The Morning Report 4/6/20

Good morning, kids. Another grim milestone as we begin yet another day and week with our nation held hostage by the Peking Pox Panic. There really isn’t all that much to say that I haven’t been saying for over two weeks now. But the fact remains that the longer our economy remains shuttered, the greater the damage we inflict on our mental and physical health, our financial security, and our freedom and liberty. It is also evident that despite the thousands who have been sickened and have succumbed to this Chinese pestilence, we are not living in the midst of an extinction-level event that justifies this lockdown. Not by a long shot. And yet, here we are with millions of jobs lost and small businesses, still the lifeblood of the economy, perhaps gone for good. Talk about an extinction-level event.

Yet the Democrat-Media Complex is eager to once again dance on the corpses, or at least the potential for corpses if it means using it as a pretext to rob the treasury, shred the tatters of the Constitution that yet remain, and of course bash President Trump. If you are still insane enough to read or listen to the legacy agitprop media, it is nothing but a torrent of lies and bilge blaming him first for acting too hastily, then not acting fast enough, being too much of a rah-rah Pollyanna, then a complete Debbie Downer and so on, promoting drugs that are useless or dangerous and then not getting them fast enough to New York or Michigan. Of course, the same media will have nothing but doom headlines about lack of beds, lack of ventilators, reports of sick people and corpses piled in overcrowded hallways as if they were describing the carnage at the shores of Iwo Jima or Omaha Beach – all while blaming Trump and prescribing the cure: more progressivism with Democrats in complete control.

It really is a sad state of affairs when our own media looks and sounds as bad or worse than a Communist propaganda organ. Oh, wait. They ARE a Communist propaganda organ since their reportage is virtually verbatim of what you will bear being spouted by that imprisoned nation’s Politburo. Unfortunately, what’s worse is when the President’s own team spews the same kind of panic-inducing bilge that just drives the narrative forward and the markets ever downward. 

U.S. Surgeon General Vice Admiral Jerome Adams says the coronavirus outbreak hasn’t reached its peak yet, warning that the coming week will be the “hardest and the saddest week of most Americans’ lives…” 

“…This is going to be our Pearl Harbor moment, our 9/11 moment, only it’s not going to be localized. It’s going to be happening all over the country. And I want America to understand that…”

RUFKM?! Look, there’s no doubt that people have died and are going to die. But to invoke two seminal events in American history over something like this, sad though it may be, is just manifestly irresponsible and utterly horrendous. Frankly, I am sick and friggin’ tired of dredging up last year’s statistics for deaths from all causes that in each and every category put Chinese Lung AIDS virtually at the bottom of the list. And don’t get me started on Anthony Fauci. He’s not exactly a great communicator and doesn’t quite grasp the nature of the press and what they are there for. That said, he’s been a creature of the Swamp for decades and as such has a vested interest in keeping his bureaucracy relevant, even if it means scaring the bejeezus out of the nation. A year from now, when we look at the death statistics, it’s a fair bet that we will see a spike in suicides beginning in March that will far exceed that for Sino Sinus Syphilis. Meh, if you’re unlucky enough to be in an area of Democrat influence, you could die from an infected toenail and you better believe the cause of death will be listed as Chi-Com coronavirus. 

Let’s dive into the links.


With all the¬†geschrei¬†about lack of hospital beds, the President said that the White House model overestimated the number needed. He has got to feel as if he’s been played, by some on his team and for sure by the numbers that came from the WHO and the egghead from Imperial College London. Hope he can figure a way to extricate himself and open America up for business. Good news out of NY from governor Nipsy, a doctor on the front lines in NYC has a lot of good answers, Trump says masks are good but voluntary, social distancing does more harm than good, LA doc totally convinced about chloroquine, the treatments are ready but the problem is the bureaucracy, ratio of blue state to red state cases is running 4 to 1. Hmm… Eric Garcetti a big fan of the Stasi, Trump champing at the bit to at least get pro sports going again, and a tiger at the Bronx Zoo tests positive. Huh?


A bunch of depressing links that show that the longer this self-inflicted economic disaster continues the worse our prospects for recovery, Malig-Nancy Pelosi getting set for yet another round of raiding the treasury for more progressivism and power grabs in the guise of “stimulus,” and the last link which has a different and somewhat more positive spin on the notion that Trump supposedly tanked the economy for nothing. At least that will be the media spin. 


While the Democrats go even more insane with this episode, Victor Davis Hanson prognosticates Trump still wins big this November, Teh Ted blasts the totalitarianism, Clyburn doubles down on his boasting of using this crisis to wrest power and control, the “oversight” committee that is attempting yet another takedown of Trump gets a big thumbs up from Pee-Air Defecto, Wisconsin primary chaos, the Dems may yet pin their hopes on Nipsy Cuomo but his rap sheet will sink him faster than cement overshoes, Dem backbencher continues spouting Chi-Com propaganda, Biden with yet another rambling, shambling brain-bleed, KY Gov. Beshear nixes voter ID law, with Bernie almost out, Joe Rogan sez he’d rather vote for Trump than Biden, Donkey-Chompers goes on interminably yet again about “reparations” for virus victims or something, you bet your life – literally – if you vote Democrat, and even Bernie’s biggest boosters telling him “you go now.”


Tick-tock-tick-tock? We shall see…


Well, that first link is alarming, California has its priorities, Biden suddenly supports the travel ban he initially blasted, Donkey-Chompers is irksome, tedious and flat out ignorant (or in other words a typical Leftist) and what is the administration thinking?


Further analysis, as if you needed convincing, that this pandemic is hyped, Leftist media tries blocking OANN from White House briefing room, exposing Pro Publica’s lies about the Tea Party an the Obama-era mask shortage, unmasked reporters do not recognize irony when they see it, WaPo whistling a different tune about Tom Cotton’s theory of where the Peking Pox came from, Orwellian times we live in, Markos Moulefrites mocks Trump and dying Americans, and Sharyl Atkisson lawsuit threat makes Slimes retreat.


Glimmer of hope as fever seems to be breaking in Italy, Queen Lillibet with a rare public speech to try and calm fears, Bo-Jo hospitalized, on the ground in South Korea with their success in handling this disease, comedy gold as China lands seat at UN Human Rights Panel on Free Speech, China blocked US companies from shipping their defective masks back to America, taking advice and listening to the WHO is dangerous to world health, will China profit from this crisis? Not if they implode first. Also, Austria waking up to the danger of open borders, and finally let’s not get duped by Iran.


Ex-skipper of the Roosevelt tests positive for Oriental Lung Rot and Ryan Zinke blasts Biden for supporting said captain.


The Koran-a Virus strikes again…


Bucking California trends, Long Beach remains devoted to a middle-class economy, and Trump fills DC Circuit seat with Cocaine Mitch pal.


More on the Saudi-Russia oil war , keep the CAFE standards dead and buried and South Korea screws over American company as bad as the Chi-Coms do. Trump needs to lean on them.


US prosecutors alarmed by the rush to open the jails because of the pandemic panic, Ohio man arrested for mocking the lockdown and encouraging others to disobey, Gavin Gruesome is insane, and Houston hit by plague of crime.


“The US has never done a good job of protecting the elderly in nursing homes from infectious diseases, and the Chinese coronavirus is no exception.”


If this lockdown kills the stranglehold of Leftist academia on our youth, then it will be worth it.


Frisco not so keen on plastic bag ban nowadays.


Our intrepid science reporter with bad news about the thirst Starship prototype.


Yay Coronavirus! Oakland bakery that celebrated horrid terrorist forced out of business. Also, DC during the lockdown, the proclivities of the world’s worst dictators, Richard Dawkins is a turd, and Christian Toto on the director of new drug addiction documentary.

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.