The Morning Report 3/31/20

Good morning, kids. Tuesday and the Sino Sinus Syphilis continues to rack up another grim milestone – another day that America and much of the world is held hostage by both a disease that came from China, and the equally worse disease of ginned-up panic from the Democrat-Media Complex. One of the few media outlets that I find generally truthful, The New York Post has succumbed to scare headlines that completely distort the numbers and have zero historical context to put things in their proper perspective, all just to sell papers. It really is shameful. 

I think another “tell” that the seriousness of this outbreak – and make no mistake; the who, what, where, when and why of this is deadly serious – is being completely politicized to both shield China and bash the President comes from the fact that after Trump announced April 30th as the date when things can at least begin to get back to normal, Ralph Northam, aka Governor Coonman Baby-Smotherer said Virginia will lift the quarantines at the end of June. Say, what? That said, what the hell is Ron DeSantis thinking by pushing it back into mid-May for South Florida? I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt considering the demographics of South Florida make it “G-d’s Waiting Room” and he’s as in the dark about all of this as the rest of us. But honestly, I’m at my wits end with this. 

Beyond the cabin fever, there are things that government at every level is doing that may have serious implications for our Constitutional freedoms. Matt Walsh at Daily Wire with an angle on the First Amendment: 

Over the weekend, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio warned that “synagogues” and “churches” that disobey his order to remain shut down may be closed permanently as punishment. One can’t help but notice that the good mayor conspicuously omitted one type of worship facility from this dire warning. But whether mosques are exempt or not, the bigger issue is that Bill de Blasio certainly does not have the authority to permanently close places of worship as a punitive measure for defying his commands. He has the word “mayor” in front of his name, not “sultan” or “king” or “supreme leader.” And the First Amendment still exists, even if he’d prefer to pretend otherwise…

From Frontpage Mag the estimable Daniel Greenfield on the Second Amendment:

…But the “essential” debate is really blowing up when it comes to firearms. Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva freed 1,700 criminals from county jails and launched an aggressive push to force gun stores to shut down as non-essential. “We will be closing them, they are not an essential function,” Villanueva insisted. “You have the mixture of people that are not formerly gun owners and you have a lot more people at home and anytime you introduce a firearm in a home… it increases fourfold the chance that someone is gonna get shot.”

Whether or not thats true, it has nothing to do with whether gun stores are essential or not. Villanueva is wrongly conflating a gun control risk argument with defining what is an essential business. And when thousands of criminals are set loose, firearms become more essential than ever. While Illinois had deemed firearms businesses to be essential, Pennsylvania did not. The state’s version of “essential” or “life-sustaining,” like California, covers marijuana, but not firearms. That’s a problem since Philly authorities had announced that they wouldn’t be arresting “non-violent offenders”…

Since the Britain formerly known as “Great” is perhaps a peek into our future, the equally estimable Katie Hopkins also in Frontpage Mag has this frightening story:

Neighbors spying on neighbors, people encouraged to report each other, curtains twitching as you walk by. Sound familiar? The tactics used by the Stasi in East Germany in 1950, creating a secret police organization through a vast network of informants, are now being encouraged by British police in the UK in 2020. And the Chinese Virus was all it took for people to willingly comply.

Humberside Police (in the east midlands of England) has created an online portal where people can report those they suspect of not following social distancing rules, such as exercising only once a day or leaving the house only to buy food or for medical emergencies…

… It’s enough to make Lady Liberty shudder. These dog walkers, socially isolating in the hills, are about as much of a transmission risk as my mother, 72, currently in lockdown in her tiny bungalow in the countryside. And yet the police appear to be enjoying humiliating decent people in this way. You can almost see them salivating over the opportunity to spy on the public, just as you can see some members of the public fizzing at the thought of reporting neighbors who are not following the rules. 

Of course, the decent Brits trying to get on with their lives are the easiest police target. Why get out on the streets and confront knife crime or raid mosques (where mullahs refer to the coronavirus as a solider of Allah), when you can sit in a comfortable vehicle and practice flying an expensive new gadget over peaceable dog walkers?…

Given the power mad totalitarian proclivities of the Democrat Party, frankly I couldn’t give a raw wet market bat’s rear end if the body count doubles or even triples Dr. “Doom” Fauci’s 100,000 number that, considering the nature of statistics, he pulled out of his back hole. We have already seen the Democrats attempt to not so stealthily ram through nearly a thousand pages of trillions of dollars worth of Leftist goodies and wealth transfers, along with G-d knows what else that was buried in the fine print which no one had the time, and fewer had the inclination, to read. It’s why I was not so eager to rip Tom Massie a new one for slowing down the race to pass the relief bill. 

The warning here is one about bureaucracy, government, and human nature. This crisis, like all crises before it, whether real or phony, always engenders “temporary” measures. For those not up on their history, the crisis of First World War brought about the imposition of the federal income tax that was intended only to last for the duration. The armistice went into effect on 11/11/18. That’s 1918, not 2018, which means that that temporary measure is now a little over 101 years old. It should be noted that every red cent of revenue generated since our war debt was paid off has gone to fuel an ever-growing, ever-intrusive, ever-incompetent bureaucracy that is wielded of, by and for the Left to destroy our individual freedoms and make us little more than slaves or serfs. Because that is the nature of bureaucracy; not to solve or end a problem (doing so would obviate their continued existence), but to expand and gain ever more power. And sadly, that is also the nature of human nature, which is the very reason why the Founders rebelled against the crown in 1776 and what defines “exceptional” in American exceptionalism. That is, America as founded was supposed to be the exception to the darker side of human nature and the tyranny and oppression that came before it.

That is why the election of Donald Trump was miraculous; not just because of the continued attempts to destroy him and by extension us, but because what he has proven he stands for is an actual existential threat to the trajectory of American and world history – a globalist totalitarian world order with China more than likely pulling the strings (the global caliphate boosters might object to that). 

…As cities and states shut down with stay-at-home orders, based on media led panic and frenzy, the economy takes further hits, hurting the incumbent president who up until recently was running for reelection on his roaring economy. What a coincidence.

Tying it all together, Trump is indeed an existential threat to the globalist agenda including open borders and an America-last policy. China is under Trump’s thumb, its superpower status threatened as global supply chains may now steer far clear of China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Trump is cruising to reelection against a hapless senile Democrat candidate. In a second term, without facing another election, Trump is free to complete his MAGA agenda.

How convenient that a long-predicted viral outbreak occurred at the perfect time to inflict maximum damage on the president. Are these just a series of random events or is there a pattern? What are the odds of all of these events playing out in sequence? Is it beyond the realm of mathematical probability? A viral outbreak, whether hatched in a laboratory or a wet market, could have been a nuisance like past outbreaks. Yet this one was treated far differently, devastating world economies. What are the odds?…

We truly are now at a crossroads in the life of this nation and for the cause of turning back the tide of inevitability that we have been on since the end of the Second World War. Whether or not China intentionally unleashed this virus to kneecap the United States and this president, as Dr. Brian Joondeph MD notes above in American Thinkerit sure did come at a very convenient time for them and the Left. 



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