Dow 50,000… With This One Neat Trick!

Despite the Sino Sinus Syphilis/Chi-Com Lung AIDS, also known as Chinese COVID-19 Coronavirus, being used as a pretext to put America’s $22 trillion economy into a nosedive, at some point all of this has got to end. Unlike the financial crash of 2008 which was solely the fault of Democrat policy creating a bubble by forcing banks to give home loans to people who could never repay them, the Trump economy of January 2017 to January 2020 – the greatest economic boom in history – was and still is fundamentally sound. It is being artificially strangled with the quarantines.

Do not misunderstand me; the uncertainty surrounding the origins, lethality and morbidity of this Chinese contagion as well as a lack of a vaccine as a preventive (unlike flu and other viruses) meant that quarantine was perhaps the best of a Hobson’s choice. But this cannot go on forever. The clock is ticking and the longer we keep our economy in an intentional coma, the more we risk destroying it and leaving us not only bankrupt but vulnerable to the baser, totalitarian instincts of the Democrat-Media-Globalist enterprise.

The medical aspect of this thing aside, the greatest thing we can do for ourselves is to have something to look forward to on the other side of this madness. I know that President Trump is touting a vast infrastructure program to kickstart things but I have a few ideas that can set the economy on fire as well as kneecap the Chi-Coms and the American Left in one fell swoop.** I call it the Sefton Plan but I won’t quibble if OrangeManBad wants to rename it.

1 – Declare an 8-year federal tax holiday for any industry that pledges to open a manufacturing plant on American soil (actually, make it a tax holiday on the revenue generated by the new plant, otherwise one company can shelter all of its profits in a single factory).

2 – All pertinent (and impertinent) regulatory agencies have a 30-day period to approve, or the approval is automatic. 

3 – Heavily tax/penalize any company that remains or moves offshore. 

4 – No H1-B or other visas will be granted to any foreign national unless and until every American citizen is employed first. 

5 – With the exception of the Defense Department, shutter all federal agencies, furlough all employees and return their operating budgets to the Treasury. Each department will be considered for reactivation at a date to be determined or permanent closure on a case by case basis (alternatively, perhaps an automatic 10% reduction in budget every year until the total reduction reaches the cost of the stimulus, or something similar).

6 – As with point #1, incentivize the establishment of trade and technical schools. Consider debt forgiveness to students who switch from social sciences and arts to earning a STEM or other useful trade/skill. I understand Rosie the Riveter is a latter-day feminist icon. Okay then, ladies. Ditch Critical Race Theory of Lesbian Inca Poetry as a Reaction to Repression by the White Male Patriarchy 101 and learn how to weld, or run a Bridgeport lathe.

This is just for starters but here are some other items that address our greatest threat, at least externally. 

7 – Declare whatever debt the US owes the PRC null, void and reparations for the monetary loss due to their malfeasance in unleashing the plague on our country and the civilized world.

8 – Ban the entry or immigration of PRC citizens to our country for at least 10 years. Every Chinese national who is now working at our universities, research labs, communications companies, other corporations, their ambassador and entire embassy staff should be expelled.

9 – Recognize the Republic of China (Taiwan) as the sole, legitimate representative of the Chinese people. Pressure our allies around the world to follow suit or suffer diplomatic/trade consequences.

** You may have noticed that little asterisk which is, of course, the fly in the ointment. The Democrats have got America by the short hairs, or so they assume. The longer they can My Pillow the economy, the more misery they can inflict and thereby assume the populace screaming for them to do something, anything. Considering the unelected bureaucracy, which took 100 years for them to establish, is a major source of their power, they’re not about to allow Trump to let this crisis go to waste (heh) and kneecap them, perhaps permanently. And of course, the Chamber of Commerce and the RINOs are not keen on this either for obvious reasons. They were eager to destroy the American worker and his standard of living in exchange for profits from cheap slave labor abroad.

Just before Pearl Harbor, the American military was 17th in the world and our industry was still hobbled by the Depression and FDR’s New Deal that made it worse. By the end of the war, we achieved full employment and were an economic and manufacturing powerhouse for the next 25 years. That is, until the onerous unelected bureaucracies capped off by Nixon’s EPA and OSHA made manufacturing in the USA virtually impossible. 

We are now in a conflict with another evil empire that seeks to dominate the globe, and that means eliminating us. Intentional or not, this outbreak should be treated as a wakeup call. The time has come to not only once again make our own pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, but to once again be the world leader in steel, textiles, clothing, chemicals, automobiles, heavy equipment, electronics, computers, appliances, etc. etc. With that, the time has come to throw off the shackles of Leftist bureaucracy and the Deep State and re-dedicate ourselves to independence and American ingenuity.

I think this dreadful situation presents a once in a century opportunity for Trump to bring about a sea change in the life of the nation. But the clock is ticking…