The Morning Report 4/3/20

Good morning, kids. Friday and another day of America held hostage by Leftist lies, Chi-Com damned lies and statistics as the lifeblood of our nation, what was the greatest economic miracle of all time, drains from its slit wrists. I was talking to a friend last night who asked if I watched the President’s presser (I hadn’t) and he was shocked at his seemingly fatigued demeanor and tone, which is in sharp contrast to his usual energy and ebullience. The press has been playing this up, not so subtly hinting that he seems defeated by all of this. I would not go that far, and neither did Rush Limbaugh on his show when he attributed the President’s bearing as natural concern for the well being of the citizenry.

While this is certainly the case, my gut tells me that I think he realizes he may have made a blunder in relying on the “experts” and their models in going along with the shuttering of our economy. All of the assaults he has had to endure over the past four years were political in nature. But this one is different; it’s a nebulous disease that he cannot dispatch with a Twitter storm of truth bombs. With the lives of nearly 320 million people in his hands, he’s forced into a corner. Yet, the situation very closely parallels the one he was in during the transition period after the election up until and beyond the 2018 midterms. As an outsider, Trump relied on people inside DC to staff the administration and thought, perhaps naively, that everyone had the best interests of the nation at heart whatever their political bent may be. We, and he, know how that turned out.

And here we all are again, relying on so-called “experts” and computer models to predict how, where, for how long and how lethally a virus is going to strike, when we’re not even sure just how deadly to the entire population it is in the first place. In any case, the problem with computer models is that they are only as good as the data put in to them. If that doesn’t remind you of something, here’s a hint: Global Warming.

Circling back to Trump, I think he now realizes he’s made a mistake by allowing himself to be driven solely by numbers that are being given to him by people who, if history and the nature of DC teach us anything, do not have his best interests at heart. And that’s being charitable. Is it too late for him to backtrack? Maybe. But, given the fact that putting millions of people out of work and destroying their economic security for years to come is clearly (to me anyway) much more deleterious to our collective health than this Pox Oriental, I cannot see him allowing this madness to go on much longer. 

No doubt, it would be a massive political gamble for him to say “look, the situation on the ground compared to the projections just don’t add up” and then call for a phased in lifting of the quarantines and closures until either we’re clear of the danger or actual confirmed deaths from Asiatic Lung AIDS spike. I am still not convinced that this particular virus will cause the massive amounts of deaths predicted but for arguments sake, let’s say Trump gives the all clear and they spike; I still believe tragic as the loss of life may be (and is, as I am not a heartless bastard), it still pales in comparison to the carnage and suffering that will result from the quarantine. 

No doubt the Democrat-Media Complex will accuse Trump of being literally Hitler-Hitler (he’s already merely Hitler in their eyes as it is) if just one person gets so much as a runny nose. Hell, Malig-Nancy Pelosi and Schiff-for-Brains are already firing up the Shampeachment Express which will sabotage and tie the hands of the sane adults in the room trying to alleviate the situation. So, what does Trump have to lose, really?

I think the choice is lift all social distancing guidelines with the exception of those already confirmed infected and sick, the elderly and anyone else whose cardio-pulmonary and immune systems are compromised and get America back to work. The problem is the governors and mayors, especially in Democrat-controlled areas and most especially New York State and City. Let’s face it; New York City is still America’s and the world’s economic Mecca. If you think the Democrats, who by destroying the economy can both get rid of Trump and use the economic and societal collapse to capture the nation, are going to let that opportunity slip through their fingers, you’ve been eating the bad fish tank cleaner. 

We’ve already seen the Democrats true colors in the wake of 9/11. We could be hit with Clinton bought-and-paid-for Chinese MIRV’d warheads and the first thing they’d do is toss the Constitution into the fire while preserving The 1619 Project and Howard Zinn’s filthy tripe with which to rebuild upon the ruins. Given the success of the MAGA agenda from January 2017 until late February 2020, this pandemic – that is the panic surrounding the pandemic – is perhaps the Left’s last best chance to overthrow the nation. That means it is President Trump’s last best chance to thwart them, restore sanity and put us back on track.



On to the links where the anti-malarial drugs and protocol does indeed work, Pitt once helped beat polio and now they might have the magic bullet for the Wuhan Woo-Woo, Trump tests negative yet again, Fauci defends the President but still wants everyone indoors; frankly, I’ve had enough of this guy. Also, Angelo Codevilla echoes my sentiments on experts and modeling, Betsy McCaughey tries reading the chicken entrails, is GA governor Kemp channeling Tank Abrams with that comment?, Nipsy Cuomo panicking over ventilator shortage he helped cause, if this is so serious why isn’t rapid transit shut down?, as I suspect, NYC is lying about the death rates, lots of red tape tangles the Comfort hospital ship, Ho-Lee-Fook! WTF is the FDA thinking?! Abolish it and the CDC to preserve our sanity and health. Lastly, California is a hot mess of failure with this crisis and in praise of the President’s leadership.


Look at these links and tell me that the deaths and hospitalizations of this thing justify what we are doing to ourselves now and for the future. There should be a massive ramping up and distribution of the chloroquine protocols, money thrown at vaccine research and a phased in return to normal now. And repatriate all our industry to get Americans back to work. Lastly, Vermont gets a taste of totalitarianism. Not enough maple syrup on the planet to make it seem like hotcakes instead of Bernie’s ass, Vermonters. Enjoy!


Trump may have seemed a bit low-energy in that presser, but the letter he sent Cuck Schemer singed his cornrow implants but good. Also, the chronology clearly shows Trump totally on top of the crisis while Biden was on top of some random teenybopper, Great One Levin rips Cuck Schemer for fiddling with shampeachment while we got infected, DNC postpones setting Milwaukee alight until mid-August, Gavin Gruesome pimps overthrowing America as founded to “cure” Chi-Com Lung Gleet, as Malig-Nancy and the girl-groper/rapist fade, Nipsy Cuomo hardens, Conrad Black with a bigger political picture in the Peking Pox Panic, Candace Owens is running for office somewhere, will Trump allow the further diminution of the Constitution to stand after this passes, more praise for PDT, Gretchen Whitmer not popular in Michigan, and the real danger of the virus giving cover to rig the vote if we go the mail-in or online route.


If the Democrats want to immolate themselves, I’m happy to give them a tanker of hi-test and a book of matches.


While we’re all preoccupied, Oregon hacks-in-black go Orwellian.


Today’s entry in the Day-Ending-in-Y Department.


DHS foiled for now with the H-2B madness, yet with millions now out of a job more foreigners are sought, we may have a nurse shortage but I know this hospital in the article and we do not want what they have, immigrants detained sue ICE to be let loose, families who adopted overseas in a jam, DHS announces more mileage for the border wall, and it can’t come a moment too soon.


Of course the popular work from home tool Zoom is owned by China and easy access for industrial/corporate espionage and other meshugas, Mollie Hemingway on Leftists wanting the FCC to block Trump’s virus pressers, Facebook muzzles Project Veritas for film that goes against the meme, with all the airports empty no wonder CNN’s ratings are in the crapper, Gutfeld planning to sue Nazi collaborator Soros-funded propaganda organ Media Matters, corporate media’s Lord Haw-Hawing for the Chi-Coms will be their undoing (or so it is hoped), Sean Lennon of all people rips media for PC BS, and the Slimes slimes the south with virus map.


Of course…


Hopefully relief for Italy and Spain, several good links on the Chi-Coms as our number one enemy, Canadian health minister is a commie stooge, the Peking Pox is just the latest episode in that totalitarian state’s massive body count, as Michael Ledeen states that this virus could finally bring down the Mullahs, of course Joe Biden’s handler tells him to say we should lift sanctions, and Caroline Glick looks at Israel’s precarious economic situation in all of this.


Captain of the Theodore Roosevelt relieved of command. Was it because he rankled the brass by sounding an alarm he felt was being ignored, or because, as they claim, he went over their heads and leaked to the media? Discuss…


Muslim terrorist convicted for plotting deadly attacks on White House, Pakistan urinates on Daniel Pearl’s grave, and Bro-Fos and goats and… corpses?! Oh my!


How the courts are handling this lockdown, and Daniel Greenfield with some good ideas, although he does call for another bureaucracy to be established which I am not so sanguine about. Still, worth the look as always.


Trump with some very good words for US oil, and Federal expansion of jobless benefits is necessary but may impede recovery.


Hint: it’s not cheesesteaks.




Lloyd Billingsley on Democrats exploiting pandemic to dump the SAT, and target the voter-approved California Civil Rights Initiative.


It had better not.


Our intrepid science reporter with a nice diversion.


A feel good story that I’ll bet is playing out all over the nation, the cultural aftermath, tyranny and this “Karen” dame, Top Gun: Maverick pushed back to summer release and Christian Toto reviews a documentary on comedy.

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