The Morning Report 3/26/20

Good morning, kids. Thursday and the good news is the $2 trillion emergency King Kong Ching Chong Relief-a-Palooza passed in the Senate late last night. A last minute foul up in the language on unemployment insurance that could have led Bernie Sanders to block passage evidently was ironed out and the bill sailed through by a near unanimous vote; four GOP senators were absent due to quarantine. The bad news is, at 880 pages we don’t know what concessions to the Democrats are in it; the mistake that the GOP was panicked about was a wording error that would have made unemployment insurance permanent, and so Bernie got all excited about that, and the wording and mistake in Bernie’s favor remained. But the President commented that the mere $25 million for Malig-Nancy Pelosi to give to the Kennedy Center was just “a cheap sound-bite” in the grand scheme of things. But over time, it adds up to trillions and Chinese plague or not, the debt clock goes tick-tock-tick-tock. In any case it’s over to her side of the Capitol Dome to review, approve and pass on to the Oval Office for signature. That is if the Donkey Chompers AOC contingent don’t try to pull a fast one on Malig-Nancy and gum up the works. More on the economics of this in a moment.

As to what’s happening in the real world with this, contrary to the Democrat-Media Complex’s Chinese Central Committee-fueled agitprop, a Johns Hopkins study finds America more prepared than any other nation to deal with this China-inflicted plague. At least in terms of the raw death toll figures. Dr. Deborah Birx, the coordinator of the White House Chinese Coronavirus Task Force said that our response is indeed bending the curve down, but the fact remains that we still do not have enough accurate data to really get a true picture of this disease in order to know what measures to take. With the population locked down, and an intentional drumbeat of gloom and doom from the media, the cure is definitely looking to be more destructive than the disease itself.

On top of all of that, we have the twin dim-bulbs of Democrat dumb-assery Andrew Cuomo and Warren Wilhelm Klink De Blasio, whose ineptitude and political maneuvering have made New York State and City the nation’s hotspot for this pestilence. I do not think it’s a stretch to say that their blind ideological stance on open borders and lax policing may very well have led to the infection itself and for sure its spread. I give you the governor’s own tripe itself – “We welcome people” – as evidence that only bolsters my assertion. Then, sensing that what’s left of Biden’s brain is visibly seeping out of his ears and that the DNC might call on him this summer in Milwaukee, he attacked the President about the lack of ventilators. Has this fool not been paying attention the past five years? Trump immediately retaliated with the truth that Cuomo’s own malfeasance in not being prepared and indeed focusing on all manner of social justice insanity instead of doing his duty in making the state prepared. Cuomo replied “hummina, hummina, hummina, racist!”

Meanwhile, the lanky hunk of self-important idiocy De Bolshevik only a few weeks ago said we should ignore the Oriental plague and get on with our lives as normal, and now he’s whistling a very different tune, and claiming that at least half of all New Yorkers may get the Asian clap. Yet the media continues pimping that Trump called all this a hoax, along with reports that allegedly the morgues and hospitals are running out of room. All things considered, color me skeptical. In any case, what are the actual causes of death? How old are the victims? What underlying health conditions did they already have? As to overflowing hospitals and ERs, could it be people who might only have a bad cold or flu been driven into a panic by the constant Chicken Little media and gone to the ER when they otherwise might not have? 

It’s not just Cuomo and DeBolshevik. The manifest irresponsibility of the media in driving this narrative that the disease is some sort of fatal Black Death has made everyone cautious in the extreme. So the self-quarantining and shuttering of all public commercial activity has driven the nation to the brink of economic collapse, and in my view unnecessarily. The death toll and morbidity of this virus is still way below that of previous outbreaks and that of common seasonal flu as well. While it is inarguable that the quarantine will reduce the rate of transmission, what should have been done from the outset and certainly right now is to isolate those people who are most at risk from contracting the disease: the elderly, infirm and those with chronic respiratory, autoimmune or coronary conditions. The much-ballyhooed cases of young people getting infected and perhaps dying are tragic, but they are anecdotal. What no one in the media is reporting, since it will destroy the panic meme they continue to spew, is the number of individuals infected who have gotten over it or those who remain asymptomatic.

There is a thing known as “herd immunity,” and forgive me if I’m botching the explanation, which means that over time, the population builds up a resistance to a pathogen to the point where it ultimately burns out. Quarantining everyone has the effect of blocking that from happening. But if we allow the most low risk groups in the population to go about their normal activities, we can theoretically be rid of this plague in a shorter time frame. It also means that life can get back to normal and we don’t have to ruin our economy in the bargain.

The longer this goes on, the more this damages society as a whole. We cannot continue living in a state of siege. The numbers just do not justify what we are doing to ourselves, or more accurately what we are allowing some very nefarious and evil forces with the media on their side to do to us. No, Chinese Coronavirus is not a hoax. It’s as serious as a heart attack, or perhaps pneumonia. But what we’re doing amounts to amputating our arm to cure an infection on our big toe.




As stated, the printing presses are being fired up and the $2 trillion stimulus, along with another $4 trillion in other Treasury chazareipromised by Secretary Mnuchin, is on the way to the House and then to the President’s desk by perhaps tomorrow. The actions of Alexandria Donkey-Chompers notwithstanding. Malig-Nancy Pelosi at least for the time being has been defeated, so she’s now belching up that this bill is not enough and that she will continue to try and pass the power-grab legislation that she was forced to strip out of the bill, in order to placate Toothy McUdders and her merry band. Economic Advisor Larry Kudlow calls it the largest assistance program in US history, but it’s not something I’m cheering about. Matt Gaetz is championing a bill that prevents Chinese state-owned business from getting their hands on the gelt; frankly we should seize their assets and kick their infected asses back across the Pacific. Meanwhile, American Airlines is promising a massive pay raise to employees, LA’s mayor Garcetti is a cheap thug, the last thing we should ever do is nationalize industries and a final essay echoing my thoughts on the cure being far worse than the disease.


On the political front, two essays on what this episode means for Trump and his presidency, Hans von Spakovsky sounds the alarm on letting the Feds take over the elections, Dems have been politicizing this virus weeks ago, Daniel Greenfield on Steve “Porn Daddy” Spielberg and other Lefty celebs funding anti-Trump virus agitprop, the Oriental Lung AIDS has exposed some of our worst political actors, both DNC and RNC say their conventions are a go for this summer, Cali candidate gets the stink eye from Malig-Nancy, several links on the gibbering disaster that is Joe Biden but that’s not enough to deter LinkedIn’s Reid Hoffman from wasting money on him, a new poll shows North Carolinians want Richard Burr to resign for insider trading, and Lloyd Billigsley’s “Octo-Pelosi” further examines the dragon lady’s stranglehold on power, her pedigree and grooming Gavin Gruesome for a prexy run in 2024.


Trump is dead right. The media wants America to be frightened into national ruin, so much so that they know keeping Trump off the air is their first priority. Instead, Andrew Cuomo is being thrown up as a de facto “president.” Meanwhile Coonman Lawnjockey suppressing religious freedom, and the Economist the latest rag to hawk Chi-Com propaganda.


Mixed bag here as LA gun shops will remain open after all, but 12 states could shut them down.


Andrew Cuomo disgusts me, but you knew that.


Several links on China before, during and after this plague has subsided. They are far and away a mortal threat to the peace and security of the world. Also, Brazil’s Bolsonaro has had enough of this, Robert Levinson who had been held captive in Iran for 13 years has reportedly died, Iranians reject Doctors Without Borders, and a taste of “Jewish Lightning,” or is it karma, hits a Gaza preacher right in his falafel hole.


China is a pestilence, a call for Trump to smash Boko Haram and the first Space Force mission takes to the sky.


Look on the bright side of the plague; flying has never been easier…


Two straight days of big gains at the Dow for first time since February, three-month T-bills yield negative yield (more to it than that), Mike Rogers says US must win 5-G dominance, debunking the anti-capitalist agitprop of the Donkey Chompers set and per the abstract, “America’s small businesses, our machinists, die-casters, plastic injection molders, electronics parts suppliers, and others are eager to get to work providing the medical equipment the nation needs but the companies that hold the patents and process patents for this equipment need to open up and ask for bids.” Agreed.


I blame the school system and media for the first loser, De Bolshevik is out of his fucking mind and have we learned nothing since 9/11?


Another item the at-home kiddies should watch.


The feminazis are evil and Walter Williams compares black school performance in conservative and “progressive” districts.


AG Barr clips the junk-tuckers.


Finally, some diversions from Chi-Com Lung AIDS: a reassessment of Edgar Degas’ work, new book gets a thumbs up and even a Netflix series nixes SJW dogma in portraying latter day Jeffersons (George and Weezee, not Thomas).

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