The Morning Report 3/10/20

Good morning, kids. Tuesday and the interrelated stories of the coronavirus, the stock market continuing to crash and politics are singly and collectively in the lead. I suppose I could have picked any to start with but the Too Wong Yellow Peril Plague, Traveling All Stars and Motor Kings is driving, or being driven by the media, so here we go. 

However severe the virus may or may not be, its origins and rate of spreading are what’s causing the alarm. The media, with its mantra of “if it bleeds it leads” is certainly not being helpful, particularly in light of the fact that it may be the potential kryptonite bullet that can be used to take down the President. His immediate action in restricting travel to and from China back in January, when we first learned of the outbreak, no doubt has helped delay the spread of the virus here and so far has significantly mitigated the actual health impact on the citizenry. Ultimately, please G-d, it might very well prove crucial in terms of health as well as politically and economically, the situation with the petroleum price wars notwithstanding.

That said, there is dissent in the ranks of the conservative punditry, Trump boosters included, that the President’s messaging on this has, to be charitable, been off the mark. There is no doubt, as I alluded to earlier, that the Democrat-Media Complex is using the virus and the accompanying Wall Street sell-off to attack the President. But he, and his surrogates, have to be extremely careful to not just dismiss the virus as so much hype, regardless of the fact that much of the hype is indeed hype. 

…With a visibly aged Joe Biden duking it out with socialist Bernie Sanders, there are three very good reasons that President Trump’s greatest opponent in November could be the Coronavirus.

First, the ability to handle a possible medical crisis and the hard choices the triage of limited supplies would then force on us will leave a lasting impact with the American public. Second, the economic consequences spreading through U.S. cities and towns will force Republicans in government to choose between saying this is all partisan hype and executing a plan to protect the gains of the last three years. Third, the potential medical scare lends rhetorical energy to a number of Democrat talking points they’re guaranteed to use in the general election…

It’s reassuring to hear White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow say the government is communicating with the airlines, thinking of the “small businesses that might get hurt by this,” and of the “individuals who might lose paychecks because they had to stay home if they get the virus.” It is not, however, reassuring to hear Kudlow claim during the same interview that the virus “looks relatively contained” and that Americans should simply “avoid” Seattle…

Democrats have already seized on the crisis, much to the public ire of the president, and free health-care-for-all is a campaign call that will be specifically energized by the pandemic. In addition to serious governance and the action necessary to stave off a recession, the president must make the case to reelect the administration responsible for so much economic success… Coronavirus might prove the administration’s great crisis, and its leadership will prove crucial in staving off worst-case scenarios or dealing with them when they come. Simply downplaying events and assuring the public everything is under control does not suffice…

All is not gloom and doom. As the article rightly points out, Trump’s trade war with China and the concomitant call and goal to repatriate as much of our manufacturing and supply chain within our own borders – including our pharmaceuticals and medical supplies – is prophetic. He also seems equally prescient about his opposition to open borders as well as globalism. It’s kind of hard for the Left to try and peddle that garbage while at the same time blasting the President for doing nothing to stop the spread of a contagion. Trump is both a quick learner and a great communicator. Also unlike almost every president for the past 100 years, he’s a businessman, not a professional politician, and a hell of a businessman at that. No doubt he will accurately read the situation and get out ahead of things in a way that both prepares the nation for any eventuality but reassures the people (at least those who want to be reassured) that this “crisis” will pass and we’ll come out the other side not significantly worse for wear.

Of course, the Democrat-Media Complex will do everything it can to sabotage the administration regardless of the cost in human life and suffering. If you think that that’s hyperbole, you haven’t been paying attention. That too will explode in their faces, making them look even more petty, vindictive and outright evil, since this is potentially a life and death issue. For those, like me, worried about the election, you have to remember that it’s eight months away. In politics, it’s oddly enough both right around the corner and an eternity from now. Forgetting for a moment what’s happening here, take a look both at the internal dynamics such as we can see them in China as well as Russia and Iran. This virus, as well as the economic and accompanying social distress has the potential to cause a major upheaval in any or all of those countries, especially Iran with its economy already teetering on collapse and a people desperate to throw off the mullahs. Along with the unrest in Hong Kong, cities and regions on the mainland proper and also an economy that was on a bubble even before Trump’s tariffs hit, the 21st century may not turn out to be Chinese after all.

All in all, the election is eight months away. The coronavirus in all likelihood will be a distant memory by then, and potentially world-shaking events as I have noted may very well steal the headlines, and in the President’s and America’s favor. Please G-d.


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