The Morning Report 3/25/20

Good morning, kids. Wednesday and the breaking news is that evidently Cuck Schemer and Malig-Nancy Pelosi have caved and are going to support a $2 Trillion relief package crafted in the Senate late last night. I will assume some pork is in there but at least it’s not the whole Leftist hog. The Dow already posted a 2,113-point gain, the highest single day gain since 1933 and hopefully this good news (despite no one knowing where the money is going to come from; tick-tock debt clock) will also engender another positive gain on Wall Street. Surely, the President’s remarks that he wants to see the economy moving again by Easter may also give everyone a much needed boost of confidence, except of course the g-dless heathens in the Democrat-Media Complex who, like plague, thrive on misery, suffering and death itself. 

From a medical standpoint, despite the real deaths here and especially abroad, the propagandists are constantly pumping out fear headlines about rates of infection and celebrities or young people contracting the Chinese rot. What they do not tell us are actual fatality rates as well as the survival rate associated with this particular strain. And although we are seeing more cases, as a result of more testing, and a rising number of deaths, in a population of 315 million there are still only about 400 deaths. It would be useful to have accurate data from the source, that is Communist China, but that of course is a non-starter. In any case, back here in the US we’re not even looking at whether the aforementioned were the primary cause of death or some other underlying health condition that contracting the virus exacerbated. Plus, despite the outliers of a few cases of younger people being victims, the vast majority are the elderly and those with compromised respiratory function. In other words, the typical victims of common flu and other viruses which kill tens of thousands every year without denuding the forests of trees to make toilet paper or bringing the American economy to a grinding halt. 

Again, I reference you to a couple of positive links from actual scientists including one showing that this virus does not mutate readily, and another from an Oxford epidemiologist stating that the doomsday model of Chi-Com Gleet killing millions is way off base. Elsewhere, VP Pence says that the very promising malaria pill is being readied for shipment to the hotspots of NY, CA and WA, but Democrat governor Steve Sisolak is evidently a science denier and is refusing to allow chloroquinine to be used by Nevadans. 

Also, the talk about flattening the curve has one problem; given that we don’t really know when the pandemic started, it’s not really possible to predict when that curve will bend. Still, given everything he has to go on from his team and from a bureaucracy that has proven itself to be inept, politicized and more than likely populated with Obama holdovers, the President is making the right moves to allay the public fears, cut red tape to get resources in place and give a glimmer of hope that we should be out of the woods on this in order to get back to normal as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Naturally, he is being ripped to shreds from the usual quarters for trying to give a glimmer of hope to the nation. All things considered, I think this crisis – which I still believe is more than 50% manufactured for political gain by the Left – has done more to burnish his credentials as one of our greatest presidents than even his policy successes, which are not inconsiderable either. What I also think is heartening are what his poll numbers show, or more precisely what they don’t show. Even in this perhaps irreconcilably divided nation, if you look past the way-over-amplified bilge from the agitprop media and elsewhere in self-anointed elite circles, Donald Trump has proven himself to be a uniter. I think this episode will propel him to victory in November and more crucially have a far deeper positive effect on the nation long afterwards. Cockeyed optimist? Maybe. But I still am grateful to G-d that he is in the Oval Office, now more than ever.


Let’s dig a bit deeper into the links. First, HHS Secretary Azar is fully confident that the President has and will continue to get the best advice in determining when to re-open America for business and normal life, the administration is warning those who’ve been to NYC to take no chances and quarantine, Daniel Greenfield shines a light on CDC, FDA and Obama malfeasance in our lack of masks, and remember that Scott Gottlieb was the bureaucrat who pimped the vaping ban, I guess the honeymoon is over as Trump fires back at Andrew Cuomo’s malfeasance in not keeping NY state stocked with proper pandemic equipment, Ford has a really better idea for F-150 parts conversion to ventilators, do states have the power to seal their borders (interesting 9th and 10th amendment debate) and Bro-Fo Omar/Nur wants private hospitals nationalized for the duration… the duration of this geological epoch, no doubt.


As mentioned, capping off a record-breaking positive day on Wall Street, the GOP-led Senate has crafted a $2 Trillion dollar relief bill that the Democrats will not block and that the President will have on his desk probably later today. That said, I hope it has been thoroughly cleansed of the Leftist power-grabs and graft, especially the ballot harvesting, national write-in votes an other election thievery. The President slammed Malig-Nancy Pelosi’s bill for those reasons and more. He also wants America’s economy reborn perhaps by Easter because the virus may very well be deadly, but shuttering America is permanently fatal for sure. Hopefully we will have avoided an unnecessary Democrat-induced national suicide and that this latest ploy to hijack the relief will be the ultimate Wile E. Coyote moment for them come November.


Gallup with great numbers both for Trump’s approval rating and his response to the Oriental Lung AIDS, Conrad Black echoes that sentiment, yes indeed the Dems were and still are trying to steal November, Joe Biden has devolved from a rutabaga to a kohlrabi, plus several links including Rabbi Fischer and Larry Elder on Biden’s record as well as the horror had he or Sanders been in charge, and finally, Nazi collaborator and convicted felon George Soros is bankrolling attack ads against Trump centered on the Chinese plague. If Moishe from the Mossad is lurking, could you pull an Eichmann job on that guy and ship him to Malaysia? Shalom, baby.


Have pity on this goof’s wife and kids, but not on him.


It’s all virus related including Malig-Nancy Pelosi’s not-so stealth DACA amnesty in her failed bill, H1-B visas have got to be stopped especially now, Trump’s border policy vindicated and remember that fiend from Canada? Here’s a friendly reminder about both him and Canada’s insanity.


Speaking of a plague infecting America, several links on the media’s virulent attacks on Trump, which per CBS’ own poll are failing miserably and redounding on them, the DoJ wants the power to strip press passes from hacks and propagandists, the National Laughingstock wants Trump silenced because they know he reaches the people with the truth, and more on the CAIR-SPLC Axis of Evil trying to silence conservative voices of truth.


Bit of a mixed bag and all Lung March related: While Pennsy’s governor backs down on shuttering gun dealers, many other municipalities and states are using this “pandemic” (cough-cough) as cover to wipe out the 2-A including Los Angeles, and Virginia gun dealers fire a warning shot at Governor Jolson McBabyMonster as sales skyrocket in that state.


Despite the two-day decrease, Italy’s death toll rises again, there’s a bipartisan effort to hold the Chi-Coms accountable, and hold on to your plague masks; a Chinese guy who died on a bus over there was diagnosed with hantavirus. Meanwhile, Montana cow-pie Max Baucus, who after 36 years stinking up the Senate ended his career as Obama’s man in Beijing has nothing but, get this, praise for China’s handling of the disease. Can I say “Ka-Ching” or is that racist? Filthy, lying bastard is a traitor. Also, an item highlighting the glories and efficiencies of state-run enterprises, Massachusetts’ massive two shits Warren and Markey want Trump to kiss the ring of the UN, while Europe hunkers down Sweden stays open for business, Venezuelans leave their children behind as they flee Danny Glover’s paradise on earth, and finally some sense about Afghanistan. That’s Bloomberg-level money-burning.


In order to keep employers afloat, the Fed announces an extraordinary measure.


Colorado has turned blue, indeed.


I like how Harvard, a bastion of Leftism, not so hot and horny to redistribute some of their wealth to the poor, struggling wage slaves. The hypocrites.


Like every other damn thing.


Our intrepid science reporter with a welcome diversion from the red planet. No, not China or Portland, but Mars.


Profile of a civil rights marcher and Christian Toto with a thumbs up for a memoir of a modern Hollywood auteur.

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