The Morning Report 3/30/20

Good morning, kids. Monday and we’re still in Chinese Coronavirus hell, mostly because despite all the pronouncements and prognostications from the experts, we still do not have any sort of accurate information both as to the nature of this disease as well as its toll from the source: The People’s Republic of China. Despite the fact that last week’s stunning revelation from Neil Ferguson, the British doctor whose predictions of millions dead is the basis for the lockdowns and quarantines, drastically walked back his predictions, the media and the Leftists (but I repeat myself) continue to ignore things that would calm shattered nerves (and markets) while pimping panic, doom and Trump-hatred and Chinese martyrdom. Look, I’m pushing 60 and the last thing I want to do is tempt fate and catch this Sino Sinus Syphilis. Thanks to the rank incompetence and malfeasance of Andrew Cuomo and Bill De Bolshevik, I’m smack dab in the heart of a disease hotspot. 

But given everything we know about these kind of viral pandemics, the recorded death toll from them as well as common influenza, the dire predictions coming now from the President’s team, Dr. Anthony Fauci in particular, are sounding more and more Chicken Little-ish every day. Again, last year’s flu season was responsible for 60,000 deaths and many times more people sickened or even hospitalized. The Swine Flu outbreak of 2009, which the Obama administration waited three months to act on aided and abetted by a media blackout to defend their Precious Preezy resulted in 17,000 deaths and over 300,000 hospitalized. Yet in both cases, there was no media frenzy nor the placing of our entire economy into an induced coma, with a giant National Health My Pillow poised inches above its face.

When this is all over, we are never going to know what the real numbers are going to be because the CDC, which is a government bureaucracy that spent the better part of the past decade concerned with bullying and other Leftist social justice dreck instead of controlling the spread of real disease, as well as the media is going to juice the stats to both bash Trump and the GOP while they and the Dems extort more non-existent money from the taxpayers and the Treasury. But for argument’s sake, even if the numbers approach flu season levels, it still would not have justified quarantining 320 million people, destroying trillions in wealth while adding trillions more in debt.

At the risk of repeating myself, the statistics that no one is talking about, and for obvious reasons because they do not drive the panic narrative, how many died directly from the Chinee Floo and not some other underlying condition, and what are the numbers of people who have fully recovered from it? Besides that, even Fauci himself has affirmatively stated that those who have recovered in fact have developed immunity to the disease. Again, with some exceptions, all viral infections of the respiratory variety hit the elderly and those with compromised immune systems and lungs hardest. This one is no different. The sickness for those unfortunate to catch the disease is surely more uncomfortable and maybe longer to recover from than a cold or flu, but it is not a certain death sentence. Tell that to the Democrat-Media Complex.

But what is President Trump to do? Like all of us, even he is flying blind and erring on the side of caution is really his only option. With all that as preamble, the breaking story from late yesterday is that he has revised his Chinese Coronavirus guidelines and is extending them through the end of April, with a date certain of June 1st for things to return to normal. Yet, what is the new normal with businesses destroyed, lives ruined and an economy deeply mauled?

Yet out of this carnage, real and imagined, I do see some very positive signs for the future. And that is because of the man in the Oval Office who no doubt sees the same things. Despite the greatest propaganda campaign since Goebbels, you’d have to be completely brain dead to not see the danger China presents to the world. The other myths that have been exploded are that of globalism/globalization, the folly of a united Europe, the reliance on government for one’s security, the absolute madness of open borders, and a host of others that deserve to be discussed in depth. 

Right now, though, we’re still in limbo. Frankly, I was hoping for that Easter lifting of the crisis, or even the continued quarantining of the elderly and at-risk (hello, herd immunity?). I honestly felt deflated when I saw the extension to the end of April. But at least it is a date certain. As an aside, the absence of Rush Limbaugh these past two weeks, at least for me, has been especially difficult. His show is a beacon of hope and reason, and with him off the air, it just added to that sense of isolation and turmoil. I hope he returns today.

In any case, I hope the President sticks to this new deadline because it gives people something to look forward to. Even the promise of a return to some sort of normalcy might be just the thing to cure what really ails us.


Let’s break down the links: as noted, April 30th is the light at the end of the tunnel (for now), FDA fast tracks chloroquine, Fauci with the scary figures yet thinks recovered patients develop immunity, Dr. Birx also not too reassuring, several essays on the numbers and the ones no one wants to talk about, plus a couple the echo my sentiments that while this is not a nothing-burger it sure doesn’t seem like the Black Death, “some new medicine, supposed to be good for you…”, the folly and dangers of Leftists from LA, to NY to RI, Roger Kimball seems to echo my sentiments about weighing the disease and the danger from the cure and Victor Davis Hanson with a truth nugget, “Trump’s prior initiatives eased the implementation of many of his most effective orders during this crisis.”


Cuck and Malig-Nancy go ape as Trump overrules their attempts to have oversight,
“What started as a meaningful relief effort for workers and families morphed, as it so often does, into a ride-along for unrelated – and a few ridiculous -provisions designed to benefit certain lawmakers or expand the bureaucracy,” Kevin McCarthy warns that Malig-Nancy wants the money she was denied, and a thousand times the last item.


From a political standpoint, so far Trump has proven himself to be an outstanding leader. And that is mostly because the policies that got him elected, which the Left fought tooth and nail to thwart or reverse have proven crucial in blunting the impact of this pandemic. Specifically, the travel bans and border security. At the same time, the responses from Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, when they have been spotted in public, have been a complete joke, especially Biden who when he isn’t going off on a televised dementia bender is trying to stave off a serious rape allegation. Never fear; the Democrats are evidently keeping Andrew Cuomo in reserve to ride to the rescue this summer in Milwaukee. Aside from his and his family’s collective baggage of massive graft and mob connections, his complete malfeasance and dereliction of duty in keeping New York prepared as opposed to giving drivers licenses to illegal aliens and sanctuary state protections is not going to help his cause should the DNC dump Biden for him.

And then there’s Cuck Schemer and Malig-Nancy Pelosi, who took this health crisis so seriously that they used it as an opportunity to try and extort the US Treasury and do an end run around the last nearly four years of the Trump presidency for more Leftist governmental power-grabs. Now, after the raging chutz-pocrisy of blood-libeling the President is actually threatening to bring up a third round of potential impeachment hearings relating to his handling of the crisis. You do that, lady.

Elsewhere, I don’t believe Biden ever was ahead of Trump but even the latest poll shows Biden fading fast, another poll shows Dem enthusiasm for the demented diddler at an all time low for any Dem candidate ever, Tu-Ca thinks Biden will be dumped for Cuomo, the Sandersnistas are promising to vote Trump, Malig-Nancy Pelosi blood libels Trump which initiates a Graham slam, Trump masterfully plays this crisis to his advantage, Bernie may be gone but the Socialist cancer lingers on, a contrary argument that this crisis may be death knell to progressivism, a reminder, as if you needed one, that Nazi collaborator and convicted felon George Soros is fomenting all kinds of unrest, and finally a little time line from David Horowitz that lays the blame for all the misery of this at the feet of the Democrat coup plotters.


Is she really going to try and bring on another round of impeachment hearings? Do it, lady and your party is finished for at least 20 years.


Believe all women… except for the dog-faced pony soldier tramp who’s accusing me! And along with rape, add a dollop of union graft.


“Vance can’t dance but he steals your money; watch him now, he’ll rob ya blind…”


Ship ’em out, then bring ’em back.


No wonder the media doesn’t want to air the pressers, Trump cuts off PBS propagandist, Slimes does Chi-Coms dirty work by sliming Christians for Chinese-originated Lung AIDS, Mollie Hemingway and Margot Cleveland bash the media for pimping anti-Trump and anti-American agitprop, I’ll bet the editors of the¬†Financial Post¬†might whistle a different tune if they had to reuse their TP… or be forced to eat it, and on a completely non-Wu Flu note, superstar prosecutor Linda Fairstein sues Netflix over Central Park 5 smear documentary. Good for her.


Feds step in to protect gun dealers from tyrannical states and cities.


Spain’s death toll rises, WHO flunky does Chi-Com’s dirty work, rioting in Hubei (oh boy), 5,000 urns can’t be wrong, sunset for Xi?, yes let’s disentangle from China ASAP, French and Italian actions do not bode well for globalism or the EU, Iranians drop like flies as ayatollah’s profit, keep the sanctions up, Mexican official says something el stupido, and Chile, the bright spot of South America on a path to throw it all away.


Arguing for nuking up Japan and the RoK to counter the Chi-Coms. Discuss…


I guess the $25 million was for Malig-Nancy’ luxury box.


“America is at a crossroads economically. The immediate challenges are daunting. But the good news is America remains well positioned to lead and inspire the world in the 21st century.” Also, why gas is so expensive in California (it’s a tax!), and as we experience mass layoffs, some companies are on a hiring spree.


DoJ investigating Loefler, Burr and Feinstein (guess which one gets exonerated), suburban NY cop shoots in self defense and black thugs go ape, and woman who coughed on grocery food faces felony charges.


Yet another potentially positive fallout over the Yellow Peril.


The social justice infection of academia can be cured by home schooling. And right now is the perfect time to test that.


Dept. of Labor imposing gender wage gap regulations and stifling productivity and profits. Abolish them because of Wu-Flu.


It takes a virus to create a village? Also, a look at two 20th century giants, when Reagan called out the Soviets, America’s Leftists are internal enemies, the age gap and the political divide, two on the evils of globalism in light of today’s situation, and a look back on the life and career of the late Senator Tom Coburn, who died last week of cancer.

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.

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