or do they do as they promised and burn Milwaukee and the Democrat Party to the ground? With Bernie spouting off with zero sense of irony that the Democrats suppressed voters in Michigan, he’s kind of forcing their hand to revolt and even run third party. 

Whatever happens, yesterday I think is yet another example of the Democrat-Media Complex deluding themselves that they are in control of events while everything is collapsing in around them. Pass the popcorn.


Elsewhere on the political scene, Biden gets ripped on social(ist) media for verbally abusing that auto worker, the Yale shrink who openly claimed Trump was mentally unfit based on zero evidence suddenly silent on Joe Biden’s apparent dementia, Biden is the Establishment puppet, his biggest problem is using Obama nostalgia as a selling point, he promises a “return to normal,” meaning a return to the globalists finishing off America as founded for good, Tulsi Gabbard rips the DNC for sabotaging her, Mikvah Waters not so hot on Biden’s chances; will she join Jesse Jackson in supporting Sanders? Also, Gallup with bad news for Dems, is Bernie going to fight or be paid off yet again, Trump all in for Tommy Tuberville in Alabama (sorry Snoozy McSnoozerson), Pee-Air Defecto more popular with Dems than GOPers (I wonder why), and yes indeed, the Dems have been and always will be a disaster for Blacks.


Well, the market yo-yo’d back up by 1,167 points yesterday on news of the President and his team doing what they can to reassure Wall Street and the public as well as prepare for a potential medical emergency that may or may not come. Trump has got insurance companies to waive co-pays on virus testing and that for sure gave the markets a boost. Medical experts agree with the President’s assessment that seasonal flu is more dangerous than this yellow peril from the Orient. But, to prove a point that much of this is as much political as it is biological, the Democrats shot down the President’s proposed emergency tax cut to help ease the pain of businesses and employees sidelined by quarantines and other disruptions. The other disgusting pronouncement that calling a disease that emanated from China “Chinese” is somehow racist and xenophobic, so Malig-Nancy Pelosi is jumping on the bandwagon and demanding Kevin McCarthy apologize for speaking obvious truth. Yes, forget Sanders and even Biden; the Dems’ in-your-face political games with this is for sure going to bite them in the ass come November. Look, when even Gavin Newsom is unequivocally praising Trump and his team, you know the Dems are completely in the wrong and staggeringly so.

Elsewhere, FEMA seems to be on the case in delivering sanitary supplies to stay ahead of the spread, Betsy McCaughey wants more and better training for healthcare workers, how would the Marines combat this? I guess satchel charges and napalm but I could be wrong. Also, WHO has some good news on recovery rates even in China, where we are not allowed to mention as the source of the disease (sorry!), but one article that says not to get our hopes up for a quick vaccine, Andrew Cuomo calls out the National Guard to cordon off the NYC suburb of New Rochelle; is he even allowed to do this? Chinese restaurant say “no normal tempee no servee,” the mayor of Austin is a completely clueless jerk, Biden and Sanders cancel Cleveland rallies, Mahmoud “no gays in Iran” Ahmedinijad wants to know the lab the produced the virus; is he accusing the Chinese or the Jews? Meanwhile, a thug who interrogated American hostages 40 years ago dies from the disease, this thing could consume China politically, rioting in Italian prisons, and Trish Regan rips the Democrats for trying to turn this into impeachment all over again. She’s not wrong.


Well, we haven’t heard from Nadler or Schiff for quite a while so this will give the voters the boost in the arm to go to the polls… that is MAGA voters. Also, Spygate surely is the greatest scandal ever, and a look at Hillary’s laughable claim of victimhood and vindication, of which neither is true in this or any other possible universe.


Sanders’ campaign with the nudge-nudge wink-wink on Jew-hating imam, and Rancida Taliban’s t-shirt is all wet.


Call me when it passes.


Did they do a Popeye Doyle and check inside the rocker panels? Also, ICE does its duty in Brooklyn. Good! Let it send a message that the administration will exercise the enforcement of our laws. And may it send a message that causes illegal aliens to go back into the shadows and back across the border. Yes, more licenses for illegal aliens, Guatemalan’s admit that they aren’t fleeing violence but wanting handouts from Tio Azucar and the Philadelphia Bar Association is committing a felony here, is it not?


Real journalist David Daleidin persecuted. Per the article ” Even those who disagree with David Daleiden and his techniques but care about how the legal actions against him could define press freedom need to follow this case.” Also, more on the SJW madness infecting the gamer world and its chilling effects.


Tell me again that the Left is not g-dless death cult (just like Islam). Also, Trump’s open pro-life stance is a model for political victory for the GOP and Margot Cleveland on feckless so-called pro-life Democrats.


Beyond the Yellow Peril, Saudis not backing down in petroleum war with the Russkies, Vlad the Installer… himself for another 16 years, war between the Russkies and Turks in Syria (keep us the hell out of it, NATO be damned), just when you thought the Israeli elections were over, and a call to reject so-called “Palestinian” nationalism once and for all.


World domination spawned at a Chicago hot-sheet motel? Daniel Greenfield with the report.


Wow, the Wiseass Latina actually recuses herself from a SCOTUS case involving the electoral college, how self-driving cars and buses could boost Detroit’s economy, and finally “the progressive narrative on homelessness has always been wrong, and new data undermine it further.”


This times infinity. Trump must engage in an all out effort to repatriate our industrial capacity back to our shores. 


Is it me or are these kind of stories tiresome? Or do we ignore them at our peril?


The only way to restore the site, evidently, is by a new mining project to be allowed to go forward so naturally the enviro-commies would rather wallow in toxic waste than compromise and make things better. Also, the grating Greta Thunberg-ing of the US and the west about carbon could actually hit the Chi-Coms on the head.


A two-fer from our intrepid science reporter, this time on good news for Space X and bad news for NASA.


Lloyd Billingsley reports, “Dreams from My Father was a novel, but now it’s a memoir and autobiography again.” Also, Christian Toto with two movie reviews, great new Rapahel exhibition opens in DC and a look back and tribute to actor Max Von Sydow who passed away earlier this week.

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